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As one of England’s oldest ports, Southampton has been welcoming newcomers (as well as the occasional invader) for centuries. And it continues to do so, with cruise ships arriving from exciting international destinations and overseas visitors flying in to the local airport. As a local Southampton removal company, Schepens also plays its part in the arrivals and departures that characterise this dynamic coastal city.

Schepens has been moving families, professionals, and students to Southampton for over a century now. We’re a local Southampton moving company that’s proud to have been an integral part of the area’s impressive 21st century growth. Whether you’re a business relocating to this dynamic city, a student looking for a small move service, or a family requiring Southampton house removals, Schepens has the stress-free solution you’re looking for. 

What makes Southampton different from any other city by the sea? Here are our top 4 differentiators.


If it’s a city vibe by the sea that you’re looking for, Southampton is the ideal location. For centuries it has been defined by its port, now it’s known for its world class university, its green credentials, and its proximity to the New Forest. With great rail links to London, Portsmouth and Bristol, Southampton is a popular choice for movers looking for sea, stunning countryside, and a healthy job market.


There are so many public green spaces in Southampton that it’s hard to choose which are the best, or most popular. The locals, however, have chosen Southampton Common as their favourite. It’s easily the oldest of the city’s parks, with written records going back to the 13th century. What makes it special, though, is the fact that it offers 365 acres of natural woodland, wetland, common and grass, right in the centre of the city.


Southampton is a port, but not just any port. It’s where the Titanic sailed from in 1912 (and there’s a Titanic walk to commemorate this). Further back in time, it’s also where the Pilgrims set off for America in 1620. The port is still crucial to the prosperity of Southampton. Cruise ships set off from here for locations across the world, and cargo continues to arrive and leave. The booms of the ships punctuate the lives of Sotonians, and make life in the city utterly distinct.


Sotonians are blessed by their proximity to some of the UK’s most treasured beauty spots. Just minutes away is the New Forest. It was originally the royal forest of William the Conqueror and is now one of the largest remaining tracts of unbounded woodland in England. Ten minutes away by train is the ancient city of Winchester. And then of course, there are the beaches – there are 10 within an hour’s drive from the city.

Why Choose a Removal Company in Southampton?

No matter how experienced a mover you are, moving house always involves stresses and anxieties. At Schepens, we see it as our role to support movers by shouldering as much of the burden as we can. We do this by streamlining the removals process, and providing a service that is personalised to the specific needs of our individual clients.

Why Choose a Removal Company in Southampton?

As a local Southampton removal company, we know the city, and its surrounds, so navigation is easy, and we can always provide movers with the best route to their destination. You can also depend on us to keep your home safe whilst it’s in transit, and our professional removal teams will work alongside you, should any unexpected issues occur on moving day. Schepens can be relied upon to go the extra mile for movers.

5 Advantages of Working With a Local Team

1. Area Familiarity. Our teams know Southampton well, which means they instinctively know the best routes for moving your goods through the city.

2. Local Parking. Our drivers know where there can and cannot park and can ensure easy access on the day of your move.

3. Cost-Efficiency. Using a Southampton-based removals company can often provide cost-savings because of minimising transportation costs and optimising logistics.

4. Personalised Service. Whether you need to know about local shops, the best route in to the city, or where to walk your dog, our team has the local knowledge.

5. Environmentally Friendly. Choosing a local removals company reduces the environmental cost of moving.


We know from experience that no two moves are the same, so we don’t offer standard packages to our movers. Instead, a professional move co-ordinator is allocated to every mover to help develop a tailored removals plan based on your unique requirements. 

1. Free No Obligation Removals Quotation

A pre-removals assessment allows us to understand the size and complexity of your move; it also gives us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and offer tips on how to streamline the moving process. It can take place face-to-face, or online, whichever is most convenient to you.

Once we know the extent of your move, we provide a free, no obligation detailed and accurate removals quotation to help with your budgeting.

2. Friendly, BAR Trained Professionals

Being supported by experienced professionals is a great way to keep stress at bay. From your first contact with Schepens, you’ll start to experience the friendly, supportive guidance and help that we offer. Every employee is trained to BAR industry standards, and they know Southampton well. Our teams are proactive problem solvers who do all they can to make your move trouble-free.

Professional Packing Service

3. Professional Packing Service

Whether you’re moving a few hundred yards or a few hundred miles, it involves packing up your home and moving it to a new location. Our trained packing staff ensure that your furniture and goods travel safely and securely between properties. Each box is carefully labelled to make unpacking less of a chore. Flat pack furniture can be taken apart and reassembled, if you require.

Our professional packing service saves time as you’re packing up your home. Schepens state-of-the-art removals fleet is designed to move your home safely; the removals vehicles run on air ride suspension and have an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of the vehicle’s contents.

4. Need Specialist Removals?

We’re a one-stop-shop for removals in Southampton. So, if movers have a piano that needs moving, we have a specialist team who will manage it. Should your move include fine art objects, or antique furniture, we’ll assess the requirements and then provide bespoke packaging, handling, and removals.

5. Local Storage Service in Southampton

Whether you find that you have too much furniture to fit in your new home, or you’re unable to move into your new Southampton home as expected, Schepens will find a solution. We have secure, local storage facilities including a door-to-door service, and a CCTV surveyed environment for whatever you need to store.

6. Removal Insurance

In-transit insurance will cover your goods throughout their journey to your new home. Should you require Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability insurance in addition, your move co-ordinator will be happy to arrange this for you.

Schepens Tips For a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

1. Plan Ahead:

  • Start planning your move well in advance. Create a detailed moving checklist that includes tasks such as decluttering, packing, hiring a removal company, and notifying utilities.
  • Set a realistic timeline to accomplish each task and try to stick to the schedule.

2. Declutter Before Packing:

  • Before you get to the packing stage, go through your belongings and declutter. Donate, sell, or discard items you no longer need or use.
  • Decluttering not only reduces the number of items you need to pack but also makes your new space less cluttered and more organised.

3. Hire a Reliable Southampton Removal Company:

  • Research and hire a reputable Southampton removal company well in advance of your moving date. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations, and ensure the company is licensed and insured.
  • Communicate clearly with the removal company about your specific requirements and any unique items that require special handling.

4. Take Essentials with You:

  • Pack a box of essentials that you’ll need immediately upon arriving at your new home. This box can include toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, chargers, and any necessary medications.

5. Communicate with Your New Neighbours:

  • If possible, introduce yourself to your new neighbours before the move. This can help create a positive first impression and set the foundations for a good relationship.
  • Ask for any local tips or advice they may have about the neighbourhood.

Schepens For 1st Class Customer Services

What we hope we’ve been able to communicate in this blog is the care and support we offer to each individual mover. Every Southampton move is unique, and we take care to adapt our services appropriately.

“Great service from start to finish. We compared a few companies before deciding who to book, but found Schepens to be the friendliest, most professional, competitively priced and they just knew what they were talking about. We had no issues whatsoever and they responded quickly to all our queries. Our house was packed up quickly and carefully and the same level of care and attention was given on delivery. Everyone we dealt with were friendly and professional. We would definitely use them again and highly recommend. Thanks!”

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