Schepens provide an efficient and cost-effective international removals service — without compromising the quality of service on which we have built our reputation. We specialise in helping clients who are moving to Denmark from the UK and have a great deal of experience with international removals.


Due to the heavy volumes in traffic we transport, we currently offer a regular service to most destinations and we are therefore able to provide more economical rates than other international removals companies without compromising our service.

Quality, clear and reliable vehicles

We use a fleet of dedicated articulated vehicles for removals to Denmark. These vehicles run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable baring system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle contents. These bars also enable us to create partitions between consignments which prevents cross contamination.

Our vehicles are alarmed, offering additional security and peace of mind.


Schepens is a family-run business with a proud history and decades of experience performing international removals. We have been helping people move to Denmark from the UK for many years and understand the logistics of the journey.

Our primary goal is help customers relocate to Denmark safely and efficiently. We love to make moving a stress-free experience for our customers.

Our staff are trained to British Association of Removers standards and have years of experience helping people move to Denmark from the United Kingdom.

Our vehicles are specially designed to protect your valuable possessions during transit.

We provide durable packing materials, straps and moving blankets to ensure your valuable possessions are safe as you relocate to Denmark.

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    • Packing Services for removals to Denmark
      Our experienced movers can pack your delicate possessions using high-quality packing materials to greatly reduce the risk of breakage during your move to Denmark from the UK.
    • Customs for removals to Denmark
      Schepens understand the customs rules and can advise customers on the most efficient way to relocate to Denmark and deal with the necessary paperwork.
    • Insurance and extended liability cover for removals to Denmark
      One of the key benefits of using a professional international removals company like Schepens is peace of mind. All vehicles and workers are fully insured. Extended liability cover is also available on all removals to Denmark.


    Schepens makes weekly runs to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Due to the amount of work we do in these countries, we currently offer flexible scheduling to a range of destinations in each country, so we’re able to offer affordable rates to movers without compromising our service. Our base in Jönköping is ideally situated for removals logistics throughout Scandinavia.


    If you need removals to Denmark, then Schepens has the experience, expertise and local knowledge to offer you a smooth, trouble-free move



    Dear ‘All’ at Schepens, Yesterday our furniture was delivered to us in Denmark. I would like to thank you and let you know that everyone I have had contact with at Schepens has been professional, helpful and friendly. The crews that collected and delivered the furniture were efficient and friendly. Thanking you once again. Best wishes


    Schepens currently move to all the major towns in Denmark, including:

    CopenhagenAarhusOdenseAalborgFrederiksbergEsbjergGentofte, Gladsaxe, Randers, Kolding and Horsens.


    Denmark Resources

    If you are moving to Denmark in the coming year, use a skilled European removals company like Schepens. Our family owned company has helped thousands of clients relocate to Denmark and know the country well. We will simplify the entire process and help you become established in Denmark.

    Here are some useful resources to help you plan your move to Denmark.

    removals to Denmark and Denmark resources

    Moving to Denmark | Removal Company for UK to Denmark

    Move to Denmark from UK

    Are You Planning a Move to Denmark From UK?

    Historically, Denmark has tended to be overshadowed by its larger Scandinavian neighbours. Over the past decade however, it has regularly featured as one of the happiest countries in the world, thanks to a culture that supports and values its citizens. For this reason, a move to Denmark from UK in order to work or set up a business in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense is now a popular option.

    If you’re planning a move to Denmark from UK, Schepens can help. We’re specialists when it comes to Scandinavian removals, and we make weekly runs to locations across this beautiful country. Our experienced Move Co-ordinators are experts when it comes to organising removals to Denmark.  Here are their 5 top tips for managing your move.

    Where to live in Denmark?

    Denmark is a country blessed with a cities offering vastly different experiences of urban life. The 3 top cities for business are:

    Danish Banking

    A move to Denmark from UK will means setting up a bank account. Thankfully, this isn’t a headache in this supremely practical and organised country. The Danes have created a banking infrastructure that’s easy to manage so every bank has a policy and process to get you up and running fast. Or, if you want to get ahead of the curve, most international banks can set you up an account in advance of your move.


    Denmark is globally recognised as offering excellent healthcare provision. Once you have a work permit/residence permit, the process of registering with a doctor is fairly simple. Finding a local doctor often works by word of mouth. You can also consult a list provided by the National Registration Office which provides you with the names and addresses of doctors in your local area.

