Retiring to New Zealand

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Retiring to New Zealand

Retiring to New Zealand with Schepens

If you’ve ever been to New Zealand, chances are that the thought of retiring there has crossed your mind. Known for its stunning beauty, moderate climate, adventurous activities and laid-back lifestyle – New Zealand is an ideal location to retire to. Surveys show that the older generation in the country reports the highest levels of happiness and contentment, with a better than average sense of well-being derived from their way of life. For many British retirees, the thought of spending their twilight years in New Zealand is something that is just too good to resist.

Schepens has been helping families retiring to New Zealand for decades. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider before making the move.

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Living in Belgium Pros and Cons

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Belgium Pros and Cons

Living in Belgium Pros and Cons

Schepens European Removals has over a century of experience moving families from the UK to Belgium, and vice versa.  Over the past 25 years we’ve mostly been moving professionals to one of the major cities for work, or supporting businesses relocating to Belgium. We’re always interested in our clients’ experience of living or working in a European country, so we asked them for their top tips when it comes to living in Belgium pros and cons.

Here are the 5 pros and cons that came up most regularly.

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Moving to New Zealand from UK

Moving to New Zealand | International Movers | UK to New Zealand Removals

Moving to New Zealand from UK

Moving to New Zealand with Schepens

Made up of a North and South Island, New Zealand is truly one of the most picturesque and photogenic places in the world. With a small population of 4.5 million, it’s an adventure playground for thrill seekers and explorers. The country is made up of some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes – from dramatic mountain ranges, steaming volcanoes to sweeping coastlines. A burning passion for the outdoors, sport and art make New Zealanders, and their culture, unique in the world.

Expats travel to New Zealand for an all-round high quality lifestyle. The country was rated 2nd in the world for work-life balance in HSBC’s 2018 Expat Explorer Survey.

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International Removals to Belgium

Belgium Removals | International Moves to Belgium

international removals to belgium

Schepens Provides International Removals to Belgium

Tell a Belgian you’re moving to Belgium and they’re likely to ask ‘which one?’. Belgium comes in three distinct varieties: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. These three regions are pretty much autonomous in that they speak different languages, and favour different gastronomic experiences. Whichever of the three regions you choose, however, this richly diverse country is a popular expat destination due to its proximity to the UK, its international culture, and its reputation for offering a great quality of life to its citizens.

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Moving to USA from UK Checklist

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Moving to USA from UK Checklist

Whether you’re relocating to Silicon Valley for work, or looking for adventure and a new start in New York, the USA is an exciting destination. If you’ve grown up in the UK, the USA has probably never felt that far away, and getting off the plane will always feel a bit like stepping onto a movie set. Each of the 50 states offers a different culture and range of opportunities in a country that’s at the heart of global trade and politics.

Schepens International Removals has been helping families and business professionals move to America for over a century now. We’ve worked on the East Coast, the West Coast and everywhere in-between and it always delights us to discover a little bit more about this endlessly diverse country.

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International Removals from UK to USA

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International Removals from the UK to USA

Schepens International Removals UK to USA

The USA feels incredibly familiar to the majority of Brits. After all, we’ve grown up watching Friends, listening to American music, and following the lives and scandals of Hollywood celebrities. So much so that even when you get off the plane, it can still feels exactly like the movies! Planning to live in the USA, however, whether it’s for work or to start a new life, means getting past the fantasy and into the real life adventure this amazing country offers.

First off, you’ll need to consider which of the 50 states you want to live in. Each one offers a different version of America, so where will suit you best? Here’s our list of 5 very different kinds of American city to make your home.

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Relocating to America From UK

Relocating to America From UK | International Removals Company | USA Removals | International Removals to USA

relocating to america from uk

There are any number of good reasons for relocating to America from the UK, which is why thousands of Brits make the move every year. We share a common language and we’re familiar with the US culture and landscape from our love of American films, music and TV. The rich diversity across the 50 states means that there’s something for everyone. And – of course – the lure of the American Dream is still potent in our imaginations.

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