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Removals to Braga

 Braga is a stunning city and municipality located in the northwest of Portugal. It is situated in a beautiful part of the world with a pristine natural environment. Braga is known for its wonderful historical buildings, vibrant culture, delicious food and friendly people.

If you intend to move to Braga this year, use an experienced European removals company like Schepens. Our highly trained team has been performing removals to Portugal for decades and know the logistics of the journey well.

All furniture removals to Braga are performed under the watchful eye of a talented move coordinator. They are experienced removers who have been orchestrating removals to Braga for many years. They know the country well, which helps them perform your removal safely and efficiently!

This guide will take a closer look at Braga and explain why so many people are moving to this exciting city. We’ll also explain why Schepens is the best choice for European removals to Braga and other parts of Portugal.

Why does Braga attract so many migrants from the UK?

Braga is a beautiful city with a high standard of living and exciting culture. The main reasons why so many people are moving to Braga from the UK include:

Braga has a rapidly growing economy

Braga has a modern economy that has grown quickly in the past few decades. The major industries in the region include construction, mechanics, metallurgy, software development, transportation, tourism, and professional services. The unemployment rate is lower than the rest of the country, which makes it an ideal location for finding work.

Braga has an interesting history

Humans first settled in Braga thousands of years ago, in the Megalithic era. Its location has made it a popular location for many different civilisations since then, including Celtic tribes, the Bracari people, and the Roman empire. Many historic buildings from these periods are still standing in Braga and there are many ancient ruins around the city. 

The weather is beautiful!

Braga has a Mediterranean climate that is warm in summer and mild in winter. It is much more hospitable than most parts of the UK. This lovely weather allows people to spend more time outdoors, exploring the pristine natural environment around the city.

The lifestyle is relaxed

Portugal is known for having a relaxed lifestyle with residents taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. That is very true of Braga, with its citizens enjoying an excellent work/life balance. People in Braga love spending time in the many excellent cafes, bars, and restaurants around the city. It is a really social place with a relaxed vibe.

Braga is an affordable place to live

Living in Portugal is much more affordable than the UK. Food, clothing, and consumer items are all cheap. Rents are also affordable and you can buy a home for a reasonable price.

Braga has a great education system

Portugal has a very strong education system, thanks to funding increases by the government over the past few decades. The government intends to continue developing their education system and places a strong emphasis on attracting talented teachers to schools. Students attending school in Portugal progress through three levels:

  • Primary school 1º Ciclo  (1st cycle)
    This stage is for children between the age of six and 10. The topics covered include languages, maths, art, physical education, and environmental studies. 
  • Primary school 2º Ciclo (2nd Cycle)
    This stage runs for two years.  It includes more advanced subjects including advanced mathematics, languages (including English), natural sciences and the arts.
  • Primary school 3º Ciclo (3rd Cycle)
    The next stage of primary school runs for 3 years. Subjects like languages, maths, and science continue. Some optional topics are added, including natural sciences, physics and chemistry, history and geography.
  • Secondary education
    Finally, students will attend 3 years of secondary school. The electives available at this stage include computing, marketing, construction, and electronics.

Useful Resources For Moving to Braga

The following sources of information will help you organise your move to Braga:

“just like to thank you for an excellent service provided. Very professional and friendly staff both ends. will absolutely recommend you. Kind regards” Lil Wergilis – Velez de Benaudalla

Why use Schepens for furniture removals to Braga? Removal Lorry Removals to Braga

Schepens is a family owned European removals company that was established more than 100 years ago. We specialise in Braga removals and love visiting this stunning city. The main reasons to choose Schepens for furniture removals to Braga include:

All Portugal removals from the UK use trained staff members

Schepens employs talented removers who are trained to the standards set out by the British Association of Removers (BAR). These standards cover everything from how cargo should be packed to the contingency plans that are in place during the removal. Our removers are also security checked and fully insured. Using professional removers helps us deliver a European furniture removals service that is reliable and efficient. 

Furniture removals to Braga use specialised removals vehicles

We perform the road component of furniture removals to Braga using modern removals trucks. They are specialised vehicles that are designed to safely carry cargo over long distances. All vehicles feature air ride suspension, an adjustable barring system, and security alarms to keep your cargo safe. 

Affordable Portugal removals from the UK

Schepens is a large European removals company that services many countries across the continent. The large scale of our operation helps us perform removals to Portugal very efficiently. This makes our Braga removals very affordable.

Customs handling on furniture removals to Braga

All clients are assigned a move coordinator at the start of the removals process. They will provide useful advice and answer any questions that you may have. Your move coordinator can also help you complete any customs paperwork that is required for entry into Portugal.

We offer clients a variety of insurance plans to choose from

All clients moving to Braga are offered a variety of cargo insurance options. They are provided by reputable insurance companies and designed to handle removals of any budget.

Schepens organise removals to and from the major towns, cities, and areas in Portugal, including: Albufeira, Algarve, Almada, Amadora, Amora, Aveiro, The Azores, Barreiro, Beja, Braganca, Carvoeiro, Cascais, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Estoril, Evora, Faro, Fatima, Guarda, Guimarães, Lagos, Leiria, Lisbon, Madeira, Obidos, Parede, Portalegre, Porto, Santarem, Setubal, Sintra, Tomar, Valença Do Minho, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova De Mil Fontes, Vila Real and Viseu.

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