    Finding Accommodation

    Denmark may be unique in many ways, but when it comes to finding accommodation it presents the same problems as everywhere else. There are rental agencies that specialise in letting to professionals working in the country and they will be able to offer advice on the areas that best suit your budget. It’s best to start out renting, in order to find out whether the locale is somewhere you could live long term.

    Learn the Language

    99% of Danes speak English perfectly, fluently – probably better than you or me. So why bother to learn Danish? There are two main reasons. First, speaking English isn’t an advantage in Denmark because everyone speaks it. Second, you’ve a far better chance of meeting and making friends with your Danish neighbours if you know even a smattering of the language.


    Schepens is a 4th generation, family-run removal business and a leading provider of European removals in the UK. We’ve been helping families to move to Denmark from UK for over a century now, and we’re considered experts when it comes to moving to the Scandinavian countries. Because we travel regularly to Denmark, we’re able to offer flexible scheduling to our customers, and full or part load containers.


    Relocating to Denmark is a major event in the lives of most of the movers we work with, and every single move brings unique requirements and challenges. That’s why Schepens provides tailored Denmark removals to all our customers. A professional Move Co-ordinator will work with you to develop a unique removals plan, based on your specific needs.

    Moving to Denmark | Denmark Removals

    best places to live in denmark

    Welcome to Denmark: Where Happiness Finds Its Address!

    For the past seven years, Denmark has enjoyed a firm grip on a coveted title – that of being among the top three happiest countries in the world. However, in 2023, Denmark’s neighbour, Finland, managed to pip it to the post for the second time, claiming the top spot. It’s not just the Danes who revel in happiness; even overseas professionals working in Finland are beaming.

    According to the Expat Insider report, they’re all smiles, thanks to favourable working hours, an enviable work/life balance, and workplaces that promote equality rather than hierarchy. Creativity and flexibility are the icing on the cake. With all this on offer, why not join us as we embark on a journey through the best places to live in Denmark, where happiness truly has an address.

    Schepens can attest to the sense of well-being operating across Denmark because we’ve been helping professionals, students and families move there for over a century. Which are the best places to live in Denmark? We travel weekly to locations across Denmark, so we took a look at the locations our removals teams travel to most, and there were 5 front runners:


    Copenhagen, the dynamic Danish capital, is a bustling city with a vibrant atmosphere, making it a top choice for professionals experiencing life in Denmark. Renowned for its eco-friendly urban planning and ultra-efficient public transport, this city effortlessly combines modernity with a deep respect for tradition.

    Cultural enthusiasts will appreciate the city’s rich history and world-class museums, while foodies can savour exquisite Nordic cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants. Denmark’s world-class healthcare and education systems further enhance its appeal. With its welcoming, English-speaking population and a host of recreational opportunities, Copenhagen is the perfect choice for those looking to balance career and quality of life.

    • Population: 654,000 (332,000 women and 322,000 men)
    • Location: Copenhagen is located on the eastern shore of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) and partly on the island of Amager at the Oresund (Øresund), which is the strait that connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea.
    • Average Age: 35 years

    2. AARHUS

    Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, offers a tempting prospect for professionals looking to relocate. This coastal gem is known for its thriving job market, particularly in the fields of technology and education, providing ample opportunities for overseas professionals. Aarhus boasts a youthful and international vibe, thanks to its large student population, and its compact size ensures an easy commute and a strong work-life balance.

    Cultural attractions abound, with world-class museums, galleries, and a lively music scene. Nature lovers will relish the picturesque harbour and nearby beaches. English fluency is common, and Aarhus’s welcoming community makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a well-rounded Danish experience.

    • Population: 296,369
    • Location: Århus, also spelled Aarhus, city, eastern Jutland, Denmark. It lies along Århus Bay and has an extensive harbour.
    • Average Age: 37.5

    3. VEJLE

    Vejle, a hidden Danish treasure, should certainly be on your radar if you’re considering Denmark as your career destination. This picturesque city, situated in the heart of Denmark, presents a unique blend of work and lifestyle opportunities. Known for its prosperous economy, Vejle offers an array of job prospects in various sectors, from manufacturing to IT. Its manageable size ensures a comfortable commute and an excellent work-life equilibrium.

    There’s great food in restaurants and cafes across the city, all tucked away in cobbled courtyards and alleyways. But there’s also amazing contemporary architecture and no less than 10 free art museums and galleries.

