Should I Move to Sweden?

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Should I Move to Sweden?

If you’re feeling like you need space to breathe and a broader horizon to your world, Sweden has to be an option. It’s twice the size of the UK, and yet its population is just one fifth of ours. Maybe the sheer size of the country, and its innate beauty, has something to do with its record on happiness. Ever since 2013, Sweden has consistently been placed in the top ten countries of the World Happiness Report.

Feeling tempted? Over the past few decades Schepens has provided removals to Sweden for numerous movers who’ve decided to work and live there. Many of them are now settled in Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsala or Gothenburg. Who better to talk to about what it’s like to live in Sweden? So we asked 4 of our movers to respond to the question: Should I move to Sweden?

1. It’s a Great Lifestyle in Sweden

So long as you’ve got a good job, your lifestyle will be improved by a move to Sweden. We live in a detached house, with a huge garden – and that’s pretty normal. There’s not that sense of being ‘fenced in’ that you get in the UK. Sweden’s ‘freedom to roam’ means you can take off and sleep by a lake, pitch your tent on top of a mountain, or simply see where the road takes you.

2. Work is Less Pressured and More Rewarding

I like being pushed at work, stress gives me an edge, but working like that year after year can be harmful. The working environment in Sweden is less ‘macho’. So we work in teams that support each other without feeling the need to compete. Everyone takes lunch breaks, and you’re trusted to get your work done. Best of all, there’s no expectation that you’ll work late or over weekends.

3. Stockholm is a Great Place to Live

It’s the capital city and yet Stockholm has around half the population of London. That makes it less stressy in my experience; you’re not all crammed in to this tiny space. Housing is expensive, but then the wages are better and we’ve felt better off since moving to Sweden. Oh, and I love the fact you get a white Christmas in Stockholm.

4. Sweden is Better for Working Parents

In Sweden there’s decent parental leave for couples and single parents. Women don’t have to worry that their career will suffer if they take their full maternity leave (480 days that can be shared between partners). Then when you do go back to work, childcare is unbelievably good, there’s plenty of it, and it’s properly affordable.

Schepens Can Help With Your Move to Sweden

If you’re considering working and living in Sweden, we have a whole range of ways we can support your removals. We’re an established provider of European removals to Sweden so we make weekly runs to locations across the country. Which means we can offer our movers flexible scheduling, affordable prices, and full or half load shipping.

Tailored Support for Your Move

Moving to another country isn’t easy, no matter how often you do it. That’s why Schepens provides bespoke support from your first phone call through to completing the move. Every mover is allocated a move co-ordinator. This is someone who knows Sweden well, and specialises in helping with the logistics of moving there from the UK. They’ll create a tailored removals plan with you, and work on your behalf from start to finish.

Schepens Removals has created a comprehensive guide for anyone moving to Sweden from the UK. It provides details of what you need to do before you leave, and offers some strategies for getting through the first few weeks in your new home.

Schepens removals services include:

  • Free No Obligation Quote. Once your bespoke removals plan is complete, we’ll offer a detailed quote, giving you the information you need to budget accurately.
  • Professional Packing Service. Need help with the packing? Our professional team of packers will do the job in hours, using sturdy and sustainable packing materials.
  • Insurance. Schepens insures your goods during transit. Should you require additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability, your move co-ordinator can arrange cover.
  • Specialist Removals Team. We have a team that specialises in the shipping of large, or fragile items. They can move pianos, artworks or antiques.
  • Self Storage. If you need to put furniture in storage in the UK we have a number of local self storage facilities offering a secure environment for your items.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

Customer Service That Goes the Extra Mile

“Fantastic service! Hired them for a move from the UK to Sweden. Excellent job, honest and competitive prices. Flexible and caring customer support. Would absolutely hire again!”

Christian O. Andersson

If the question ‘Should I move to Sweden?’ is turning into ‘When can I move to Sweden?’ call Schepens Removals to find out about the range of support we can provide – 01794 323558