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removals to Auckland from UK

Auckland is a very popular destination for migrants from the UK for a number of reasons. It has a bustling economy, friendly populace, exciting culture and is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

If you are moving to Auckland this year, you should use a professional international removals company like Schepens. We perform many removals to Auckland from the UK each year and have decades of experience. Our talented staff can make complex international removals seem simple, thanks to their extensive training and experience.

This blog post will examine why so many UK citizens are moving to Auckland each year before explaining why you should choose Schepens for all international removals to Auckland!

Why Are So Many People Moving to Auckland?

New Zealand has been attracting migrants from the United Kingdom for many years. It is an economically successful country with a lot going for it. With a population of more than 1.45 million people, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and has a lot to offer new arrivals. The main reasons why Auckland is such a popular city include:

  • Auckland has a prosperous economy
    Auckland is home to many of the nation’s largest businesses and many international corporations have their New Zealand headquarters in the city. The Auckland region produces approximately 36% of the nation’s GPD, which is more than the entire south island. People living in Auckland benefit from a high median personal income, low unemployment rate and high employment participation rate. Auckland is the perfect place to launch a career or start a business.
  • A very high standard of living
    Aucklanders enjoy access to many different leisure facilities, sporting clubs, restaurants and entertainment options. Citizens enjoy a high level of purchasing power and benefit from some of the best infrastructure in the region. Auckland ranked 3rd for “quality of life” in a 2015 survey of 215 major cities around the world. The city has a thriving artistic and cultural scene, with many art galleries and concert venues. It is a fun-filled, diverse and culturally rich environment!
  • Auckland is surrounded by a pristine natural environment
    The north island of New Zealand is surrounded by ancient volcanos which have created an incredibly beautiful landscape. Auckland is surrounding by many small islands as well as beautiful beaches and waterways. With warm summers and mild winters, it is the perfect city for people who enjoy outdoor activities including mountain biking, skiing, hiking, boating, and rock climbing.
  • Auckland has some great schools!
    Many families who are moving to Auckland from the UK may be interested in learning more about the quality of its education system. New Zealand has an education system that ranks well above the OECD average in maths, literacy and science. The curriculum has a lot in common with the UK with the focus being on maths, science, English and social sciences.

School is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16 in New Zealand. Students then have the option of attending 2 more years of secondary school before entering the workforce or tertiary education system.

Some of the best schools in Auckland include:

“Your team worked really hard and nothing was too much trouble, they kept smiling and in good spirits even when things were more tricky that first envisaged”.

Useful Resources For People Moving to Auckland

Here are some useful resources to help you plan your move to New Zealand.

Why Use Schepens For International Removals to Auckland from UK?

Schepens are a family owned business that has been working in removals for more than 100-years. Our company understands how to efficiently move cargo over long distances — safely and securely.

We specialise in performing international removals to New Zealand and have performed many removals to Auckland from the UK. Our talented team of removers are friendly, knowledgeable and know Auckland well! We have the right combination of local knowledge, professionalism, and experience to make removals to Auckland simple.

Schepens have helped clients move to many different parts of New Zealand including, including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Queenstown. Here are a few more reasons why you should use Schepens for removals to Auckland.

Schepens regularly perform international removals to Auckland from UK
We help many clients move to Auckland from the UK each year. That allows us to obtain bulk discounts from fuel providers and partner companies. We pass those discounts directly on to our clients!

Skilled Removers trained to British Association of Removers standards for Removals To Auckland From UK
Our company only uses removers who are highly trained and experienced at performing international removals. All removers are trained to British Association of Removers standards, which gives you the certainty that the job will be performed efficiently and safely.

We are a very experienced company at removals to Auckland from UK with a track record of success!
Our 4th-generation family owned company was launched more than 100 years ago. We have been helping clients move to hundreds of different locations around the world and have a vast amount of international removals experience.

Dedicated move coordinators for removals To Auckland from UK
All removals to Auckland are supervised by a talented move coordinator. They will guide the client through the entire removals process including helping them choose a removals schedule, pick an insurance plan and much more. During the move they will be available to provide updates about the location of your cargo.

If you are going move to Auckland from UK this year, make sure you choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.