    • Population: 120,949
    • Location: Vejle is a city in South Denmark. It’s a 2.5 hour’s drive from Copenhagen and is located on Vejle Fjord.
    • Average Age: 41

    4. AALBORG

    Aalborg is Denmark’s major university city, so it’s young, diverse and buzzing with life. Nestled in the northern region, Aalborg boasts a thriving job market with a focus on innovation and technology. It’s a city that effortlessly blends historic charm with a modern lifestyle, offering a distinct living experience. Residents enjoy a rich cultural scene, with a plethora of festivals and events, as well as a spectacular waterfront with numerous architectural gems on show.

    The city is and English is spoken pretty much everywhere. It’s also a great place to explore Scandinavia from; there’s an international airport with numerous short haul flights to Oslo, Gothenberg and Copenhagen daily. Aarlborg is also home to the country’s major sporting events at the Nordkraft Sports Centre.

    • Population: 121,040
    • Location: Aalborg is the largest city in North Jutland. It sits to the north east of Copenhagen.
    • Average Age: 39

    5. ODENSE

    Odense, Denmark’s third-largest city, is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation with a substantial 30 billion Danish kroner redevelopment project. Located on the island of Funen, which bridges Zealand and Jutland, it serves as a vital link to mainland Europe. It is also the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

    Notably, it’s Denmark’s most budget-friendly major city, which makes it an attractive option for overseas professionals. Odense is considered one of Denmark’s most diverse cities, with over 155 nationalities represented.

    • Population: 185,562
    • Location: Odense is roughly in the centre of the island of Funen, which lies between the larger Zealand island and the Jutland peninsula.
    • Average Age: 39


    Schepens is one of the UK’s leading providers of removals to Denmark and the Scandinavian countries. We’re a fourth generation company, with over 100 years of experience under our belt when it comes to stress-free removals. Because we travel to towns and cities across Denmark several times a week, we’re able to offer flexible scheduling to our movers, and a choice of full, or part-load shipping.


    “Absolutely amazing service from the first day to the last. The quote was impressively accurate for the amount of things we had, and all our questions around customs, packing etc were answered promptly. When we needed to add a few extra items this was done seamlessly as well. It’s clear that the team at Schepens genuinely care and we felt 100% comfortable all the way through.”



    Part Load Removals to Denmark | Moving Guide to Denmark

    Part Load Removals to Denmark

    Schepens is a family owned removals company that has been in business for more than 100 years. Our team of highly talented removers specialises in part load removals to Denmark. We can make your move to Denmark safe and affordable!

    All removals are performed in accordance with the strict standards set out by the British Association of Removers. By adhering to these standards, we can ensure your removal is reliable and efficient. We also provide skilled move coordinators to oversee the removal. They will answer your questions, provide you with advice and ensure the move to Belgium goes off without a hitch.


    How does a part load removal to Denmark work?

    A part load removal involves multiple clients sharing the same delivery truck or cargo container. They share the expense of the container, which reduces the total cost of the removal. It is a particularly useful service for clients with a small amount of cargo. A part load removal works very well for clients moving their business, flat, or small house.

    Schepens also offers clients an optional packing service. If you choose to use this service, our experienced removers will pack your possessions for you. Not only does this save you time, it ensures that your cargo is adequately protected for the move to Denmark.

    When you use our professional packing service, we will provide all of the packing materials, including solid cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and plastic. We will inventory each box as your possessions are packed, so you have an accurate record of the items in each box.

    Once our possessions are packed into boxes, it is all moved to one of our processing facilities. Your cargo is photographed and labeled before being combined onto one or more pallets. The pallet is then wrapped in plastic to protect your possessions against dust and moisture.

    Your cargo is then loaded into a shipping container or removals truck with pallets from other clients. It is then delivered to Denmark. Once it arrives at the destination, we unpack the pallet and remove the packing materials.

    Why use a part load removal to Denmark?

    There are some excellent advantages to choosing a part load removal:

    • Part load removals are cheaper – The removal is more affordable because you are splitting the cost with other clients
    • Part load removals are ideal for clients with less cargo – Many of our clients are moving from a small flat or moving their business to Denmark. They often don’t have enough cargo to completely fill a cargo container. A part load removal is a great option for these clients.
    • Better for the environment – Part load removals help us maximise the amount of cargo in each vehicle or cargo container. This increases the fuel efficiency of each removal, reducing CO2 emissions.

