Removals to Europe

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Removals to Europe

Schepens is a leading international removals company that specialises in performing removals to Europe

We are a family-owned business with more than 100-years experience at providing European removals and place a strong emphasis on customer service to ensure that all clients enjoy a simple and stress-free move

 Our European removals service can be customised to precisely meet your needs

With our friendly move co-ordinators working with you every step of the way. Schepens can make moving to Europe simple and easy!

We perform regular scheduled removals to all major destinations in Europe including: France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Finland.

Useful advice if you are thinking of living abroad

Our European removals service includes optional:

  • Packing services for a European move
    Our experienced staff can pack your belongings appropriately to ensure they are well-prepared for the long journey. We used very durable packing boxes and packing materials to ensure your precious belongings make it to the destination country in pristine condition. Because our staff are regularly performing European removals, they understand the conditions during the journey and will pack your belonging appropriately.
  • European customs handling
    Schepens are very familiar with the customs arrangements, import regulations and import duties in every country throughout Europe. We can help you organise any paperwork involved to ensure a smooth and trouble-free move.
  • Insurance and Extended Liability Cover
    All removals to Europe include insurance on your possessions. All vehicles and staff are also fully-insured. Extended liability cover is available on all European removals to handle any accidents that injure third parties.
  • European Exclusive or Shared Loads

    Because Schepens performs regular scheduled removals to Europe, we offer the option of exclusive or shared loads. Exclusive loads allocate a dedicated vehicle to meet your requirements while shared loads involve the items from multiple clients being shipped together.
  • European Storage Services

    If your destination location is not prepared for the arrival of your delivery, we can store your possessions at one of our bases throughout Europe. We use multiple depots and storage facilities throughout Europe to provide more flexible delivery options.

We have highly-experienced staff who are trained to British Association of Removers (BAR) standards.  We adhere to the BAR code of practice which includes a high standard of customer service, high-quality packing materials, high-quality vehicles, well trained staff and detailed contingency plans.  Our movers have performed hundreds of European removals and understand the complex logistics involved.

Why Use Schepens for removals to Europe?

Due to the length of the journey and the number of transit countries involved, moving to Europe can involve some complex logistics.  If you attempt to move your own possessions, you may run into a number of potential issues including: issues with customs in foreign countries, vehicle failure, breakage from poorly packed items or an accident in an unfamiliar location.

As a professional removals company we address these concerns by:

  • Having years of experience in European removals
    Schepens are very familiar with the logistics involved when moving to Europe.  We know the best routes to take, the best time of day to perform the trip and precisely how long the journey will take.  Schepens have regular delivery schedules to many European countries so you can plan your move and be certain your items will arrive at the destination on time.
  • Being familiar with rules and regulations of transit countries
    We have been providing removals to Europe for decades and have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations involved with transit countries in Europe.
  • Having a fleet of modern, specialised removals vehicles for all European destinations
    Schepens use a fleet of modern removals vehicles that are designed to safely carry large loads for long distances.  All vehicles use air-ride suspension and adjustable load bearings to reduce the risk of breakage during the journey.
  • Provision of extremely durable packing materials for the delivery to your European destination
    We use very durable packing materials for all removals to Europe to reduce the risk of breakage.  Our highly-trained staff can professional pack your belongings to ensure they safely make it to your destination.

If you would like to discuss our European removals services, please contact our friendly staff on 01794 323558 today!