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Removals to Reims

Reims is a historic city located in the northeast of France. It is a beautiful metropolis with incredible architecture, a bustling economy, and rich culture. Reims is situated in a very stunning part of France and is only a short drive from Paris. It offers its residents a high standard of living and great lifestyle.

If you are moving to Reims in the coming year, use a professional UK to France removals company like Schepens. Our talented team has years of experience and enjoy making removals to Reims easy for our clients.

All of our furniture removals to France are managed by one of our talented move coordinators. They are highly trained professionals with the right skills to handle complex European removals. They will explain our removals process, answer any questions that you have, and provide useful advice.

This guide will look at some of the reasons why people are moving to Reims from the UK. We’ll also share some reasons for choosing Schepens for any removals to Reims and other parts of France.

Why are so many people moving to Reims from the UK?

Reims is a sophisticated city with a high standard of living. It attracts many UK expats for a variety of reasons, including:

It is a wonderful historic city

Reims is sometimes called the City of Kings, because it is home to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims — where many French kings were crowned. This ancient cathedral was built in the 12th-Century and is a truly wonderful sight. There are many other incredible buildings and historical sites in the city, including the Palais du Tau, Celliers Ruinart, and Square Des Cordeliers.

Reims has a strong economy

Reims has very strong tourist, primary production, and service industries. It also has a lower unemployment rate than most other cities in France. The high level of disposable income that tourists and the residents of Reims have makes it a great place to start a business.

Reims has a high standard of living

Reims benefits from excellent infrastructure, a high level of prosperity, and a low crime rate. Food, clothing and other consumer items are also very affordable and of high quality. Work/life balance is great and workers are well paid. 

The schools in Reims are excellent

The French education system is one of the best in the European Union. Educational outcomes are well above the OECD average and the curriculum is very well planned. There are many great schools in Reims including:

Useful resources for moving to Reims

These resources will help you plan your move to Reims:

A week on from our furniture delivery here in France we have finished unpacking! Everything arrived with no breakages or mishaps. Please pass on our special thanks to Baz and Perry who were simply superb. Kind regards Kit – Chandlers ford, Southampton, to the south of France

Why Choose Schepens For Furniture Removals to Reims?

Removal Truck Removals to Reims

Schepens regularly help clients move to Reims and other locations within France. Our mission is to provide clients with a simple removals process that is straightforward and stress-free. The main reasons to  choose us include:

Schepens delivers incredible customer service

Our company is focussed on providing the best customer service in the world to our clients. Each client is assigned a dedicated move coordinator at the start of the removals process. They will help you understand the removals process and answer your questions.

We are a family owned company with decades of experienced

Schepens is a 4th generation, family-owned company that was established more than 100 years ago. We have performed hundreds of removals to France over the years and know the journey well. Our team has the skills and knowledge necessary to make furniture removals to France simple!

Our removers are trained to a high standard

We are very particular about the removers we employ. Our company only employs removers who are friendly, hard-working, and skilled. They are also extremely well trained. We use the standards set out by the British Association of Removers to ensure all removers are professional in their dealings.

We offer a professional packing service

All removals to Reims can use our optional professional packing service. When you use this service, our experienced removers will pack all of your cargo for you. This doesn’t just save you time, it helps to ensure that your possessions are adequately protected for the journey to Reims. Schepens supplies all of the packing materials when you choose this service.

All France removals use vehicles from our modern fleet

Our furniture removals service to France use vehicles from our modern fleet. These vehicles are fitted with technologies that keep your cargo safe, including air ride suspension, an adjustable barring system, and security alarms.

Schepens perform removals to and from all major areas of France including: ParisDordogne, Languedoc, Charente, Bordeaux, Limoges, NiceBrittany, The Alps, Perpignan, Montpellier, Normandy, Marseilles, Lille, Loire, Rouen, Nancy, Dijon, Nantes, Brest, Grenoble, Burgundy, Valence, Toulon, Provence and many more.

If you need removals to Reims, contact Schepens! We have the expertise and local knowledge necessary to offer you a smooth and trouble-free move.  For more information, contact our highly experienced move coordinators today on 01794 323 558