    Why Use Schepens For Part Load Removals to Denmark?

    Schepens is a leading European removals company that has been performing removals from UK to Denmark for decades. We know the logistics of part load removals to Denmark well and can ensure your cargo is delivered on time. Other reasons to use Schepens include:

    Schepens often performs removals from UK to Denmark

    Schepens is an extremely busy European removals company that handles thousands of tons of cargo each year. We often perform removals to Denmark and know this part of the world well. The frequency of our part load removals to Denmark means we can offer clients many scheduling options for their part load removal.

    An affordable moving company UK to Denmark

    The large size of our company means we have a lot of negotiating power when dealing with suppliers. This helps us perform removals at a cheaper rate than our competitors. We pass those savings directly to our clients.

    100% free quotes on all shared removals to Denmark

    Schepens offer 100% free quotes for all prospective clients. Our quotes are detailed and clearly outline all aspects of the removal — the pickup date, delivery window, cargo itinerary, and total cost.

    Highly trained removers

    All removals from UK to Denmark use our highly skilled and BAR-certified removers. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and have received extensive training. They make part load removals to Denmark easy.

    All part load removals to Denmark managed by a move coordinator

    Removals Lorry Part Load Removals to Denmark

    Our move coordinators are experience removers with many years in the industry. They have seen it all! You will receive a dedicated move coordinator at the start of the removals process. They will guide you through the entire process, answering your questions and offering advice.

    All removals from UK to Denmark use high levels of security

    Schepens takes security seriously! We use photographic inventories, security alarms, and GPS tracking to keep your cargo safe. All removers are security checked and receive some security trained before being allowed in the field.

    Removals throughout Denmark

    Schepens currently move to all the major towns in Denmark, Including:
    CopenhagenAarhusOdenseAalborgFrederiksbergEsbjergGentofte, Gladsaxe, Randers, Kolding and Horsens. We also provide removals back to the UK from Denmark and any other European country.

    If you are interested in a part load removal to Denmark, contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 for an obligation-free quote!

    Living in Denmark | Moving to Denmark

    Working in Denmark

    Your Guide to Finding Work and Building a Life in Denmark

    Considering a career move to one of the happiest countries in the world? Denmark consistently tops quality-of-life charts, offering a unique blend of high salaries, flexible work environments, and a vibrant cultural scene infused with the concept of hygge. If you’re a young professional considering working in Denmark, Schepens, your partner in stress-free removals to Denmark, is here to help you navigate the journey.

    While Denmark’s cost of living may be higher than some places, you’ll be rewarded with excellent public services, free healthcare and heavily subsidised childcare in return. Plus, with Copenhagen’s impressive cycling infrastructure, a healthy commute awaits. Let’s take a look at how to find a job in Denmark, the relocation process, and the cultural differences that contribute to Denmark’s well-deserved reputation for happiness.

    How to Find a Job in Denmark

    Denmark boasts a thriving economy with low unemployment (only 2.7%!). The services sector plays a major role, along with industries that take advantage of Denmark’s strategic European location – think pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food, electronics, and more. If you have in-demand skills, it’s definitely worth exploring!

    Danish Work Culture – ‘Flexicurity’ and Collaboration

    The Danish labour market is known for “flexicurity.” This means employers have flexibility in hiring, while employees enjoy robust unemployment insurance support. There’s also a strong emphasis on collaboration between unions, employers, and the government, to develop and sustain excellent working conditions. Working in Denmark means feeling valued and respected regardless of the company size, as small to medium enterprises dominate the landscape.

    Where to Find Your Dream Job

    Target In-Demand Skills

    Check out the government’s “Positive List” of shortage occupations. If you qualify for one of these roles, securing a job will be easier. Currently, Denmark needs talented professionals in:

    • Science and engineering
    • Teaching
    • Management
    • Finance
    • Medicine and healthcare
    • IT
    • Law

    Denmark’s Famous Brands

    Did you know internationally loved brands like Pandora, Carlsberg, Ecco, and even Lego are Danish? Imagine the possibilities!

    Important Considerations:

    • Networking – Like many countries, building a network in Denmark can open doors. Attend career events and industry meetups to make valuable connections.
    • Learn Danish – While English is widely spoken, learning the language demonstrates commitment and makes integration easier.

