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Removals to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a bustling city of more than 700,000 people located in the south-west of Germany. It is a prosperous metropolis with one of the strongest economies in the country. Frankfurt is also known for its incredible culture and arts scene, delicious food, friendly people and its diverse multicultural population.

If you are moving to Frankfurt this year, you are in for a treat! It really is an incredible city and the perfect place to find employment, attend university, or raise a family. 

If you want to make the removals process as simple as possible, choose an experienced European removals company like Schepens. Our family owned company has been performing removals to Frankfurt for many decades and know the city well. 

All removals are performed by talented removers trained to British Association of Removers (BAR) standards. Our adherence to these standards ensures that your cargo is moved safely and efficiently. Our furniture removals to Frankfurt are managed by move coordinators who have performed countless Germany removals over the years. They will ensure the removal goes off without a hitch and answer any questions that you may have!

In this article, we will take a closer look at Frankfurt and explain why so many people are moving to Frankfurt from the UK. We’ll also explain why Schepens is the best choice for Frankfurt removals. Let’s get started!

Why move to Frankfurt from the UK?

Frankfurt has become one of the most popular destinations for people moving from the UK to Germany. The main reasons why so many people are drawn to Frankfurt include:

Frankfurt has an incredibly successful economy

Frankfurt is a very important international financial centre and is home to many large financial institutions. That includes the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, Deutsche Bank, and Commerzbank. It is also the location of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

There are many strong industries in Frankfurt, including manufacturing, aviation, professional services, advertising, food production, construction, and information technology.  Frankfurt is the perfect place to find work or start a new business.

The cost of living is reasonable in Frankfurt

Living in Frankfurt is surprisingly affordable. The government has done a great job of managing the growth of the city, so you can find affordable housing that is well connected to the CBD via public transport. Food and other consumer items are affordable thanks to the city’s location and excellent transit links.

Frankfurt has a rich and varied culture

Frankfurt is absolutely packed with museums, art galleries, and concert halls. Some of the best include Deutsches Architekturmuseum (German Architecture Museum), Deutsches Filmmuseum (German Film Museum), Frankfurter Ikonenmuseum (Icon Museum Frankfurt), Liebieghaus (Museum of Municipal Sculptures), Oper Frankfurt, and Schauspiel Frankfurt.

It is also an exciting city if you like contemporary music. There are dozens of nightclubs and music venues located around the city. Frankfurt is also the location of many music and cultural festivals each year.

Frankfurt has an interesting history

Frankfurt has been the site of many important historical events over the years. Many important historical buildings are still standing and you can spend many weeks visiting them all.

Frankfurt is well located and has excellent transit links

Frankfurt is only a short drive or train ride away from Brussels, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria, Czechia, and Italy. Because Frankfurt is a major industrial centre, it has a large airport, well-developed rail networks, and excellent roads. That makes it the perfect place for exploring Europe.

The schools in Frankfurt

Successive German governments have placed a strong emphasis on improving the country’s education system. They have done so by improving funding for schools and universities.  Germany already has a strong academic tradition and continues to improve. 

Children can begin school at a very young age in Frankfurt and can begin preschool at two years of age. Primary school starts at six when students attend Grundschule (primary school).  Afterwards, they will spend four years at Grundschule, then choose from four different educational streams: 

  • Hauptschule
    This stream focusses on vocational and practical skills. It is ideal for children who want to be a mechanic, boiler maker, or carpenter.
  • Gymnasium
    This stream is designed for children who want to go to university.
  • Realschule
    Realschule combines some aspects of Hauptschule and Gymnasium — providing students with an all round education.
  • Gesamtschule
    This stream is a blend of the other three streams.

Some of the best schools in Frankfurt include:

Useful resources for moving to Frankfurt

Here are some resources that will make your move to Frankfurt easier!

“I’ve just heard from Germany that your chaps have been and collected my stuff and are now on their way again. My uncle who is there and let them in, asked me to write and tell you that you have a fantastic team! They were very pleasant, efficient, hardworking, and took the greatest care in wrapping and loading. It was an impressive operation.” Best regards, Chris Leybourne, Gutersloh, Germany to Kendal UK.

Why use Schepens for removals to Germany from the UK?

Removal Vehicle Removals to Frankfurt

Schepens is one of the largest European removals companies in the world. We have established ourselves as the leading provider of furniture removals to Frankfurt. Here are some more reasons for choosing Schepens for Germany removals:

We provide affordable and reliable furniture removals to Frankfurt

Because Schepens is such a large company, we can achieve excellent operational efficiencies. We can also negotiate great deals with our suppliers, which leads to more cost savings. Our company passes the savings we achieve directly onto our clients, making us one of the most affordable providers of Frankfurt removals. Despite being cheap, we never make any compromises when it comes to the quality of our removals service.

Schepens is a 4th generation family owned company

Our family owned company was established over 100 years ago. We attribute our long-term success to the amazing customer service that we provide. Every client is treated like a member of the Schepens family, with an incredible level of respect and appreciation. 

100% free quotes for all furniture removals to Frankfurt

All prospective clients having a removal to Frankfurt performed will receive a 100% and completely obligation-free quote for our services. This detailed quote will contain all of the information you require, including details of the cargo being moved, the insurance plan being used, and the delivery window. It will also include the final price — unlike some other European removals companies, the price listed on our quotes is all you will ever pay.

We regularly perform Frankfurt removals

Our team visits Frankfurt on a regular basis, helping many clients move there each year. The frequency of our removals to Frankfurt has helped us establish excellent local knowledge — improving the safety and efficiency of our removals. Because we help so many clients move Frankfurt, we can offer clients part load removals. If you use a part load removal, you will share a cargo container or removals truck with another client. It is a great way to make removals UK to Germany more affordable.

Schepens perform removals to and from all major towns, cities and areas of Germany including: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, StuttgartCologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig and Hanover.

If you require removals UK to Germany, Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558! Our friendly staff members are waiting for your call!