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Removals to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean nation of almost 3 million people. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and world-class music scene. However, it also has a rapidly growing economy and the world’s friendliest people. It is no wonder that Jamaica has become a very popular destination for migrants from the UK!

If you are moving to Jamaica from the UK in the coming months, use a company that specialises in removals to Jamaica like Schepens. Our company has helped countless clients moving to Jamaica and know the journey well.

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All removals to Jamaica are performed by talented and friendly removers trained to a very high standard. This ensures that your move is performed safely and efficiently. We also use dedicated move coordinators for all international removals to answer your questions and oversee the removals process.

This guide will take a closer look at the reasons why so many people are relocating to Jamaica. We’ll also share some useful resources and explain why Schepens is the best choice when moving to Jamaica from UK.

Why are people relocating to Jamaica from the UK?

Jamaica is certainly different to the UK! It is a sunny and warm country with a very relaxed vibe. The most common reasons why people are moving to this beautiful nation include:

Jamaica has a rich culture

Despite being a small nation, Jamaica has made a significant global cultural impact. Multiple musical genres originated in Jamaica, including ska, reggae, dub, and ragga. It was the birthplace of many musical legends including Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy Cliff, and Grace Jones. Jamaica has also made a large international impact in literary, sporting, food, and film culture.

Jamaica has a growing economy

Jamaica is one of the most successful islands in the Caribbean. It is a mixed economy consisting of both government-owned and private businesses. The largest sectors include tourism, finance, manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. The government has gradually modernised the economy over the past few decades and is very welcoming of foreign investment. You will find it easy to start a new business in Jamaica or find a new job.

Jamaica is beautiful

There is a reason why so many wonderful songs have been written about Jamaica. It is a beautiful country, with lush forests, golden sandy beaches, and crystal clear water. The climate is incredible, with many sunny days each year and mild winters. Jamaica’s wonderful environment explains its strong sporting culture. You will have many outdoor activities to enjoy including fishing, boating, hiking, surfing, and mountain biking.

Jamaica has a strong education system

Jamaican has one of the strongest education systems in the region, thanks to a significant investment of capital by the federal government. Children attend 6 years of free primary school followed by a minimum of 5 years of high school. Some of the best schools in Jamaica include:

Helpful resources for moving to Jamaica

These guides will help you move to Jamaica!Removals to Jamaica

Why choose Schepens for removals to Jamaica?

Schepens is a experiences international removals companies. When often help people moving to Jamaica from UK and enjoy visiting this stunning nation. The main reasons to choose Schepens when relocating to Jamaica include:

We provide affordable Jamaica removals

The large size of our company helps us obtain discounts from suppliers, enabling us to provide customers with very affordable Jamaica removals. Despite being one of the cheapest companies for international removals, we never compromise on the quality of our removals service.

All removals to Jamaica managed by a dedicated move coordinator

Clients are assigned a dedicated move coordinator at the start of the removals process. They will help you throughout the move, answering your questions and helping you understand the services that are available. When the removal is being performed, they will be available to provide you with updates. Your move coordinator can even help you complete the customs paperwork required for brining cargo into Jamaica. It’s their job to take the stress out of moving to Jamaica and they are very good at it!

Schepens is a family-owned company with an excellent reputation

Our 4th-generation family-owned company has been performing removals for over 100 years. During this time, we have built a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and safety. Why risk your cargo with a new company when you can choose Schepens?

100% free quotes for all Jamaica removals

Our company provides all prospective clients with 100% free quotes for international removals to Jamaica. Our quotes clearly lay out all of the essential information including the cargo itinerary, cargo insurance plan, pickup date, delivery window, and total price. Our quoted prices are final — unlike other companies, we don’t charge our customers unexpected fees.

Regularly helping clients moving to Jamaica from UK

Schepens often performs removals to Jamaica and knows the country well. The frequency of our removals to this part of the world improves the reliability and efficiency of our service.

We perform removals to all parts of Jamaica

Schepens specialise in removals to all major towns and cities in the Jamaica, including: Rio Bueno, Lucea, Baptist, Osborne Store, Portmore, Hayes, Kingston and Linstead.

If you require removals to Jamaica, Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558! Our friendly staff members are waiting for your call!