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Removal Services Southampton

Looking for Removal Services in Southampton?

What are savvy movers looking for when they search for removal services in Southampton? They most certainly want a professional company with years of service and experience. They’ll be looking for a Southampton removals company with great reviews and a local reputation. And certainly, they’ll want competitive pricing and a FREE no obligation quote.

In our experience, as a local provider of Southampton removals, movers are adept at short-listing the businesses they find trustworthy. But, in the end, they’ll make their choice based on the degree to which they feel that a removals company invests in them, understands their specific requirements, and will go the extra mile to make their move less stressful.

Everyone was incredibly polite and nothing was too much trouble, and certainly made what has an incredibly stressful time for us, so simple and a big part to not have to worry about. I have to mention that from the outset I was impressed, from your first visit, you actually took time to look around what we had to ensure the correct service was provided.”

Five Ways Schepens Reduce the Stress of Moving

With over a century of experience of providing removal services in Southampton, Schepens has seen plenty of stress related to moving. It’s distressing for movers, and we are committed to doing all we call to create a stress-free experience for Schepens customers. Often it’s triggered by a sense of being overwhelmed. Schepens helps to hold stress at bay in the following ways:

1. Friendly, Knowledgeable Professionals

Feeling supported helps to lower stress levels. From your first contact with Schepens, we offer friendly, engaged support, provided by knowledgeable professionals. All our employees are trained to industry standards, and know the local area well. They’re proactive problem solvers, and share the commitment of the company to doing everything they can to reduce the stresses of moving.

2. A FREE No Obligation Quote You Can Trust

Moving is an expensive business, and managing the budget is important. Schepens calculates your FREE no obligation quote based on your tailored removals plan. This is developed alongside a professional Move Co-ordinator who will help you to create the plan according to your specific requirements. The resulting quote is both transparent and accurate.

3. Your Goods Are In Safe Hands

Moving, even if it’s only from one side of the city to the other, entails picking up your home and shifting its locus. At Schepens we do all we can to ensure that your goods arrive in your new home safely and intact. Our professional packing service relieves the strain of packing up your home, and our state-of-the-art removals fleet ensures that you goods are secure and stable throughout the journey.

4. Need a Specialist?

Our goal is to offer comprehensive removal services in Southampton to our movers. So, if you need to include piano removals in your move, we have a specialist team who will manage it. Likewise if you need to move fine art objects, or antique furniture. We’ll assess the requirements and provide bespoke packaging, handling and removals.

5. Removals and Storage in Southampton

Many of our movers find that they need storage services as part of their removals. Schepens has local storage depots in Southampton. We provide a door-to-door service, and a secure, climate-controlled environment for whatever you need to store. Our contracts are simple, competitively priced, and can be adapted to suit your needs.

What we hope comes across from these five ‘stress-busting’ services, is the level of care we invest in each individual mover. We treat each Southampton move as unique, and take care to adapt our services where necessary. We really do go the extra mile for our customers, because it’s the best part of the job, we find.

“Now things have settled down a bit, wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for helping us out with getting our move squeezed in and for your concern regarding my well being both on the phone and email after my accident. You are a real asset to the company and go that extra mile when it comes to customer service.”

If you’re planning a move to Southampton, give Schepens a call today on 02380 070071 to find out how we can provide stress-free removals for you.