Why Move to New Zealand?

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why move to new zealand

Why Move to New Zealand? There’s no doubting that it’s is one of the most attractive countries globally when it comes to attracting inward migration. The GALLUP Potential Net Migration Index, rates the levels of migration any given country is currently attracting. New Zealand is a front runner, with a score of 231%, meaning that if everyone who wanted to, moved to NZ the population would soar from 4.886 million to 1,128.666.

Schepens provides International removals to New Zealand from the UK, and we can attest to steadily growing numbers of families moving to this beautiful country. Having checked out the statistics, we were interested to know why people were choosing this location. So we asked some clients now resident in the country to answer the question: Why Move to New Zealand?

1. There is a Vibrant Job Market

One of the major attractions of New Zealand is that you don’t need a second language to get a job here. And as long as you do your research into the skills that are currently in demand, there’s no problem with finding work. If you have the skills that are required you can choose from some of the most beautiful locations on earth, and a highly desirable work/life balance!

2. It’s Great For Families

New Zealand is a large country with a small population, which means there’s room to grow. Even in cities like Auckland or Wellington, where there’s a density of population, it doesn’t feel overcrowded. There isn’t the same competition for prime locations to live as there is in the UK, because there are so many great places to live. And there’s sea, surf, mountains and glaciers for the kids to explore and enjoy as they grow up.

3. New Zealand Protects Its Environment

Some people think New Zealand is effortlessly ‘clean and green’. That’s not so; we have the same kinds of pollution problems as everywhere else. The difference is that the country has strong and effective policies in place to lower air pollution, and switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. The current goal is to achieve 90% renewable energy by 2025 – that’s way ahead of most other countries.

4. Choose Your City to Match Your Budget

People contemplating a move to New Zealand are often put off because they think it’s a really expensive place to live. It’s worth doing a few calculations before you write it off, though. Yes, it’s pretty expensive, but when you take into account rent, food, utilities and entertainment even a city like Auckland is cheaper to live in than London. And if you do your research, you can find cheaper areas to live outside the cities.

Schepens Provides Removals to New Zealand

Schepens has been offering International removals to New Zealand for over a century now, and we’ve seen many clients settle down happily in location on both the North and the South islands. Whether you’re retiring to New Zealand, or moving for a work/life rebalance, the country offers a rich and rewarding experience. Because we’re regular visitors to New Zealand we can offer flexible scheduling, and full or part loads.

Tailored International Removals

An international move is a significant logistical challenge, which is why Schepens offers tailored removals plans for each and every customer moving to New Zealand from the UK. We can be trusted to pay attention to y our specific requirements, and offer specialist support every step of the way. A Move Co-ordinator will help to draw up your plan, and once you’re happy with it, we’ll use it to create a FREE no obligation quotation.

Schepens removals services include:

  • Professional Packing Services. Our packers are trained to industry standards. They’ll pack up your home, label your boxes and develop your detailed shipping inventory.
  • Insurance. Your goods will be insured whilst in transit. Your Move Co-ordinator can arrange additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability insurance cover if required.
  • Specialist Shipping. If you need to move a piano, an artwork or an antique to New Zealand, our specialist team will provide bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.
  • Self Storage. Should you require storage in the UK, Schepens has a number of local self storage facilities. We provide door-to-door service and a secure environment.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Second-to-None Customer Services

When you’re moving to the other side of the world, you want to be sure that you have a removals company you can trust. Our customer feedback rates us highly for friendliness, professional support, care and attention at every stage, and many reviews mention the fact that our staff are always willing to go the extra mile for movers.

“Finally I unpacked every box and I can say that every item was in good condition. I want to thank you for the very good service you offered me and I recommended your company to my friends. Every step of the process was very professionally done and your crew consists of nice and competent people. Thank you very much for everything.”

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