Residential Removals to Belgium

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Residential Removals to Belgium

Belgium is one of the most successful countries in the European Union. It is a beautiful nation with a strong economy and rich culture. It consistently attracts migrants from the UK, who often move to Belgium to find work, study, or retire.

Unfortunately, moving internationally can be quite difficult without some help! That’s why many UK residents turn to Schepens. We are a leading Belgium removals company that regularly performs residential removals to Belgium.

Our family owned company has been performing European removals for over 100 years. We have assembled a team highly experienced removers and move coordinators who make UK to Belgium removals simple for our clients. You can relax while our professional removers get the job done!

This guide will explain why Belgium continues to attract so many UK expats. We’ll also share a few reasons why Schepens is the best choice for residential removals to Belgium.


Why do UK expats love Belgium?

Although Belgium is one of the smallest countries in the European Union, it continues to attract migrants from all over the world. The most common reasons that people cite for moving to Belgium from the UK include:

Belgium has a high standard of living

Belgian citizens enjoy a very high standard of living, with high wages, affordable housing, and high-quality food. They also benefit from excellent infrastructure, access to high quality consumer items, and plenty of job opportunities. Belgium also has great restaurants and a great cafe scene to enjoy.

Belgium is well-located

Belgium is surrounded by Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, which makes it an excellent jumping off point for exploring Europe. There are also many transit links that make returning to the United Kingdom easy.

The economy of Belgium is booming

Belgium has become of the strongest European economies. Its proximity to Germany and France help to make it a popular destination for European businesses — and the economy is flourishing because of it. Productivity is increasing the unemployment rate is declining. Belgium has many strong export industries including processed foods, machinery, and chemicals.

The schools in Belgium are excellent

If you have decided to move the entire family to Belgium, you will be happy to learn that the schools are excellent. The Belgium has made significant investments in their education sector which have led to better outcomes for students. There are three types of schools in Belgium:

  • Public schools (organised by provinces and municipalities)
  • Community schools (Flemish, French or German-speaking)
  • Subsidised free schools (usually owned by religious groups like the Catholic church)

Students attending school in Belgium will spend at least 12 years in the primary and secondary school system. This include Preschool, six years of primary school and six years of secondary school. They can then continue on to university or a vocational school.

Some of the best schools in Belgium include:

Helpful Resources For Moving to Belgium

The following websites offer some very useful tips for moving to Belgium from the UK:

Why use Schepens for residential removals to Belgium

Schepens is one of the most experienced international removals companies in the world. We regularly perform residential removals to Belgium and enjoy helping our clients become established in this incredible country. Here are a few other reasons for choosing Schepens for UK to Belgium removals:

Schepens is an established removals company

We are an old European moving company with a long track record of success. Our company has been performing European removals for over one hundred years and has helped thousands of clients. When you choose Schepens for Belgium removals, you know you are working with a reputable company you can trust.

We have a strong focus on customer service

Our company owes its success to a strong focus on customer service. We always treat our clients with immense respect and ensure they are well looked after. Your queries will immediately be answered and we will frequently update you on the status of your removal.

Regularly performing residential removals to Belgium

We are a busy European moving company that move thousands of tons of cargo each year. We regularly perform Belgium removals which allows us to offer clients flexible removals schedules and part load removals. The frequency of our removals also means we have excellent knowledge of the transit routes from the UK to Belgium.

All Belgium removals performed with strict security

Your UK to Belgium removal will be performed using very strict security protocols. We will take photographic inventories of your cargo and track it using a GPS signal. All vehicles feature security alarms to keep your cargo safe and our drivers have received security training.Residential Removals to Belgium

Affordable residential removals to Belgium

The large size of our company helps us provide clients with affordable prices for Belgium removals. We can provide cheaper prices than our competitors because of our strong negotiating position with fuel companies and other suppliers.

We perform residential removals to many parts of Belgium including; Antwerp, Ghent, Charleloi, Liege, Brussels, Bruges, Schaerbeek, Namur, Anderlecht and Leuven.

If you require residential removals to Belgium this year, choose an experienced European moving company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.