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Removals to Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for migrants from the UK — and it is easy to see why! It is a large country with beautiful beaches, friendly people, an idyllic way of life, and one of the strongest economies in the world.

If you are moving to Australia this year, choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens. We have been performing removals to Australia for decades and have helped hundreds of clients move to this fantastic country.

Our removals service is efficient, safe, professional and affordable. All removals are supervised by one of our talented move coordinators. They will help you understand the removals process and offer useful advice on choosing a delivery schedule, picking an insurance plan, and much more. While the delivery is being carried out, they will constantly be available to provide you with updates on the status of your cargo.

This blog post will take a look at the reasons why so many people are moving to Australia from the UK. Then, we will take a look at the reasons why Schepens is the best choice for removals to Australia.

Why are so many people moving to Australia?

Australia is a successful modern democracy with the lot going for it. The most common reasons why people move to Australia from the United Kingdom include:

  • Australia is a very prosperous country
    Australia is one of the few countries to make it through the global financial crisis without going into recession. The economy continues to be one of the strongest in the world, with a high level of economic freedom, robust banking sector, low unemployment rate, high GDP per capita and many strong export industries. It is the perfect location to start a business or find employment.
  • It is a beautiful country
    Australia is one of the sunniest countries on the planet. Combine that with the stunning beaches and pristine natural environment, and you have a perfect location for enjoying outdoor activities. Australians love the great outdoors and spend a lot of time in the wilderness or at their local beach. The natural flora and fauna in Australia is also very diverse, thanks to the country’s isolation.
  • Australia is welcoming of immigrants
    Australia is an immigrant nation which has accepted large numbers of Irish, English, Chinese, Scottish, Lebanese, Italian, German, American, Indian, Greek, and French people. It is widely considered to be one of the most successful multicultural nations on the planet. Immigrants are always made to feel welcome and the egalitarian nature of Australia means new arrivals are given many opportunities to succeed.
  • The way of life is idyllic
    Australians work hard, but they also enjoy their leisure time — they really know how to have a good time. The work/life balance is excellent in Australia and there are plenty of activities to enjoy during your leisure time. Aside from the many outdoor activities that Australians enjoy, there is a real passion for culture and the arts in Australia. You can enjoy some world-class music, art, and theatre at one of the many beautiful arts venues. Thanks to the multicultural nature of Australia and the quality of its produce, the food is outstanding and there are many world-class restaurants.
  • One of the best education systems in the OECD
    Australia usually ranks in the top 5 of OECD countries for educational outcomes. The results of Australian students is particularly strong for science and mathematics. These excellent results have occurred because the state and federal governments are committed to funding the education system well.

Australia developed a new national curriculum in 2012, which is currently being rolled out to schools. There public and private schools are both quite strong, with limited disparity. Children must attend school between the ages of five and fifteen to seventeen (depending upon the state or territory). Children can enrol in Kindergarten from as young as 4-years of age. Children then begin primary school at 5 or 6 and secondary school at 12 or 13.

Some of the best schools in Australia include

“The lads who moved us on 1st May were fantastic and such hard workers. We all got on really well which made the move that much easier. Our thanks go to all of you for helping us through our move; nothing was too much trouble for the boys.”

Useful Resources For Moving to Australia

Here are some useful online resources for moving to Australia!

Why Choose Schepens for UK Removals to Australia

There are many reasons why Schepens is the perfect choice for removals for Australia including:

  • We have been helping clients move to Australia for years
    Our family-owned company has been performing removals to Australia for decades and has helped hundreds of clients move to this part of the world. The Schepens removers are very familiar with the logistics of this journey and know Australia well.
  • Schepens often performs removals to Australia
    Our company is a popular choice for removals to Australia and we regularly move cargo to this country. This allows us to offer clients very flexible delivery schedules. It also means we can offer clients part-load removals to Australia, where the cargo of multiple clients is moved in the same container. This option can help you save a great deal of money and is perfect for smaller deliveries.
  • Skilled staff trained to British Association of Removers standards
    We are so proud of our removers! They are professional, efficient, hard-working, polite, friendly, and trained to British Association of Removers standards. You will love meeting our staff members during your move to Australia!
  • Move coordinators to help your removal run smoothly
    We employ move coordinators to make sure clients are well informed about the removals process. They will help you understand all aspects of the removal to Australia and answer any questions that you may have. They can even help you with any customs or quarantine paperwork you are required to fill in!
  • Schepens offer both shared and exclusive use containers
    We can accommodate removals of any size — from a couple of boxes through to an entire office building. Clients have the option of choosing a shared or exclusive use container for their move to Australia. The shared option is significantly cheaper, but it requires clients to have a flexible delivery schedule. Exclusive use containers give you complete control over when your cargo is delivered.
  • Security and protection
    Here at Schepens, we take security very seriously! All cargo is closely monitored with electronic tracking and security surveillance. All removers are security checked and vehicles are fitted with security alarms.

Our BAR trained team have helped people to move to many parts of in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, AdelaideBrisbane, Perth, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Darwin.

If you are going to move to Australia this year, choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens! Contact us today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.