Moving to Kissimmee, Florida

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Moving to Kissimmee Florida

Thinking of Moving to Kissimmee, Florida?

Think of Florida and most Brits think of Disneyland, Orlando. Kissimmee sits 30 minutes south of Orlando, close to the Disneyland theme park. In fact, the 192 which intersects Kissimmee is known as the ‘Disney commute’. The town is far more than just a Disney suburb, though. It’s home to a number of Florida’s 400,000 British expats, who enjoy the proximity to Orlando and the charms the historic downtown has to offer.

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Removals to Boston USA

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Removals to Boston USA

Removals to Boston USA

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the United States’ oldest cities. But there’s no way it lets the centuries weigh it down. Boston is always evolving. It’s know for developing cutting-edge medicine and technology, but it knows how to celebrate its older traditions, too. Fenway Park is the oldest sports arena in the US and the Boston Red Sox, founded in 1901 play all their home games there.

Moving to this State appeals to expats who want to live in a vibrant city with cultural diversity, world-class shopping, access to excellent health care and a focus on high quality education. The region is also an ideal place for sport enthusiasts, artists and entrepreneurs.

Schepens has a great reputation for international removals and we ship to all the major cities in the US regularly. We have many clients in Boston, and we asked them what advice they’d give to expats planning a relocation to the city.


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International Movers UK to USA

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International Movers UK to USA

Schepens are International Movers UK to USA

For many people, the Statue of Liberty guarding New York Harbour, remains the iconic image of arriving in the USA. For most contemporary movers, however,  the experience of arriving in the USA is very different. And many of them will be travelling to the West, rather than the East Coast.

Planning a move to either the East or the West Coast requires awareness of the differences between the two.

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Moving from the UK to America

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Moving from the UK to America

Moving From the UK to America?

America is one of those extraordinary places that is pretty much impossible to encapsulate in a few words or images. Every one of its 50 states is unique in numerous ways, from the regional accent, to the landscape, even down to the weather system! We thought we’d celebrate the amazing diversity of the US, by featuring 5 of the lesser known wonders that you’ll definitely want to visit once you’re settled.

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Moving to USA from UK Checklist

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class=”p1″>Moving to USA from UK Checklist
Whether you’re relocating to Silicon Valley for work, or looking for adventure and a new start in New York, the USA is an exciting destination. If you’ve grown up in the UK, the USA has probably never felt that far away, and getting off the plane will always feel a bit like stepping onto a movie set. Each of the 50 states offers a different culture and range of opportunities in a country that’s at the heart of global trade and politics.

Schepens International Removals has been helping families and business professionals move to America for over a century now. We’ve worked on the East Coast, the West Coast and everywhere in-between and it always delights us to discover a little bit more about this endlessly diverse country.

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International Removals from UK to USA

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International Removals from the UK to USA

Schepens International Removals UK to USA

The USA feels incredibly familiar to the majority of Brits. After all, we’ve grown up watching Friends, listening to American music, and following the lives and scandals of Hollywood celebrities. So much so that even when you get off the plane, it can still feels exactly like the movies! Planning to live in the USA, however, whether it’s for work or to start a new life, means getting past the fantasy and into the real life adventure this amazing country offers.

First off, you’ll need to consider which of the 50 states you want to live in. Each one offers a different version of America, so where will suit you best? Here’s our list of 5 very different kinds of American city to make your home.

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Moving to New York from UK

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Moving to New York from UK

Moving to New York From UK?

You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve sung along to the songs, and now you’re planning to make it your home!  New York is one of the world’s !iconic cities, which makes moving there an odyssey, and living there an adventure. Schepens has moved businesses and families to every one of the five boroughs that make up this fantastic city and we’ve come to know it well – so here are our top tips for a seamless re-adjustment…

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Relocating to America From UK

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relocating to america from uk

There are any number of good reasons for relocating to America from the UK, which is why thousands of Brits make the move every year. We share a common language and we’re familiar with the US culture and landscape from our love of American films, music and TV. The rich diversity across the 50 states means that there’s something for everyone. And – of course – the lure of the American Dream is still potent in our imaginations.

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Moving to Florida from UK

Moving to Florida from UK | Retiring to Florida from UK | Removals to USA | International RemovalsMoving to Florida from UK

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida offers a warm climate throughout the year, great golf courses, beautiful beaches and a mix of big cities such as Orlando and Miami, and smaller urban centres. Its famously relaxed attitude makes it a great place to choose for your retirement, whilst the unspoilt natural environment and world-famous theme parks continue to draw visitors from across the globe.

If you’re thinking about moving to Florida from the UK, it’s never to early to start thinking about choosing a removals company with a proven track record in international removals.

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Residential Removals to the USA

Residential Removals to the USA | UK to USA Removals Guide

Residential Removals to USA

The United States is the most successful migrant nation in the world. It attracts thousands of migrants each year, from virtually every country on the planet. It’s easy to see why the USA is such an attractive destination — it is a prosperous and successful nation with a high level of individual freedom. It is also an important cultural location that produces much of the world’s best music, film, television, and literature.

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