    Your Guide to Getting a Danish Work Permit

    Professionals with a UK passport now need to apply for a Danish work permit in order to live and work in Denmark. You will normally need a job offer, including details of your salary, duration, and job description to make the application. Once this is in place, follow the steps below:

    Step 1 – Find Your Permit Scheme

    Denmark offers several routes to get a work permit. The most common are:

    • The Pay Limit Scheme. Earning a high salary (at least DKK 465,000 annually)? This might be for you.
    • The Positive List. Is your profession in high demand in Denmark? Check the Positive List to see if you qualify (see above).
    • The Fast-Track Scheme. For those with specialised skills, working for approved companies. This could be the fastest option.

    Step 2 – Start Your Application with SIRI

    Step 3 – Gather Your Documents and Pay the Fee

    • Get organised. Your job contract, passport, and other supporting documents will be needed. The SIRI website has clear instructions.
    • Application fee. Expect to pay a fee when you submit your work permit application.

    Need More Help?

    • SIRI is a great resource. Their website provides detailed guidance on the process.
    • Schepens can help. Moving to a new country is a big step. Let us make your relocation to Denmark stress-free!

    Key Points to Emphasise:

    • Start early. Denmark work visa take at least 30 days to process, and the temporary residence visa can take 3 months.
    • Read carefully. SIRI’s website has clear instructions – follow them closely!
    • Language. Learning Danish is very valuable, but most business is conducted in English.

    What’s it Like Working in Denmark?

    Forget the long hours often associated with UK workplaces. Denmark embraces a healthier work-life balance, shorter standard workweeks, and a different set of priorities. This translates to a work environment that can feel quite refreshing for UK professionals. To hear what it’s really like, we talked to some Brits we helped move to Denmark, now enjoying their jobs in the Danish workplace.

    “In the finance sector, there’s a culture of long hours and living on coffee. Not if you’re working in Denmark, though. No one is required to work more than 37 hours a week. Even if you apply for overtime, your hours are capped at 48 hours per week. Holidays are great too – I get 25 days paid leave and that’s on top of loads of national holidays.”

    Lydia Thompson, Finance Manager

    “The first thing everyone told me when I said I was going to be working in Denmark was that the taxes were sky high. And they are. Combined, my tax bill is around 45%. Brutal! But I see the value I get; I’ve got two children in heavily subsidised – excellent – childcare, the maternity/paternity leave is really generous, and healthcare is free and accessible.”

    Aseem Patel, Software Engineer

    Working long hours, and quite a few weekends, was expected in my job back home. Here, it’s absolutely the opposite. Many people leave at 4 where I work, or arrive at 10, so they can fit in the school run. It’s not a favour; it’s just that there’s flexibility so you can give priority to both your work and your family in a way that suits you best.”

    Sarah Davies, Marketing Director

    New parents are given 52 weeks leave that can be used by both of them. Expectant mums can take 4 weeks before their due date and up to 10 weeks after they’ve given birth. Their partner can take up to 2 weeks off, when their child is born, and then the remainder of the leave (around 30 weeks) can be split between them.”

    Tom Bennett, Architect

    Helping With Your Relocation to Denmark

    Moving abroad is an exciting adventure, but it’s undeniable that the logistics can be overwhelming. Partnering with a Scandinavian relocation specialist like Schepens can ease this burden, letting you focus on the excitement of starting your new life in Denmark.

    SCHEPENS: Your Stress-Free Guide to Moving to Denmark

    With over a century’s experience in Scandinavian removals, Schepens understands the unique requirements of relocating to Denmark from the UK. We’re here to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

    What We Offer

    • Expert Guidance – Our comprehensive “Moving to Denmark From the UK” guide provides invaluable information and tips for a seamless transition.
    • Personalised Service – Every move is unique, which is why we create tailored removals plans based on your specific needs and timeframe.
    • Comprehensive Support – We handle everything from no-obligation removal quotes and customs paperwork to professional packing and secure storage options.
    • Specialist Care – Need to move delicate items like pianos or artworks? Our specialist team ensures safe and expert handling.
    • Reliable Transport – Our state-of-the-art removals vehicles guarantee minimal movement for your belongings, giving you peace of mind.

    1st Class Customer Service

    We have had excellent service from Schepens from the moment their rep came to give us a quote. He came yesterday to collect the final packing cases. All the packing was done brilliantly and although it was necessary for most of our belongings to go into store for 4 months nothing at all was broken. The teams of movers were all very careful, helpful and eager to make our move as good and unstressful as possible. We recommend Schepens unreservedly.

