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Southampton Moving Company

A Southampton Moving Company That Takes the Stress

The port of Southampton has always been of huge commercial importance to Britain and remains so to this day. Luxury cruise liners and cargo handling may have taken the place of its shipbuilding industry, but it’s still a major UK port. The city is also a popular location for businesses from global corporates to digital start-ups, and Southampton University ranks among the top 100 for global research.


Excellent Transport Connections

With great road and rail connections to London and just an 80 minute train journey to Waterloo, Southampton is an attractive option for familes, or young professionals in London looking to maximise their property options and improve their quality of life. Apart from the lure of the sea and the local beaches, the city is home to 50 parks and the glorious New Forest is just a short drive away.

Attractive Property Prices

Whether you’re moving to Southampton to attend university, enjoy your retirement, or for work, Expatistan – the cost of living calculator – suggests you’ve made a good choice. It’s 35% cheaper than London and the property prices are also around a third cheaper on average. A two bedroom semi-detached will cost around £250,000 to buy or around £800 per month to rent.

A Great Place to Live

Whilst the university offers world class research, the city provides world class culture. The Southampton City Art Gallery is home to one of the best publicly-owned collections outside London and the Mayflower Theatre is a major touring venue. There are numerous music venues for large scale or intimate events, and the city teems with restaurants, clubs and diverse family attractions.

A Professional Partner for Your Move to Southampton

At Schepens we believe that Southampton is a great place to move to, and we want to make sure that moving there is as stress-free an experience as possible. We have a great track-record for doing just that; Schepens is a fourth generation family-run company which has been moving people to and from the city for over a century. We’re now proud to be the premier Southampton moving company.

First Class Services From Schepens

One thing we’ve learnt from our many years as a Southampton moving company is that no two moves are the same. That’s why we provide a range of services to choose from, according to your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is total flexibility for each mover to determine the package that is right for them. Our range of services include:

Packing – we have teams of BAR trained, professional packers who are proficient in packaging your household items, labelling your boxes effectively, and creating a detailed inventory. If you would prefer to do your own packing, we can provide high quality packing materials.

Storage – dependent on the nature of your move, you may have items, documents or archives that you want to put into storage, rather than moving them to your new home. Schepens operates a door-to-door storage service, and we have fully managed secure storage sites across the UK.

Valuable Goods – we are specialists when it comes to moving fragile or valuable items. We have moved musical instruments, artworks, porcelain and antique furniture for our clients successfully. Each move is bespoke and is planned down to the final detail.

Every move is managed by a dedicated Schepens move co-ordinator who will work with you from the generation of a detailed initial quotation through to final handover. Our removals team comprise trained professionals, with extensive experience and local knowledge. We can advise on the clearest routes, the best time of the day to move, and we’ll ensure there’s a parking space awaiting you at your new home!

Looking to discuss your removals and storage Southampton? We’d be delighted to hear from you, call us today on 02380 070071!