Removals to Sweden Made Easy

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Removals to Sweden Made Easy

Removals to Sweden Made Easy – Thanks to Schepens

Scandanavian countries regularly rank highly in the World Happiness Report published annually by the United Nations. Sweden is currently one the top ten happiest countries in the world and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful country is very aware of the needs of its citizens, and works hard to balance wellbeing, efficiency and a high performing economy.

At Schepens we’re aware of a spike in interest around moving to Sweden. Our clients tell us that they’re attracted by the country’s reputation for being environmentally conscious, and the vast opportunities for outdoor activities in unspoilt landscapes. The job prospects are good, too. The government has invested heavily in tech and major cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are successfully incubating innovative new businesses.


Stress Free UK to Sweden Removals

Whether your removals to Sweden are because you’re a student, or you’re planning to start a new life with your family, Schepens can help. For over a hundred years now, we’ve been working to simplify, de-stress and provide the support people need when moving abroad. You’ve probably seen the statistics about moving being one of the most stressful activities we engage in? Well Schepens exists to change that.

How do we do it?

  • Move Co-ordinators – whatever the size of your move, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Move Co-ordinator. They will help you to plan your move, and will project manage the process for you.
  • Tailor-Made Services – European removals are all about people, and every move is unique. We tailor our services to your needs, rather than expecting you to fit into a pre-existing standard package.
  • Accurate Removals Quotations – these are based on a detailed conversation with your Move Co-ordinator early on. We pride ourselves on producing accurate, transparent quotes, so you can budget effectively.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Schepens has a new depot located in Jönköping, ensuring that we’re perfectly placed to manage your move. We ship regularly to Sweden which means we can provide flexible scheduling to all our UK to Sweden removals clients.
  • Part Load Removals – if you’re on a tight budget, this might be an attractive option. Part load removals combine a number of small loads from multiple clients to fill a one of our fleet of removals vehicles, or a cargo container.

Storage Services Included in Your Removals

It’s rare that movers to Sweden take their entire household with them. Early on, Move Co-ordinators will have a conversation with clients about items they wish to store. Schepens can provide a door-to-door storage service. Containers are delivered, packed and removed to a fully managed storage facility. All facilities provide 24 hour security. 

Let Professional Packers Take the Strain

One of the most stressful aspects of moving tends to be the packing. Schepens’ professional packers are BAR trained to take the strain for you. This highly efficient, cost-effective service can be tailored to your needs. Our removals team can pack up your whole house, one particular area, or just be there to support you on the day your goods are shipped.

Schepens’ packing service includes:

  • Professional packing, using high grade packing materials.
  • Detailed labelling on every box – so you know where everything is.
  • Comprehensive inventory allowing you to keep track of every item.

Removals to Sweden Made Easy for Every Single Client

We’re a family run business and we care about every single one of our clients. Our European removals service is all about find out what will making our clients’ lives easier, and ensuring that’s what we provide. We have a great track record on UK to Sweden removals, and that’s the way we want to keep it.

Why not call us today on 01794 323558 and find out how we can support your move to Sweden?

Schepens currently perform international removals to all the major towns in Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Vasteras, Orebro, Linkoping, HelsingborgJonkoping, Norrkoping, Lund, Umeå, Gavle, Boras, Skara and Sodertalje.

With a new depot located in Jönköping we are perfectly positioned to help with the logistics of your move throughout Sweden

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