The Pros and Cons of Life in Berlin

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The Pros and Cons of Life in Berlin

A Practical Guide to Living in Berlin

For young professionals eyeing a move to Germany, Berlin is the obvious choice. Not only is it renowned as one of Europe’s top nightclub destinations, but it also offers a thriving business scene and a strong economy. Surprisingly, life in Berlin is more affordable than you might expect, with reasonable costs for rent, travel, and cultural attractions.

This diversity-rich, multi-ethnic city embraces its turbulent history while championing green politics, the arts, and a budget-friendly lifestyle. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of life in Berlin.

Life in Berlin – The Pros and Cons

Schepens is a UK removals company with decades of experience supporting people who are moving to Berlin. We make weekly runs to location across the country, and our stress-free removals to Germany are the best way to relocate to Europe. Our movers often share with us the ups and downs of life in Berlin, so we’ve pulled together their comments here:

1. Pro – Life in Berlin is Never Dull!

If you move to Berlin the first thing you’ll notice is the immense energy of the city and the great quality of life on offer. Crime rates are low, the healthcare system works well, and the public transport runs on time – always!

Whatever you’re looking for, life in Berlin is likely to be able to serve it up to you. I’m never bored, and I don’t do hours of overtime in order to survive either. It’s a city that plays hard and cares about social issues.

2. Con – You’ll Need a Work Visa to Live in Berlin

Since the UK left the EU, it’s no longer possible to move to Berlin to live and work without a visa. If you want to stay in Berlin longer than 90 days, you will need to have a job and an employer who will be your sponsor. The 3 kinds of visa you can apply for are:

Con – You’ll Need a Work Visa to Live in Berlin
  • EU Blue CardFor highly qualified applicants who have the offer of an employment contract which fulfils German minimum salary requirements.
  • Intra Corporate Visa. Employees who are transferred to a German branch of their business to work, are given an intra corporate visa to facilitate the move.
  • Long Stay Employment Visa. For applicants who have an offer of employment, and an employer who is willing to stand as a sponsor.

If you’re looking for work in Berlin, start with the shortage occupations list, this shows you the jobs that Germany is actively seeking to recruit to from overseas.

3. Pro – It’s A City Full of Global Citizens

Life in Berlin won’t be lonely, you’ll soon discover a meetup full of other people from the UK who are working there. It’s a city that’s full of people from elsewhere – 35% to be exact – and most people are open to making new friends from across the world. If you’re looking for an experience that’s diverse, creative, and full of energy, life in Berlin is spot on.

4. Con – Taxes are High

If you’re employed in Germany, but you’re not a permanent resident, you’ll only be taxed on the income you earn in Germany – which is good news! The amount of tax you pay depends on how much you earn; most UK professionals will be earning between €50,000 and €63,000 so your taxes will be at the higher end of the 24-42% scale.

Pro – A Great Transport System

5. Pro – A Great Transport System

Nobody panics about whether a train will turn up, or a bus will be on time in Berlin, because they always are. Berliners use trams, trains buses and bikes to get around efficiently. Travelling on public transport feels safe, the vehicles are clean and it’s fairly priced. Don’t even think about using a car, when you’ve got other options like this!

6. Con – There’s a Never-Ending Flow of Tourists

What makes life in Berlin exhausting is the number of tourists you have to deal with day after day. OK, I was one once, but everywhere can feel crowded in the centre, especially at the weekends. The alternative is to flee the city at the weekend. If you don’t want to go too far, explore the forest and canals at Spreewald. If however, you’re feeling more adventurous take a 90 minute train ride to the former East German city of Leipzig

7. Pro – Berlin is Very Green

Sustainability is very cool in Germany’s capital, and it’s totally integrated into everyday life in Berlin. There are superb vegan and vegetarian restaurants everywhere, and it’s the norm to shop sustainably. Around 40% of Berlin is made up of parks, open spaces, and urban gardening projects that are considered protected areas of green biodiversity.

8. Con – It Can Take Months to Rent a Property

Berlin landlords are like landlords all over the world; they want tenants with a good, stable job and an excellent credit rating. If you’re moving to Berlin to work, hopefully your employers will be able to help with your search. Otherwise, be prepared to send out endless applications before one bite. Take a look at ‘How to find an apartment in Berlin‘ to find out how it works.

Stress-Free Removals to Berlin

Having taken a look at the pros and cons of life in Berlin, are you ready to make the move to Germany? If the answer’s ‘yes’, why not talk to the Schepens removals team about our removals to Germany services? We’re a family-led business with over a century’s experience of overseas removals, and an excellent reputation for putting movers first.

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We make weekly runs to Berlin, which means that we’re able to offer movers flexible scheduling, competitive prices and part or full-load shipping. Every mover is allocated a professional move co-ordinator who knows Berlin well, and they’ll create a bespoke removals plan based on your specific requirements.

If you’re planning a life in Berlin, call our friendly removals team at Schepens to find about the range of ways we can support your move – 01794 323558