Sweden Resources

Moving abroad is a step that thousands of Brits make every year. Of those, an increasing proportion are choosing a new life in Scandanavia . Life in Sweden can be markedly different from the UK; because of this, we have created this guide, to help new expats settle in.


Driving in Sweden
Contains advice on driving licences, speed limits, alcohol rules, road rules, congestion charges, and aprking laws.

Education in Sweden
Contains advice on schooling options in Sweden including public schools, private schools and international schools.

Healthcare in Sweden
Contains information about healthcare in Sweden including privtae hospitals, public hospitals, health insurance and pharmacies.

Holidays in Sweden
Information about holidays and culture in Sweden including new year’s eve, christmas and midsummer.

Paying the bills in Sweden
A short guide to paying the bills in Sweden.

Finding work in Sweden
Advice on finding work in Sweden including job offers, work permits and salaries.