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Removals to Toulouse

Schepens Specialise in Performing Removals to Toulouse

Toulouse is an absolutely stunning city in the south of France. Many British citizens are relocating and require removals to Toulouse from the UK each year to enjoy the incredible lifestyle available in this city.

Schepens have helped many people move to Toulouse over the years with our professional, reliable and value-for-money international removals service. Our family-owned company has been in business for more than 100-years and has performed many house removals to Toulouse, France and across Europe.

Schepens regularly perform removals to Toulouse, which allows us to obtain bulk discounts from transport companies and fuel providers. We pass those discounts directly onto our clients, making us the one of the most cost-competitive international removals companies in the business.

Despite offering very affordable and cost-competitive European and international removals, we never compromise on service and every client receives the world-class removals service for which we are known.

This blog will provide some information about Toulouse, before talking about the European removals services that Schepens provide.

Schepens perform removals to and from all major areas of France including: ParisDordogne, Languedoc, Charente, Bordeaux, Limoges, Nice, Lyon, Brittany, The Alps, Perpignan, Montpellier, Normandy, MonacoMarseilles, Lille, Loire, Rouen, Nancy, Dijon, Nantes, Brest, Grenoble, BurgundyVersaillesValence, Toulon, Provence and many more.

Toulouse — A Beautiful City Full of Cultural Delights

People move to Toulouse for a number of reasons, but one major drawcard is the incredible cultural scene. The city is filled with historical sites, stunning architecture, amazing artworks, and some of the best restaurants in France — if you love food, you will love Toulouse!

The city is an economic hub for France. A variety of industries are prominent in Toulouse including information technology, biotechnology, electronics, banking and aeronautics. Many people move to Toulouse from the UK to work in one of these vibrant industries.

The Education System in Toulouse

If you are moving to Toulouse with your family, you may be interested in the quality of their education system. The French place a strong emphasis on education and fund their schools well. Children attend École maternelle (Nursery School) between 3-6 years of age, École primaire (Primary School) between 6-11 years of age, Collège (Junior High) between 11-15 years of age and Lycée (High school) between 15-18 years of age.

Some of the best school in Toulouse include:

Useful Resources For Moving to Toulouse

Here are some useful links for people moving to Toulouse from the UK.

Schepens Services — Removals to Toulouse

Schepens specialise in performing removals to Toulouse and many other parts of France. Our movers have performed hundreds of house removals in Toulouse and look forward to helping many more clients move to this wonderful capital city! We are a full-service removals company with much to offer including:

Professional Packing Service

Here at Schepens, we love to take the hassle out of moving for our clients. Our professional packing service involves skilled and highly experienced movers carefully packing your possessions for you. This service makes the removals process much simpler for clients and also gives you peace-of-mind that your valuable possessions are packed appropriately for the move to Toulouse. We only use high-quality packing materials to ensure the most fragile of items make it to their destination in one piece.

Customs Handling

Schepens use talented move coordinators to help clients through every stage of the removals process. These hand-picked staff members have performed dozens of removals to Toulouse and understand the logistics involved. They can deal with customs paperwork on your behalf, making the move to Toulouse even simpler!

Insurance Plans

Our move coordinators will also walk you through the many insurance plans on offer. We offer a range of insurance plans to suit different budgets and cargo types. All insurance plans come from reputable insurance providers. In the unlikely event of an accident, our move coordinators can also handle any insurance paperwork on your behalf.

Cargo Storage Services

If your destination point is not ready to receive your cargo, you can leave it at one of our storage depots. We have a number of depots located throughout Europe. All depots have a high level of security and are a cost-effective way to store your possessions.

Why Choose Schepens For Removals to Toulouse?

Schepens are the ideal choice for removals to Toulouse for a number of reasons:

  • Our movers are trained to British Association of Movers Standards (BAR)
    All work is performed efficiently, safely and to BAR standards. All packing materials are high-quality and contingency plans are in place.
  • Schepens Are a Family Owned Company With a 100-Year History
    Our company has built a strong reputation over the years. We have been helping clients move to Toulouse for many decades and have a detailed understanding of the logistics involved with the journey.
  • Move Coordinators to Make The Process Simple
    We use experienced move coordinators who can make the entire removals process simple!

If you would like to learn more about moving to Toulouse, contact us today on 02380 070071. We offer obligation-free quotes and free advice!