Working in Sweden

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Working in Sweden

Sweden regularly finds its way into the top 10 countries in the annual World Happiness Report. In 2020 it was ranked 7th with the ‘happiness’ in question being equally distributed between work life, home life and leisure time. The labour market for English speakers in Sweden remains strong, especially in IT, construction, engineering and healthcare and the country remains a popular location for UK professionals.

Schepens has been providing removals to Sweden for over a century now, we even have a depot in Jönköping. Over the years we’ve helped families, solo professionals and students to relocate in the major cities. Many of them have stayed beyond their initial contract, or studies, because of the quality of life they’ve discovered. We asked those now living in Sweden what advice they’d give newcomers about working in Sweden. Here’s what they told us:

1. The Transition From Student to Starting a Business Was Easy

I came to Sweden to do my degree and discovered that it was where I wanted to work and live for a few years. I was amazed at the amount of support I got for setting up my IT business, to be honest. There was a lot of English-language advice easily available (although I speak Swedish pretty fluently), and the Swedish Tax Agency was very friendly and helpful where I had queries. Swedes like business entrepreneurs – it’s a great place for start-ups.

2. Innovative, Diverse Workplaces

I’m a developer and I get to work with a team of people from around the world. It’s the most creative workspace I’ve ever encountered, and the most exhausting. English is the common language – which is good for me, but more difficult for other members of the team. We’re not really integrated into the culture of the business, yet and I’d appreciate more help with this.

3. Working is Sweden is Great for Families

My partner and I got 480 days parental leave when our daughter was born. You can decide how to split it up, but each parent has to have a minimum of 90 days. 13 of the 16 months are paid at 80% of your salary, so it’s an amazingly generous allocation. Even now we’re back at work, we’re able to work flexibly which makes shared parenting much easier.

4. Learn Swedish, Even if You Don’t Need to For Work

There’s a massive difference between working in Sweden and living in Sweden. Learning just the basics of Swedish opened up so much to me; it was like I’d been living with dark glasses on and suddenly I took them off. My working environment became more than just ‘the office’ and I was able to extend my friendship group beyond other Brits. Once I committed to living in Sweden I started to love the country and now it’s my home.

Schepens Can Help You Relocate to Sweden

Whether you’re moving to Stockholm, or any of the larher towns or cities, Schepens’ has the skills, experience and local knowledge to help. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of removals to Sweden, and we make weekly runs to a range of locations across the country. This means that we’re able to offer our movers affordable prices, flexible scheduling and full or part load shipping.

Tailored Scandinavian Removals

There’s many reasons why people move to Sweden and, in our experience, every single move is unique. That’s why we allocate a move co-ordinator to each of our movers. They’ll find out what your specific requirements are, and create a bespoke removals plan for you. Once this is complete you’ll receive a free no obligation removals quote.

Schepens’ removals services include:

  • Professional Packing Service. Our industry trained packers use eco-friendly materials to pack up your home quickly and efficiently.
  • Insurance. Schepens insure your goods whilst they’re in transit. If you would like additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability cover, we can arrange it for you.
  • Specialist Removals. If you’re moving anything that requires special care in transit, such as a piano, artworks or antiques, our specialist team will arrange bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.
  • Self Storage. Should you need local storage for your furniture or household items whilst you’re abroad, Schepens has a number of secure UK storage facilities.
  • Transport. Your goods will be transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

The Schepens Team Goes the Extra Mile

“The team that came to move the furniture went above and beyond what we could reasonably expect. They were able to load additional items of furniture where we had some “scope creep” and ensured everything was properly secured. They were highly professional as well as having good senses of humour and making what could have been a highly stressful experience a very enjoyable one instead.

There was full and clear communication with the removal team while the furniture was in transit and they once again did everything we required when unloading in Sweden. Schepens would be the only name on our list should we ever need to move again and I unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone considering a move overseas.”

Nick Fletcher

Working in Sweden and need to relocate? Why not call the Schepens team on 01794 323558 to find out about the professional support we can offer you?