    Henry Whyte

    We’re not just movers – we’re your partners in making your Danish relocation a success. Let Schepens manage the logistics, so you can arrive in your new home relaxed and ready to begin your next chapter – 01794 323558

    Moving to Copenhagen | Denmark Removals

    Life in Copenhagen

    What’s Life in Copenhagen Like?

    Copenhagen is an exciting, cosmopolitan city. Cycling is as prevalent as driving, which means there’s an excellent infrastructure for cyclists. And Denmark is considered a front-runner when it comes to environmental policies. The city’s high score for liveability suggests that life in Copenhagen is pretty good!

    Schepens is a UK removals company providing Denmark removals to families, professionals, and students. For over a century now we’ve been travelling to locations across the country, including – of course – Copenhagen. Over the years, a fair number of our movers have settled in the city, so who better to ask about life in Copenhagen?

    1. Child Care Is Excellent in Denmark

    We didn’t plan to start our family in Copenhagen, but I’m so glad it happened that way. The whole system is geared for bringing up a child which makes it so much easier. I’ve been able to share childcare with my partner as we both get leave and going back to work is made easier because of heavily subsidised nursery care – which is just excellent quality.

    2. Bikes Are Almost Obligatory

    I’m convinced that the reason most people cycle everywhere is because it’s almost impossible to get a parking spot in Copenhagen whatever time of day you try. Even on a bike, though, you don’t avoid rush hour which can be horrible – especially if it’s raining. On the plus side, I’m fitter and healthier for not using a car, and I like cycling now.

    3. Darkness, Rain, and a Difficult Language

    Don’t move to Copenhagen in the winter if you can avoid it. You’ll be cold, drenched by rain much of the time, and yearning for the sun. In the summer the city is transformed, and it’s just lovely. That’s the time of year to get to know Copenhagen. Be warned, though, whenever you arrive, the language is hard to learn, but it’s a really good idea to try.

    4. Work/Life Balance is Great

    No-one dreams of working at the weekend in Denmark, or so it seems. And, even better, everyone accepts that it’s their right to spend time with their family doing the things that give them pleasure. No guilt!! I’m able to leave work at 5pm, with everyone else, and get home in time to cook, eat with the kids and enjoy the peace when they’ve gone to bed.

    Choose Schepens for Denmark Removals

    We’re a family-run removals business, now in our fourth generation, and we’re one of the most experienced specialists in Denmark removals. We currently make weekly runs to Copenhagen, which means that we can offer movers some great benefits, such as flexible scheduling, affordable prices and full or part load shipping.

    Moving to Denmark From the UK – the Complete Guide gives you all the information you need to prepare for a move to Copenhagen. And we offer a number of tips on how to settle in over the first few months in your new home.

    Bespoke Removals From Schepens

    Whatever the reason for your move to Copenhagen, Schepens will take every care to ensure that it’s a stress-free experience for you. You’ll be allocated an experienced move co-ordinator who will work with you on a tailored removals plan.

    Schepens removals services include:

    • Free No Obligation Removals Quote. Once your removals plan is complete, we’ll provide a detailed and accurate removals quote to help with your budgeting.
    • Insurance. Your goods will be covered whilst in transit. If you would like additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability cover, we can arrange it for you.
    • Professional Packing Service. No time to pack? Our professional packers with complete the job in just hours, using sturdy and sustainable packaging materials.
    • Specialist Removals Team. Whatever you want to include in your move, we’ll resource it. Our specialists are experienced with moving pianos, fine art, and antiques.
    • Self Storage. If you need somewhere to store goods in the UK, Schepens has a number of local storage facilities. We provide a clean, dry, and secure environment for your furniture or household items.
    • Transport. Your goods are transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

    Schepens Goes the Extra Mile

    “We were moving from UK to Europe. From meeting to discuss a quote, to unloading the last of our belongings, the whole team were wonderful. Communication is amazing, never once was I chasing them or not completely in the loop with what was happening. They were able to help with all the stressful aspects from supplying boxes and packing materials, customs paperwork and then the actual loading, moving and unloading our items. Everything arrived in pristine condition. I would definitely use this company again and would highly recommend to anyone.” 

    Planning a move to Copenhagen? Call Schepens today to find out about the range of ways that we can support your move – 01794 323558

    Move to Copenhagen | Living in Copenhagen

    Where to Live in Copenhagen

    Wondering Where to Live in Copenhagen?

