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Removals to Denmark

Denmark is a very successful country that attracts thousands of migrants each year. It’s incredible culture, prosperity, and way of life make it a great place to live. The Dutch also benefit from having a pristine natural environment, low crime rate, strong manufacturing sector and low unemployment rate.

If you are going to move to Denmark soon, choose an experienced European removals company to help you. Schepens has been performing European removals to Denmark for more than 100 years. Our team understand the logistics involved when performing removals from the UK to Denmark and will make your move simple!

Each removal is managed by one of our talented move coordinators. They are highly experienced removers who have performed countless removals to Denmark over the years. They will explain the removals process, answer your questions and ensure your removal goes off without a hitch!

This blog post will look at the reasons why so many people are moving to Denmark from the UK. Then, we’ll explain why Schepens is the best choice for removals from the UK to Denmark!

Why are so many people moving to Denmark?

Denmark is a prosperous constitutional monarchy with a population of more than 5.7 million people. It is a beautiful country located in the north-west of Europe, close to Sweden, Norway and Germany. Denmark is considered to be one of the most economically and socially successful countries in the world. The main reasons why people move to Denmark include:

Denmark has a very strong economy

Denmark has a very prosperous economy that encourages free trade and business developments. The economy is ranked 6th in the world in terms of nominal GDP per capita — an extraordinary achievement. The unemployment rate in Denmark is quite low, which makes it an excellent location for anyone looking for employment.

A strong healthcare system

Denmark has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is well funded by the government and has better outcomes than most other developed nations.  Denmark is also an important location for medical research and one of the leaders in developing e-medicine.

Denmark has a pristine natural environment

Successive Dutch governments have enforced laws which protect the natural environment. As a result, there are many incredible national parks in the country and low levels of pollution. If you love skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or swimming you will love Denmark.

Danish food is incredible!

The food is incredible in Denmark — citizens enjoy some incredible food including pastries, breads, cheese, meat, and beer. There is a vibrant cafe and restaurant scene in most cities and towns throughout Denmark. If you are a foodie you will love Denmark!   

The quality of life is amazing

The high standard of living, strong economy, great healthcare system, excellent schools, clean environment, and low crime rate combine to make Denmark one of the best places to live. The World Happiness Report often ranks Denmark as the “happiest place to live in the world.”

“Just a short note to compliment you on the work done today by your team. They were polite, soooo hard working, tidy and extremely considerate. We look forward to the goods arriving in Denmark at the weekend, but they have taken such trouble to prepare everything we feel reassured about the whole process. Please do pass on our comments to your colleagues. Best wishes Lisa and Carsten”

Denmark has an excellent education system

The Danish education system is one of the best in the world. In one recent study, the primary and secondary school systems ranked 12th in the world. The tertiary education system is also well-funded and attending university is free for Dutch citizens. Some of the best schools in Denmark include:

Useful resources for moving to Denmark

Here are some useful resources to help you plan your move to Denmark.

Why Choose Schepens for European Removals to Denmark?

Schepens is one of the most experienced European removals companies servicing Denmark. Our family-owned company was established more than 100 years ago and we Removal Lorry Removals to Denmarkhave performed countless removals from the UK to Denmark. 

The Schepens European removals service is one of the most cost-effective options for moving to Denmark. Despite being very affordable, we never compromise on the high quality of service for which we are known. Other reasons to choose Schepens include:

Incredible customer service

Our company is proud to deliver an exceptional level of customer service to our clients. Each client is treated with an incredible level of respect and care. The staff at Schepens are constantly available to answer any questions that you may have or to provide you with an update on the movement of your cargo.

We regularly perform removals from UK to Denmark

Schepens performs removals from the UK to Denmark on a regular basis. The frequency of our trips to Denmark means that we can offer clients a very flexible delivery schedule. It also means that our removers are very familiar with the road networks in Denmark — improving the reliability of our service.

We offer 100% free quotes

All prospective clients receive a 100% free quotes for removals to Denmark. Our quotes are very detailed and precisely spell out what services are include in your removal to Denmark. There are no hidden extras and all quotes are completely obligation free.

Full load and part load Removals to Denmark

We offer clients the option of choosing a full load or part load removal. A full load removals involves the client using the entire cargo container or truck. A part load removal involves multiple clients sharing a container. Part load removals are ideal for clients with a small amount of cargo. 

We use a highly secure removals process

Schepens uses security alarms on containers and electronic tracking to protect your cargo. All removers are security-checked and cargo that is kept in storage is monitored 24 hours a day.

Removers are trained to British Association of Removers standards

Our removers are trained in accordance with British Association of Removers standards. These standards ensure that your cargo will safely make it to your destination.

Schepens currently move to all the major towns and cities in Denmark, including: Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Frederiksberg, Esbjerg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Randers, Kolding and Horsens.

Schepens can make your move to Denmark a simple and stress free experience. If you would like to learn more please Contact us today on 01794 323558 to get a free, no-obligation quote.