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Frederiksberg is a beautiful city of more than 100,000 people located in the Capital Region of Denmark. It is an affluent city that is known for its incredible architecture, high standard of living, and many beautiful green spaces. Despite being surrounded by the Copenhagen municipality, Frederiksberg is its own city and the citizens of Frederiksberg are fiercely independent.

If you are moving to this city in the near future, consider using an experienced European removals company like Schepens. We have performed hundreds of removals to Frederiksberg from the UK and know the journey well. 

Clients are assigned a dedicated move coordinator at the start of the removals process. They are highly experienced removers who will walk you through the entire process — making your removal to Frederiksberg hassle-free and easy! 

This article will take a look at the reasons why so many people are moving to Frederiksberg before explaining why Schepens is a great choice for house removals to Denmark.

Why are so many people moving to Frederiksberg from the UK?

Frederiksberg is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer! It is the perfect place to raise a family because of its high standard of living, low crime rate, and great schools. The most common reasons why people move to Frederiksberg include:

Frederiksberg is a prosperous city

Frederiksberg is one of its most prosperous cities in the world! Residents enjoy high wages, world-class infrastructure, great schools and access to an incredible level of health care.

Frederiksberg has beautiful green spaces

The city has been designed to be very bike and pedestrian-friendly. It is easy to get around and there are some incredible green spaces to enjoy.  It is a great location for picnics and there are many beautiful gardens to explore.  It makes the city feel much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Frederiksberg is an exciting city

Frederiksberg is packed with great restaurants, cafes, art galleries and museums. It is one of the best places to go shopping in Denmark. The city is also home to Frederiksberg Centret shopping mall.

Frederiksberg has excellent schools

The city is home to 9 public schools, three private schools, one technical college, the University of Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg Campus, and the Copenhagen Business School. It is an excellent place to further your education or to send your children to school.

Danish children usually attend the public school that is closest to their home. Compulsory schooling starts in the calendar year when a child turns six. To enrol your child in a public school, you simply contact the Department of Schools. They will provide with the information you need and set up an appointment with a local school. Some of the best schools in Frederiksberg include:

Useful resources for moving to Frederiksberg
These resources will help you plan and execute your move to Frederiksberg.

  •  — Information on gaining a Danish green card and work permit
  • — The official portal for people moving to Denmark
  • — Nine essential tips if you are relocating to Denmark
  • — A10-step guide to moving to Denmark

Why Choose Schepens for Removals to Frederiksberg?

removal lorry removals to FrederiksbergSchepens has been performing removals to Frederiksberg from the UK for decades. Our team has a strong understanding of the logistics involved, allowing us to safely and efficiently move your cargo to this beautiful city. Some of the main reasons to use Schepens for European removals to Frederiksberg include:

We are a very experienced UK to Denmark removal company

Our company was established more than 100 years ago, making us one of the most experienced European removals companies. Don’t risk your valuable possessions with in inexperienced company — use Schepens.

Regularly performing removals to Frederiksberg from UK

Our company often performs house removals to Frederiksberg. This allows us to provide clients with many scheduling options. It also means our removers have excellent local knowledge of Denmark and Frederiksberg. Because we perform so many removals to Frederiksberg, we can also offer clients part load removals, where clients share a container to reduce the cost of the move.

Individually designed removals packages and free quotes

All prospective clients receive a detailed quote that is carefully crafted to match their requirements. There are no unnecessary services or hidden extras. Our quotes are also 100% obligation-free.

Collection from anywhere in the UK or worldwide

Our team can collect your cargo from any third party country before transporting it to Frederiksberg.

No job is too big or too small!

Schepens helps both homeowners and businesses move cargo to Frederiksberg. Over the years we have performed countless removals to Denmark from the UK and have helped many businesses get established in this great country.

All removals to Frederiksberg from UK are highly secure

We use strict security procedures throughout the journey and all storage depots are monitored by security staff 24 hours a day. We carefully catalogue and record the contents of your cargo before the journey using electronic and photographic tracking. All removers are security-checked and vehicles have security alarms. We are the most secure UK to Denmark removal company.

Schepens provides affordable removals to Frederiksberg from UK

We are one of the of the largest European removals company servicing Denmark. This helps us obtain bulk discounts from third party providers, which are passed onto our clients.  Despite being an affordable option for removals to Frederiksberg, we never compromise on the incredible quality of service that Schepens is known for.

Our removers are trained to a high standard

Schepens employs talented removers with the right combination of people-skills and technical knowledge. They are trained to British Association of Removers standards — a comprehensive set of standards dictating how cargo should be packed, which contingency plans should be in place and much more. 

Schepens currently move to all the major towns and cities in Denmark, including: Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Esbjerg, Aalborg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Randers, Kolding and Horsens.

If you are moving to Denmark this year, choose Schepens for a simple and stress free experience.  If you would like to learn more please Contact us today on 01794 323558 to get a free, no-obligation quote.