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Removals to Liege

Liège is a culturally and historically rich city located on the Meuse River in eastern Belgium. This city is well known for its beautiful architecture, world-class art galleries, incredible restaurants and friendly citizens. Liège is well-located, with strong transit links to the major cities of the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Liège is an attractive destination for migrants because of its idyllic way of life, high standard of living, and its strong economy. If you are moving to Liège this year, make the process easier by hiring a professional and experience international removals company like Schepens! We have been in operation for more than 100-years and have performed countless removals to Belgium.

This blog post will take a closer look at why Liège is such a popular city before explaining why Schepens is the perfect choice for removals to Liège.

Why are so many people moving to the Liège?

Liège is a popular destination for many reasons including:

  • It is a culturally and historically rich city
    Liège was the birthplace of many notable historical figures including Emperor Charlemagne and the writer Georges Simenon. It is an important crossroads that links Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne. It is heavily influenced by these cities, giving Liège an exciting and vibrant culture.
  • Excellent transit links
    It is very easy to commute from Liège to Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Maastricht, and many other major cities. Its central location is excellent for people interested in exploring the rest of Europe.
  • Employment opportunities
    Liège is a busy city with a prosperous and diverse economy. It is an excellent location to find employment. Many citizens also commute to nearby cities for work. Some of the most active industries in the Liège region include mining, steel production, food production, wine making, beer making, biotechnology, and information technology.
  • Liège has a high standard of living
    The citizens of Liège enjoy a low unemployment rate, high wages, affordable housing, high-quality food, excellent public transport, and a quality healthcare system. The city has an exciting cafe scene, and there are plenty of events on throughout the year.
  • A high-quality education system
    Liège has many high-quality primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. The academic results of students attending primary or secondary school in Belgium rank above the OECD average, which makes the city an attractive designation for families with children. Schools in Belgium are divided into three groups:
  • Subsidised public schools
    organised by provinces and municipalities
  • Schools owned by communities
    Flemish, French or German-speaking
  • Subsidised free schools
    typically owned by religious groups

The stages of education consist of:

  • Basic education
    Consisting of Preschool education up to 6 years of age
  • Primary school
    6–12 years
  • Secondary education
    12–18 years
  • Higher education
    University or Polytechnic/Vocational university

Some of the best schools in Liège include:

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“We wanted to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with Schepens from start to finish! Everyone has been so helpful, and certainly made the move less stressful.”

Why Choose Schepens for Removals to Liège

Schepens have the experience, local knowledge, and skills necessary to make European removals simple! The main reasons to choose Schepens for removals to Liège include:

  • Schepens are a company you can trust
    We are a4th-generation, family owned company was has been in operation for more than 100 years. Since our inception, we have built a reputation for being reliable, honest and professional. We specialise in performing European removals and have performed countless removals to Liège.
  • A strong focus on customer service
    Schepens place a strong emphasis on customer service. We treat all clients with great respect, care, and compassion. We will do our best to make your move to Liège simple and stress-free.
  • Customised removals packages
    We can create a custom-designed removal package to suit your requirements. Our talented European removers can handle jobs of any size, and we can combine different services to make your move to Liège easy.
  • Collection from anywhere in the UK or worldwide
    We can collect your belongings from your home in the UK or any other location around the world. Once your destination in Liège is ready to accept the cargo we can complete the move.
  • Dedicated or shared loads
    Removals to Liège can be performed as dedicated or shared loads. If you are shipping overseas, dedicated or shared shipping containers are also available.
  • Highly secure removals processes
    Our European removals process has been carefully designed to ensure cargo remains secure. We use electronic and photographic inventories to keep track of your valuable possessions, removal trucks are alarmed, and our storage facilities are very secure.
  • Schepens regularly perform removals to Liège
    Our company is regularly performing removals to Belgium and often help clients move to Liège. We know the city well, which helps us to move your possessions efficiently and safely.
  • Our rates are very affordable!
    We are one of the largest European removal firms operating from the UK. The large volumes of cargo we move to Belgium allows us to obtain discounts from fuel providers and third party suppliers. We pass those discounts on to our clients, making us one of the most affordable European removals companies.
  • Staff trained to British Association of Removers standards
    All staff members performing removals to Liège are security checked, uniformed, and trained to British Association of Removers standards.
  • Brilliant move coordinators
    All removals to Belgium are supervised by one of superstar move coordinators. They are very experienced removers who know the logistics of removals to Liège intimately. They will explain the removals process and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Specialised removals trucks
    Removals to and from Belgium are performed using our fleet of specialised removals vehicles. They are equipped with air ride suspension and an adjustable barring system to reduce the risk of breakage during the journey. They are driven by trained professionals and are fitted with security alarms.
  • Professional packing service
    Schepens offer a professional packing service, where our experienced removers will pack up your entire house. This service will help you move faster and reduce the risk of breakage during the journey.
  • A range of insurance options
    All clients moving to Liège are offered a range of insurance options, designed to suit any budget and cargo.
  • Storage facilities
    If your new home is not ready to receive your cargo, you can place it in one of our highly secure storage facilities. Our rates are very affordable!

We provide a professional removals service to/from Belgium

Schepens run removals to and from all major towns, cities and areas of Belgium including: — Antwerp, Ghent, Charleloi, Liege, Brussels, Bruges, Schaerbeek, WalloniaNamur, Anderlecht and Leuven.

If you are going to move to Liège or another part of Belgium this year, choose an experienced European removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.