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Relocating to Denmark

Relocating to Denmark Made Easy – Professional Removals with Schepens

Did you know Denmark ranks as one of the top 3 happiest countries in the world? Maybe it’s the free healthcare, the emphasis on work-life balance, or the endless smørrebrød options. Whatever the reason, relocating to Denmark is a great option. But before you pack your bags, remember the logistics! That’s where Schepens Removals comes in…”

For over a century Schepens Removals has supported families and solo professionals relocating to Denmark. But there’s so much more to our removals services to Denmark. In this blog we look at the ways in which Schepens has helped movers from across Europe to shift the locus of their business, get married, study and create holiday homes for summer breaks and winter retreats.

1. Helping Businesses Relocating to Denmark

Businesses are constantly on the move in Europe, as trade links evolve and strengthen. The World Bank recently placed Denmark as the number one location to do business in Europe, whilst it achieved fourth position in the world. It comes as no surprise therefore, that Schepens has helped many businesses to relocate to Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

2. Bespoke Packing Services for a Stress-Free Move to Denmark

Forget the packing panic! Schepens’ professional packing service team expertly packs your belongings, from fragile goods to bulky furniture, ensuring everything arrives safe and sound in Denmark. No stressing over last-minute boxes or wondering if your prized possessions will make the journey. Relax and focus on the excitement of your new life in Denmark, let Schepens handle the packing burden.

Bespoke Packing Services for a Stress-Free Move to Denmark

It’s not just people and their household items that are on the move in Europe. We also move pianos to concert halls, conservatoires, and private homes. And artworks to museums. Our specialist team is kept busy managing the removals of antiques and fine art to locations across the country. We provide bespoke packaging for each item, and the journey is carefully planned for security and the safety of the objects we’re entrusted with.

3. Removals From Denmark to the UK

We’re leading providers of removals to Denmark, but a lot of our time is also spent moving people from Denmark back to the UK. Maybe a work contract has some to an end, or family members want to be closer to their relatives. It’s not unusual for us to act Cupid and move people out to Denmark, or to the UK, for romantic reasons – it’s not all packing and shipping in this job!

Holiday Homes in Denmark

4. Holiday Homes in Denmark

We’re not surprised when people express a desire for holiday or retirement homes in France, Spain or Italy, but Denmark? For those that don’t mind their summers mild but not hot, Denmark has beautiful beaches to offer, wild landscapes to explore, a wealth of arts, and wonderful food to experience. We have provided part load containers for quite a few movers transporting goods to their holiday homes in Bornholm and Fyn.

Save Time with Efficient Removals

Skip the logistics scramble! Schepens streamlines your Denmark move with flexible shipping, whether you’re relocating a full household or just need a container for your essentials. Their efficient system and experienced teams take care of everything, from customs clearance to unloading, saving you precious time to settle in and explore your new Danish home.

We have made weekly runs to Denmark for over a century, which means that we know the country and its roads extremely well. The regularity of our journeys to and from Denmark also ensures that we can offer affordable rates, and flexible scheduling. If you’re relocating to Denmark, it makes sense to work with a team that know the country well.

Peace of Mind With Expert Guidance

Feel confident every step of the way! Schepens assigns you a dedicated move coordinator, your personal Denmark relocation expert. They navigate the complexities of paperwork, advise on regulations, and answer all your questions. Rest assured knowing you have a knowledgeable guide by your side, so you can focus on building your new life in Denmark with complete peace of mind.

Meet Your Danish Relocation Dream Team

• Unmatched Expertise. Our BAR-trained removals teams are trained to industry standards and have at least 5 years’ experience of removals. They understand the unique challenges of crossing borders and navigating Danish regulations, ensuring a seamless transition.

• Proactive Problem Solvers. We don’t wait for problems to happen and then react. Our teams anticipate challenges and proactively find solutions, minimising stress, and delays.

• The Schepens Touch. We go the extra mile. From expertly packing your belongings to offering a helping hand with post-move settling in, our team treats your move like their own.

• Denmark in the Driver’s Seat. Our drivers make weekly runs to Denmark throughout the year. They navigate winter roads with confidence and summer detours with ease, delivering your belongings safely and on time, come rain or shine.

• State-of-the-Art Comfort. Your belongings deserve first-class treatment. We transport them in our modern fleet of air-ride suspension vehicles, ensuring a smooth, bump-free journey, even for your most delicate items.

“A job very well done, very friendly people, very willing to help in every way they can. Great service from door to door, with one door being in Denmark and the other in the UK. Couldn’t be any happier with the service provided.”

– Gordon Street

Start your Danish adventure with peace of mind – get an expert on your side today. Chat with a Denmark relocation specialist at 01794 323558.