Moving to Denmark From the UK

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Moving to Denmark From the UK

The number of people moving to Denmark from the UK has steadily increased in recent years for a number of reasons

Denmark is a beautiful part of the world, it has a prosperous economy, a stable government and it is surrounded by other developed countries with rich cultural histories, namely Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Denmark is located in a beautiful part of Scandinavia and has a population of 5.6 million people. The country is a constitutional monarchy with a democratic political system.

People interesting in moving to Denmark from the UK will find the following resources very helpful:

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There are a many reasons why so many people are relocating to Denmark from the UK

Moving to Denmark for Employment

Denmark has a very prosperous economy and is ranked 6th in the world for nominal GDP per capita. The economy is one of the most free in the world, with few trade barriers and obstructive business regulations.

Denmark is actively seeking skilled workers and business people from around the world to help improve its already successful economy. Many talented workers relocate to Denmark for short periods to further their career or with the intention of staying there for many years.

Moving to Denmark for Better Schools

In a global study, the Danish education system ranked 12th in the world. The strength of Danish schools are a huge drawcard for many families who want to give their children the best possible start in life. The website is a great source of information for people who are relocating to Denmark to further their education.

Moving to Denmark for Better Health Care

The Denmark health care system is one of the best in the world, with a strong focus on patient outcomes. Many families relocate to Denmark to obtain access to this very high quality healthcare system. The Denmark system is also very innovative when it comes to e-medicine and research practices.

“At last, the Steinway is in Denmark. Your guys were amazing. Never seen such strong lads. I came home 30 mins after they arrived and the piano was already assembled and standing in its corner. Best wishes” Sarah. N – Copenhagen

Is Moving to Denmark Difficult?

Moving your possessions across international borders by yourself can be a very difficult task. It is for this reason that many people choose to use a company that specialises in international removals, like Schepens.

Some of the advantages of using Schepens for removals to Denmark include:

  • Years of experience providing removals to Denmark and throughout Europe
  • A family-owned business that cares about its customers
  • A fully insured move with extended liability cover
  • Modern removals trucks with air ride suspension to reduce the risk of breakage
  • Professional and experience movers that have helped hundreds of people relocate to Denmark
  • Knowledge of the customs requirements for people moving to Denmark

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