    If you’re planning a move to Denmark’s capital city to work, where to live in Copenhagen is probably uppermost in your mind right now. It’s a cosmopolitan centre made up of districts that all have their own particular characteristics – price-tags – and atmosphere. There’s plenty of options to suit, whether you’re a solo professional spending a year working and living in Copenhagen, or your family is relocating to the city.

    Schepens is a European removals specialist based in the UK, and we’ve been providing Denmark removals for over a century now. Many of our movers have been faced with that difficult decision regarding where to live in Copenhagen. So, we asked 4 of them what they would recommend.

    Nørrebro is Affordable and Brimming With Life

    “Situated to the north of the city centre, Nørrebro is easy to get to, and if you’re wondering where to live in Copenhagen it’s definitely somewhere you should check out. It’s one of the most diverse areas and lots of young people live here. It’s known for its great food (Jægersborggade is full of cafes and restaurants selling an amazing variety of dishes from around the world), its vintage and independent shops and its cool vibe.

    It is still possible to get a small apartment with a reasonable rent in Nørrebro so if you’re living on your own, or as a couple, take a look.”

    Østerbro is Perfect for Families

    Østerbro, to the north-east of Copenhagen is where to look for reasonably priced family homes. We love living here because we don’t get bothered by the influx of tourists, but it’s easy to dip into the city when we want to. We’re lucky enough to live quite close by the largest park in Copenhagen – the Fælledparken – and there’s plenty of good shopping, cafes, and places to eat within walking distance.”

    Sydhavnen is a Blend of Old and New

    I work in the centre, so I’m happy to live a bit further out. Sydhavnen is the old fishing district around 5km to the south of the harbour. It’s recently been ‘done up’, but really well. The traditional fishing huts are still there, sitting alongside contemporary buildings and it’s a great blend. There’s a mix of people living here too, and I get to travel to work by boat!

    We Chose Valby, for its Village Atmosphere

    We love Vesterbro but it didn’t seem to us somewhere to settle with a family, so we chose Valby which is nearby. The great thing about this area is it’s unashamedly residential – though with easy access to other parts of the city – and it’s self-contained. So you’ll find all the resources you need and a nice community atmosphere. It was cheaper when we moved in but prices have risen here in the past few years.

    Choose Schepens For Your Move to Copenhagen

    We’re a family-run removals business, with four generations of movers in the family. Schepens makes weekly runs to Copenhagen and across Denmark, and we know the roads well. As Scandinavian removals specialists we are able to offer detailed advice on your move to Denmark from the UK, as well as offering flexible scheduling, affordable prices, and full or part load shipping.

    Get a Team of Experts Working For You

    Once you’ve decided where to live in Copenhagen, the move to Denmark awaits. It can be helpful to have a team who know the process working alongside you. Schepens is a leading provider of European removals to Denmark, and we’re familiar with all the challenges such a move can present. Which is why we allocate a specialist move co-ordinator to every mover; this is someone who knows Denmark well and will support you with shipping arrangements, customs paperwork, and scheduling.

    Schepens removals services include:

    • Customs Advice. We have experience with Denmark’s customs rules and can advise customers on the most efficient way to relocate and deal with the necessary paperwork.
    • Professional Packing Service. No time for packing? Schepens professional packing team will complete the job in hours, using strong and sustainable packaging materials.
    • Insurance. We insure your goods in transit. Where clients require additional Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability insurance, we can arrange cover.
    • Specialist Removals. We move whatever you require to your new home. Our specialist team are available to move pianos, artwork or antiques.
    • Self Storage. Need to store goods in the UK? Schepens has a number of local self storage facilities offering a clean, dry, and secure environment for your goods.
    • Transport. Your goods will be transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

    A Removals Team That Goes the Extra Mile

    “Excellent service from start to finish with our move from Hampshire UK to Copenhagen DK. All went as planned and the staff were hardworking, helpful, courteous and efficient. Would definitely recommend”

    Paul Morrish

    If you’ve decided where to live in Copenhagen and you’re now onto planning your removals to Denmark, call Schepens today. We provide for a free removals quote, and expert support at every stage of your move – 01794 323558


    We are therefore perfectly positioned to help with the logistics of your move throughout Denmark.

    CALL today on 01794 323558 and lets get the process started!