Why Move to Sweden?

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Why Move to Sweden?

10 Good Reasons to Make Sweden Your Home

Are you considering a move to Sweden? Whether you’re relocating for work, education, or just seeking a change of scenery, Sweden offers a unique blend of benefits that make it an attractive destination.

At Schepens, we’ve been assisting people with their removals to Sweden for over a century, and we’ve seen numerous individuals settle down in this beautiful country. Here are ten of the most common reasons why people choose Sweden as their new home:

1. Generous Parental Benefits

Sweden offers unparalleled support to parents, allowing them to balance career and child-rearing. With up to 480 days of benefit paid for one child, and even more for two-parent families, Sweden’s parental leave system provides financial security. Nursery places are readily available for children aged 1-5, with 525 hours of free attendance for kids aged three and above.

For more information on parental benefits and pre-school provision in Sweden, click here

2. A Green Country

Sweden is a frontrunner in environmental sustainability. It ranks high in various global indices measuring environmental performance and sustainability efforts. From protecting marine ecosystems to reducing CO2 emissions in transportation, Sweden is committed to a greener future.

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3. Great Public Transport

If you live in Stockholm, it’s easy and more convenient to navigate the city without a car. The public transport system is extensive and efficient, offering 24-hour service on weekends. The cashless system is user-friendly, and parents with pushchairs can ride for free. Additionally, buses are transitioning to eco-friendly fuels.

For more information about the transport system in Stockholm, click here

Fika and Cakes

4. Fika and Cakes

Fika is an essential part of Swedish culture. It’s more than just a coffee break – it’s an opportunity to unwind and socialise with colleagues. You’ll find yourself enjoying cinnamon and cardamom buns as you take a break from work.

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5. Embrace Winters and Summers

Swedes have mastered the art of making the most of both winters and summers. Enjoy winter sports like cross-country skiing and ice skating during the colder months. And when the sun returns, head to Sweden’s beautiful beaches, take boat rides, and enjoy picnics.

6. Explore the Archipelago

Sweden’s stunning archipelago, easily accessible from Stockholm, offers 30,000 islands with diverse natural beauty. Whether you prefer dense forests, sandy beaches, or rugged coastlines, you’ll find it here. Ferries make day trips a breeze, and you can even camp or stay overnight on some islands.

For more information about the Stockholm archipelago, click here.

Explore the Archipelago

7. Unique Work Culture

Swedish work culture may surprise you with its informality and lack of hierarchy. Dress codes are casual, and employees are trusted to work efficiently without excessive overtime. Family time is highly valued, and parents are usually able to make flexible arrangements to pick up or drop off their children.

8. Systembolaget

Sweden’s government-controlled alcohol stores, known as Systembolaget, were established to address alcohol-related issues. These stores are the sole legal sellers of alcohol in Sweden and have set hours of operation.

To find out more about Systembogalet, click here

9. Family-Centric Lifestyle

Family bonds are strong in Sweden, with parents remaining actively involved in their children’s lives. Children are encouraged to value collaboration and problem-solving over competition, fostering strong family values.

10. High Taxes, Visible Benefits

While taxes in Sweden are relatively high, they fund excellent healthcare, education, and social services. The benefits are enjoyed by everyone in society, making Sweden a nation that prioritises the welfare of its citizens.

For more information on Sweden’s tax system, click here

If you’re considering moving to Sweden, Schepens is here to assist you. With our depot in Jönköping, we are well-positioned to support your move. As a family-run UK-based removals company specialising in moves to Scandinavia, we offer flexible scheduling, competitive prices, and both part-load and full-load shipping options. Our customers consistently praise our prompt, efficient, and courteous service.

“We moved from the UK to Sweden and went with Schepens on the hearty recommendations of an expats in Sweden Facebook group. Schepens met our every expectation, and were prompt, polite, efficient, and courteous. Our daughter loved sitting in the truck cab! Thank you so much!!”

Andrew Cuthbert 

If you’re planning removals to Scandinavia in the future, do give Schepens a call to find out about the range of ways we can support your move – 01794 323558