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Removals to Perth

Perth is the fourth-most populous city in Australia, with a population of more than 2 million people. It is a vibrant city that is known for its modern design, strong economy, friendly people and entrepreneurial business sector. Perth attracts many migrants from the UK each year because of its incredible prosperity and exciting way of life!

If you are one of the lucky people moving from the UK to Perth this year, use a reputable removals company like Schepens. We are a family-owned business that was established more than 100 years ago. Since our inception, we have performed countless international removals to Australia and understand the logistics of the journey well.

Our Perth removals are managed by one of our skilled move coordinators. They are experienced staff members who have supervised many removals to Australia from the UK. Our move coordinators have the right combination of technical knowledge, people skills and experience to make removals to Perth easy — they really take the stress out of moving!

This article will take a look at the reasons why so many people are moving to Perth before explaining why Schepens is the best choice for removals to Perth from the UK.

Why Move to Perth?

Perth is one of the richest cities in Australia, with an economy that has been booming for the past 30 years. It is a very clean and modern city with a low crime rate, high standard for living and modern architectural style. The main reasons why so many people move to Perth from the UK are:

  • One of the world’s best health care systems
    Australia is widely recognised as having of the best health care systems in the world. It is heavily subsidised by the government and most medical procedures are very affordable or completely free. Perth has some of the best hospitals in the country.
  • Plenty of economic opportunities
    Perth is home to many startup companies and large businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in the city and many business owners move to Perth to take their business to the next level. It is a great place to find employment or start a new business.
  • Perth has a stunning natural environment
    The city is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. The Swan River winds its way through the city and there are dozens of green spaces to enjoy. There are some incredible beaches a short drive from the CBD.
  • Perth is a great place to raise a family
    With a stable economy, low unemployment rate, low pollution levels, great natural environment and low crime rate — Perth is one of the best cities in the world to raise a family.
  • Australia has a strong education system
    The Australian education system typically ranks above the UK for educational outcomes — usually in the top 5 of all OECD countries. Australia has particularly strong public schools compared to the UK. They ate well-funded from by the federal and state governments.

Going to school is compulsory in Perth for children between the ages of five and seventeen. Children can begin pre-school as young as three years of age.

Some of the best schools in Perth include:

“We wanted to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with Schepens from start to finish! Everyone has been so helpful, and certainly made the move less stressful.”

Online Resources For Moving to Perth

Here are some great resources to help you move to Perth!

Why Choose Schepens for Removals to Perth

Schepens has the right combination of experience, infrastructure, and qualifications to make removals to Perth from the UK easy! Here are the main reasons to choose Schepens:

Schepens are a business you can trust!
Schepens is a 4th-generation, family-owned business that was established more than 100-years ago. We are one of the most experienced international removals companies in the world and have performed many removals to Perth. Over the years, we have established a reputation for being honest, reliable, and most importantly — trustworthy.

The world’s best customer service
We provide our clients with an unbeatable level of customer service! All staff members treat clients with a great deal of compassion and respect.

Bespoke removals packages
We don’t believe in “cookie cutter” quotes — every client moving to Perth from the UK receives a careful crafted quote that only includes the services they require. There are no unnecessary extras in your quote, which helps you save money on your removal to Perth. All quotes are 100% free and 100% obligation-free.

Schepens offer very affordable removals to Perth
We are one of the largest international removals companies in the world and ship tons of cargo internationally each year. The significant amount of freight we handle allows us to obtain bulk discounts from suppliers. Those discounts are passed on to our clients, making us a very affordable international removals option.

We regularly perform removals to Perth from the UK
Our company often helps clients move to Perth from the UK. That allows us to offer clients a very flexible delivery schedule. It also means clients have the ability to book a part load removal to Perth. Part load removals involve multiple clients sharing the same shipping container or vehicle. It can help you save even more money on your removal to Perth.

Collection from any location
Schepens has a large international network and collect your cargo from any location. You can also take advantage of our professional packing service to completely box up your home and deliver your possessions to Perth.

All removals to Perth are highly secure
It is important that international removals be performed securely. Schepens has a strict policy for cargo security, with electronic and photographic tracking. All containers have security alarms and our staff members are security checked.

Our removers are trained to British Association of Removers standards
Removers handling Perth removals are all trained to British Association of Removers standards. Our adherence to these standards gives you the certainty that the removal will be carried out efficiently, safely, and professionally.

Specialised removals vehicles
Whenever a removal uses the road network we use one of our specialised removal vehicles. They are modern trucks fitted with air ride suspension and an adjustable bar system to reduce the risk of breakage during the journey to Perth. All vehicles are alarmed, fully insured, and only driven by trained professionals.

Our BAR trained team have helped people to move to all areas in Australia, including Sydney, MelbourneAdelaideBrisbane, Perth, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Darwin.

If you are going to move to Perth in the near future, choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.