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Removals to Lugano

Schepens Specialise in Performing Removals to Lugano

Lugano is a bustling city of more than 71,000 people. It is located in the canton of Ticino, southern Switzerland, which borders on Italy. Because of its proximity to Italy, Italian is the most commonly spoken language in the city. The city also has an interesting and exciting blend of Swiss and Italian culture.

Lugano is a beautiful city that is surrounded by the picturesque mountains of the Lugano Prealps. The city attracts many tourists and celebrities because of its idyllic setting, incredible food and rich culture. It also attracts many migrants each year, who often move to the area to find work, attend school or to enjoy the wonderful Swiss-Italian culture!

Schepens are an experienced international removals company who have helped many clients move to Lugano over the years. Our talented move coordinators and removers make the entire removals process simple and stress-free for our clients!

Because we are regularly performing removals to Lugano and are often shipping furniture from the UK to Switzerland, we obtain bulk discount on fuel purchases. We pass those discounts directly onto our consumers — making us one of the most affordable international removals companies servicing Switzerland.

This blog post will share some information about the wonderful city of Lugano before explaining why you should choose Schepens for Lugano removals!

Why Are So Many People Moving to Lugano?

Nicknamed the Monte Carlo of Switzerland, Lugano is a sophisticated city that attracts many of the world’s most famous celebrities and entertainers. It has a flourishing economy, rich culture, exciting nightlife, and a very high standard of living. The city has taken the best from both the Swiss and Italian cultures — creating a wonderful city that has become a very popular tourist destination. The main reasons why so many people move to Lugano include:

  • A flourishing economy
    The economy is Lugano is very strong, largely thanks to the prosperous tourism industry. There are more than 43 hotels in Lugano, accommodating almost 3,000 people. It is an excellent location for starting a business or finding employment. Because of its proximity to Italy, many citizens also cross the border for work.
  • There is a lot to do in Lugano
    There are many museums, art galleries, concert halls, parks and tourist attractions in the city. There are also some incredible restaurants in Lugano, which make it a popular destination with “foodies”. The architecture in the city is incredible and the high-quality public transport system makes it simple to see the sights!
  • Lugano is a truly beautiful part of the world!
    Lugano is surrounded by some of the most stunning natural sights anywhere in the world. Lake Lunago is one of the most popular destinations near the city — a 48 square kilometre lake that is shared by Italy and Switzerland. Boating, swimming, water skiing and rowing are all popular activities on the lake. Monte Generoso is also popular — a 1,704 high mountain overlooking the region.
  • Lugano has a great education system
    Like most other cities in Switzerland, the education system in Lugano is of a very high-standard. The Swiss have a very diverse education system, with different cantons and cities having different rules regarding compulsory school. Typically, a student must attend 1 to 3 years of kindergarten, 4 to 6 years of primarschule (primary school), 3 to 5 years of sekundarschule (secondary school), and 3 to 4 years of sekundarschule II. They will then have the option to go onto higher education or vocational training.

Some of the best schools in Lugano include:

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“Your team worked really hard and nothing was too much trouble, they kept smiling and in good spirits even when things were more tricky that first envisaged”.

Why Choose Schepens for Removals Lugano?

Schepens have been providing removals from the UK to Switzerland for many years and know Lugano well. Our company is experienced, reliable and professional — we will move your cargo to Lugano safely and efficiently. Other reasons to choose Schepens include:

  • Schepens regularly help clients move to Lugano
    Our company regularly shipping furniture from uk to switzerland. The frequency of our journeys to this part of the world means that we have exceptional local knowledge of Lugano. It also means that we can offer clients very flexible removals schedules.
  • Our removers are talented and well trained with removals to Lugano
    We use hand-picked removers with the talent, skills and personality to make removals to Lugano a pleasure for our clients. All removers are also trained to British Association of Removers standards. You can rest assured that our staff will move your possessions to Lugano safely and quickly.
  • Our company has a large global network
    We are a large international company that specialises in European removals. Over the years, we have developed a large network of storage depots and cargo packing facilities. We can move your cargo efficiently through our network, minimising third party involvement. This helps to keep your cargo safe.
  • All clients moving to Lugano have a dedicated move coordinator
    If you are shipping furniture from the UK to Switzerland with Schepens, you will be assigned a move coordinator. They are talented and experienced staff members who have helped many clients move to Lugano over the years. Your move coordinator will guide you through the entire removals process and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Schepens can help with customs and quarantine requirements for removals to Lugano
    Because we have performed so many removals to Switzerland from the UK, we have developed a deep understanding of the country’s customs and quarantine requirements. One of our move coordinators can explain what paperwork is required and even help you fill it in!
  • Shared and exclusive use containers available
    Schepens work with clients of all shapes and sizes — from large companies through to individuals moving a couple of boxes! We can accommodate any amount of cargo. Clients have the option of hiring exclusive use or shared containers.

We provide removal and relocation services to all regions of Switzerland, including:

Geneva, Basel, LuganoLausanne, Interlaken, Winterthur, St. GallenLucerne, Zurich, NeuchatelBerne and all of the Swiss ski resorts.

If you are going to move to Lugano in the near future, choose an experienced European removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.