Removals to Sandefjord

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Removals to Sandefjord

Removals to Sandefjord

Sandefjord is a Norwegian city and the most populous municipality in Vestfold County, Norway. Boasting 150km of coastline, Sandefjord  has a rich and historical heritage. It’s a popular spot for expats who enjoy the traditional charm of this seaside town. It was also an important location for the Vikings, around 1,000 years ago. For history lovers there are numerous reminders of their presence in the form of monuments and artefacts.

Schepens have assisted many families moving to Sandefjord, especially over the past decade. We always enjoy hearing what this small Norwegian city has to offer from an expats’ perspective.


A Glorious Location

For those who are adventure seekers and have a passion for the outdoors, Sandefjord’s natural landscapes are paradise. And you don’t have to travel far from the city centre to enjoy them. Sandefjord is a relatively small county, but has three fjords the Sandefjordsfjord, the Mefjord and the Tønsbergfjord which combine to create 150 kilometers of stunning coastline.

Getting Around

Within a comfortable walking distance, there all numerous attractions in the city centre; although for some beaches and other venues public transport or a bike is recommended. It’s £8-13 to reach the city centre by bus and this journey will take approximately 15 minutes from Sandefjord Airport, Torp.

Eating Out

Expats really enjoy indulging in the local seafood, which is a Norwegian speciality. While in Sandefjord, try delicacies such as smoked salmon or Røkt, and dry-cured ‘gravlaks’, which literally translates as ‘buried salmon’. For a more advanced palette, moose reindeer, house and deer certainly provide an alternative and interesting choice. Local dish-favourites comprise kjøttkaker – which is  a ‘rougher’ version of Swedish meatballs, and Fårikål – a hearty mutton stew which is the national dish of Norway.


Sandefjord is home to an interesting range of galleries, sculptures and museums. The stand-out attraction is the whaling museum; which is Europes only venue dedicated to whaling and its history. The original museum building from 1917 features the animals and birds of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the full-sizes replica of a blue whale immediately catches the eye. The museum’s exhibitions and films are entertaining and educational for all ages; and there is a special activity room for children.  Sandefjord is home to an interesting array of galleries, sculptures

Anticipating a Move To Sandefjord? Schepens Can Help

We’re leading providers of European removals, and we move people to and from this charming Norwegian city on a regular basis. Because we ship so regularly to this part of the world, it means that we are able to offer flexible scheduling for your removals to Norway.

Your Removals to Sandefjord Are Unique

Moving from one country to another is always a unique experience, which is why we don’t offer ‘standard’ removals packages. Instead, we work with every client to formulate a tailored moving plan, based on their specific requirements.

We do this by offering a range of services, which comprise:

  • Packing. If you need help packing up your home in Norway, our BAR trained packers can help. They’ll also label your boxes, and create your shipping itinerary.
  • Insurance. Your goods will be insured during transit. We can also arrange cover for Accidental Damage and Extended Liability should you be looking for further peace of mind.
  • Non-Standard Goods. We’ve moved pianos, antiques and works of art from Norway to the UK for clients. Tell us what you want shipping, and we’ll arrange bespoke packaging and transport.
  • Self Storage. If you need to put furniture or domestic items in storage whilst you find a flat or a house in the UK, Schepens can help. We have secure, controlled local storage facilities.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.First

Class Customer Service If You’re Moving to Norway

Schepens has been helping families to move for over a century now, and our goal has always been to provide stress-free international removals. In order to deliver this, we train our removals teams to the highest industry standards. Our professional removals specialists are skilful at delivering a proactive support system, should problems arise. And we have a reputation for always being prepared to ‘go the extra mile’.

Planning removals to Sandefjord? Schepens are leading providers of Norway removals including all major towns and cities. Call our specialist team on 01794 323558