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Removals to Rostock

Rostock is a large city of more than 200,000 people, located in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is a historic city with wonderful architecture and a vibrant culture. Rostock is a very popular destination for migrants from the UK, because of its prosperous economy and high standard of living.

If you are moving to Rostock this year, use a professional European removals company like Schepens to make the process easier. We’ll take the stress out of your move, ensuring that your cargo is delivered to Rostock safely and efficiently.

We specialise in European moves to Rostock and have helped many clients move to this wonderful city. Our removals team understands the logistics involved when performing removals to Germany from the UK, ensuring the move it carried out correctly.

This article will take a closer look at the city of Rostock and explain why so many people are moving there. We will also share the reasons why Schepens is the best choice for removals to Rostock and other parts of Germany.

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Why move to Rostock from the UK?

Rostock is a bustling city with a lot going for it! The most common reasons why people move to Rostock from the UK include:

Rostock is a great place to find employment or start a business

The economy of Rostock is very successful. The city has many strong industries including shipbuilding manufacturing, information technology, medical engineering, tourism, and education. Some very large companies are located in the city, including Caterpillar Inc, IKEA, Nordic Yards Warnemünde (shipyard), and Schiffselektronik Rostock. It is the perfect place to build a career or launch a new enterprise.

Rostock is an affordable place to live

Despite Rostock being a prosperous city, the cost of living is quite low. Accommodation is affordable and consumer items are cheap. The food is delicious and you can eat well on a small budget.

There are plenty of things to do in Rostock

Rostock is packed with exciting activities and interesting places to visit. The most popular attractions include Warnemunde Beach, Alter Strom (a lovely walk along a canal with great shopping opportunities), and Zoo Rostock. There are many excellent restaurants, breweries, and cafes in the city also.

Rostock is a cultural hub

Rostock is an important location for German culture. The city is home to many arts and music festivals each year including the Ostsee-Jazz (“Baltic Sea Jazz”) festival and Hanse Sail festival. Many museums, art galleries and concert halls are also located throughout Rostock.

Rostock has many excellent schools

The quality of schools in Germany is well above the average for OECD countries. Rostock is no exception, with a variety of excellent public and private schools available.  Some of the best schools include:

Resources for moving to Rostock

Here are some helpful resources that will make your move to Rostock easier!

“I’ve just heard from Germany that your chaps have been and collected my stuff and are now on their way again. My uncle who is there and let them in, asked me to write and tell you that you have a fantastic team! They were very pleasant, efficient, hardworking, and took the greatest care in wrapping and loading. It was an impressive operation.” Best regards, Chris Leybourne, Gutersloh, Germany to Kendal UK.

Why use Schepens for removals to Rostock from UK? Removal Vehicle Removals to Rostock

Schepens is a leading European furniture removals company that specialises in removals to Germany from the UK. Our professional team makes moving to Rostock from the UK simple!  The main reasons to choose Schepens for Germany removals include:

100% free Rostock removals quotes

Prospective clients can obtain a 100% free quote from Schepens. Our details quotes are easy to understand and clearly explain the items included in our Rostock removals service. The total price listed on our quotes is all you will ever pay — there are no unexpected expenses when you choose Schepens.

Affordable removals to Germany from UK

Schepens is a large European removals company that operates in many countries around the world. The scale of our operation helps us to remain efficient and cut down on costs. All savings are passed onto our clients, making us a very affordable option for Germany removals.

All relocations to Rostock performed by trained specialists

Our removals are performed by workers trained to British Association of Removers standards. Our adherence to these standards ensures our Rostock removals are performed professionally.

We are a family owned company with great customer service

Schepens is one of the few family-owned companies performing furniture removals to Rostock. We are proud of the company that we have built and aim to provide excellent customer service.

Schepens regularly performs Rostock removals from the UK

Our team visits Rostock many times each year. The frequency of our German removals allows is to offer clients part load removals to Rostock — where multiple clients share a removals vehicle or cargo container. Using a part load removal can make your removal to Rostock even cheaper!

Schepens perform removals to and from all major towns, cities and areas of Germany including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, StuttgartCologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig and Hanover.

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