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Removals to Anderlecht

Anderlecht is a large municipality located in the Brussels-capital region of Belgium. This municipality is home to almost 120,000 people and is one of the most vibrant parts of Belgium. Anderlecht is a multicultural area with residents from all over the world. This has given the location a very cosmopolitan vibe, which continues to attract many visitors from around the world.

If you are moving to Anderlecht this year, choose a professional and reliable removals company like Schepens. Our family-owned company has ben performing removals to Anderlecht and other parts of Belgium for many decades. We have a deep understanding of the logistics involved when moving clients from the UK to Anderlecht and would to help you get settled in this great part of Belgium!

This blog post will take a look at the many reasons why people are moving to Anderlecht. Then, we will explain why Schepens is the best choice for removals to Anderlecht!

Why are so many people moving to Anderlecht from the UK?

Anderlecht is a popular destination in Belgium for many reasons including:

  • There are plenty of things to do in Anderlecht
    The popular Erasmus museum is located in Anderlecht. This museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is a lovely location to spend an afternoon. Citizens can enjoy bike rides along the canals and walks around the Pede area ponds. There are some great restaurants in the city including La Brouette, Chez Rene, Alain Cornelis, La Tribune, Chalet de la Pede, and La Tavola.
  • An ancient and historically interesting area
    Humans have settled in Anderlecht as far back as the stone age. The area was also a significant location during the time of the Roman empire. The city of Anderlecht has been an important location in the history of Belgium with many important historical events occurring in this part of the country. There is plenty of amazing architecture still on display in Anderlecht, which reflects the incredible history of the area.
  • Transport links to other major cities
    Brussels has links to other major European cities. While living in Anderlecht you can explore the most exciting and interesting places in Europe.
  • Employment opportunities
    While Anderlecht was negatively impacted by the global financial crisis, in recent years it has begun to grow rapidly. The unemployment rate is coming down and it is now an excellent location to start a business or find employment.
  • A high-quality education system
    The schools in Belgium are of a similar quality to those in the United Kingdom. Anderlecht has some strong primary and secondary schools which attract talented teachers. The curriculum in Belgium is similar to that of schools in the UK, with a strong focus on languages, science, mathematics, and social sciences. Schools in Belgium are divided into three groups:
  • Subsidised public schools
    organised by provinces and municipalities
  • Schools owned by communities
    Flemish, French or German-speaking
  • Subsidised free schools
    typically owned by religious groups

The stages of education consist of:

  • Basic education
    Consisting of Preschool education up to 6 years of age
  • Primary school
    6–12 years
  • Secondary education
    12–18 years
  • Higher education
    University or Polytechnic/Vocational university

Some of the best schools in Anderlecht include:

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“We wanted to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with Schepens from start to finish! Everyone has been so helpful, and certainly made the move less stressful.”

Why Should You Choose Schepens for Removals to Anderlecht?

The answer is simple — Schepens have the right combination of local knowledge, skills, and experience to make removals to Anderlecht simple!

  • Schepens have a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness
    Our company has been performing European removals for more than 100-years. During this time, we have developed a strong reputation for being reliable, professional and trustworthy. Don’t risk having your cargo moved by an inexperienced company — choose Schepens!
  • Regularly performing removals to Anderlecht
    We are an expert European removals company, regularly performing removals to Anderlecht and other parts of Belgium. Because we are performing so many removals to this part of the world, we can offer our clients a very flexible delivery schedule. We you are ready to move, Schepens is ready to help you!
  • The world’s best customer service
    We take customer service seriously at Schepens! Our staff members have been trained to treat each customers with the utmost respect and care. We like to treat our clients as if they were a member of the Schepens family!
  • Customised removals packages
    We offer 100% free quotes to all clients. Your quote will be fully customised to suit your specific requirements. By having a quote that is carefully tailored to match your specific requirements you can save a great deal of money.
  • Worldwide cargo collection
    Schepens can collect your cargo from any international destination before shipping it to Anderlecht. You can even use our professional packing service to pack up your contents on your behalf.
  • Very high security
    All removals to Anderlecht are performed in accordance with very strict security protocols. All cargo is electronically tracked and photographed, cargo containers and trucks are alarmed, and all staff are security checked.
  • Our removals to Anderlecht are very affordable!
    Because we transport such a large volume of cargo to Anderlecht, we obtain bulk discounts from fuel companies and 3rd-party providers. We are happy to pass those discounts on to our clients, making us a very cost-effective option.
  • Removers trained to British Association of Removers standards
    All removals to Anderlecht are performed by our highly skilled and well trained removers. They are talented staff who have been trained to British Association of Removers standards.
  • Clients are assigned a move coordinator
    Clients who are moving to Anderlecht have one of our talented move coordinators assigned to their move. This dedicated move coordinator will help you understand the removals process and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Modern removals trucks
    Removals to Belgium that involve a road component will use a vehicle from our dedicated fleet of removals trucks. They are modern vehicles that are specially designed to carry cargo for long distances. All Schepens removals trucks are driven by trained professionals and fitted with security alarms.
  • A variety of insurance options
    Schepens offer clients a wide range of insurance options for removals to Anderlecht. Each option is carefully explained to you by one of our move coordinators.

We service all of Belgium

Schepens run removals to and from all major towns, cities and areas of Belgium including: — Antwerp, Ghent, Charleloi, Liege, Brussels, BrugesSchaerbeekWalloniaNamur and Leuven.

If you are going to move to Anderlecht or another part of Belgium this year, choose an experienced European removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.