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Guimarães is a beautiful city and municipality located in northern Portugal. This city is famous for its historic town centre, which is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Guimarães attracts hundreds of migrants from the UK each year, drawn to the area by its incredible history, culture, and a strong economy.

If you are moving to Guimarães this year, use a professional European removals company like Schepens. We will make the entire removals process simple! 

Our team regularly performs removals to Guimarães and we know the area well. Each removal is carried out by talented removers who have been trained to the standards set out by the British Association of Removers — the leading professional standard for removers. Our adherence to these standards ensures that your removal will be carried out safely and efficiently.

This guide will take a closer look at Guimarães and explain why so many people are moving to this beautiful city. We’ll also explain why Schepens is the best choice for furniture removals to Guimarães.

Why does Guimarães attract so many migrants from the UK?

Guimarães is an incredible place to live! The main reasons why so many people are moving to Guimarães from the UK include:

Guimarães has a strong economy

Guimarães is located in the Ave Subregion, which is one of the most industrialised parts of the country. There are many business and employment opportunities in this region, which makes it a great place to move to if you need work. The largest industries include textiles, metalworking, manufacturing, and shoemaking.

Guimarães has an incredible history

The history of Guimarães dates back thousands of years, with humans settling in the area during the late Chalcolithic period. The city played an important part in many historical events that helped to shape Portugal’s national identity and many famous historical identities were born in the city. There are dozens of amazing historical sites and museums to visit around the city including the Toural square, Paco dos Duques de Braganca, Centro Historico de Guimaraes, and Guimaraes Castle.

Guimarães has a stunning natural environment

The Guimarães municipality is one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal. The geography is varied, with many rocky outcrops and lush forests to explore. Many Guimarães residents spend a lot of time hiking and enjoying the local environment. 

The lifestyle is relaxed

The residents of Guimarães really know how to unwind. The city is packed full of excellent bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes. The quality of the food is incredible. There are also many cultural events throughout the year, so there is always something to do.

Living in Guimarães is affordable

The cost of living in Guimarães is lower than many other parts of Portugal. Clothing, accommodation, and food are all quite cheap and of very high quality.

Guimarães has excellent schools

Successive Portuguese governments have placed an emphasis on improving the country’s education system over the past few decades. As a result, schools in Portugal now deliver educational outcomes. They are above the OECD average for both science and maths.

Useful Resources For Moving to Guimarães

The following resources will help you plan your move to Guimarães:

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for what you and your team(s) did with regard to our move! No-one could have done a better job I’m sure and I would heartily recommend you to all.”

Why use Schepens for furniture removals to Guimarães? Removal Vans - Removals to Guimaraes

Schepens is a very experienced European removals company. We have performed hundreds of Portugal removals and look forward to helping you! The main reasons to choose Schepens for Guimarães removals include:

Schepens is a family owned company you can trust

Our 4th generation, family-owned company was established over 100 years ago. Over the years, we have performed countless removals to Portugal from UK. We have also established a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. You know your removal is being performed by experienced professionals when you choose Schepens.

Regularly performing removals to Guimarães

Our team regularly performs furniture removals to Guimarães. This means we know the city well and can provide an efficient removals service. It also means we can offer clients flexible delivery schedules and part load removals to Guimarães.

All removals to Portugal from UK use trained removers

Our European removals are performed by removers trained to the strict standards set out by the British Association of Removers. Our adherence to these standards ensures our Guimarães removals will be performed professionally.

Furniture removals to Guimarães managed by skilled move coordinators

We employed talented move coordinators to manage all furniture removals to Guimarães. They will help you throughout the removals process, ensuring you understand the delivery schedule and answering any questions that you have.

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