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removal company for UK to Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most successful cities in Europe. It is a peaceful and egalitarian city with a powerful economy and world-class infrastructure. Many people move from the UK to Stockholm each year — usually to find employment, retire, or attend school.

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If you are one of the lucky few moving to Stockholm this year, consider making the move easier by hiring a skilled European removals company like Schepens. We are the leading removal company for UK to Stockholm. Our talented team has years of experience and we know the logistics of this journey well.

This guide takes a closer look at Stockholm and explain the many advantages of living in this wonderful city. We’ll also share a few of the reasons why Schepens is the leading removal company for UK to Stockholm.

Why does Stockholm attract so many UK citizens?

So what makes Stockholm such a popular destination for UK expats? For starters, it is an exciting place to live and home to the friendliest people in the world! The most common reasons why people are drawn to Stockholm from the UK include:

Stockholm’s economy is very powerful

Stockholm has always had a successful economy. It’s success is due to the many strong industries in the city, which include technology, food production, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and tourism. Residents in Stockholm benefit from high wages, generous working conditions, and a low unemployment rate. It has a higher GDP per capita than most European cities and a high employment participation rate. It is an excellent location to move to if you are looking for employment.

Stockholm is a vibrant and exciting city

Stockholm is packed with world class restaurants and cafes. It is also an important cultural hub, with many museums, art galleries, theatres, and concert halls. You will never run out of things to do while living in Stockholm!

Stockholm is a well designed city with many green spaces.

Stockholm has been designed to be pedestrian and bike friendly. It also has an excellent public transport system, which makes it easy to get around the city. There are many beautiful green spaces to enjoy, including stunning parks and nature reserves. The architecture in Stockholm is also quite beautiful.

Stockholm has an excellent education system

Stockholm’s education system has developed a strong reputation. The primary and secondary schools are well-funded and deliver excellent results. Stockholm is also home to some world class universities including The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and The Stockholm School of Economics. Some of the best schools in Stockholm include:

Useful resources for moving to Stockholm

These resources will make it easier to plan your move to Stockholm:

I just wanted to say thank you for organising our move to Sweden. We are yet to unpack everything but was great to have our things delivered the day after my arrival. A very special thanks to Tomas and Liam who delivered. They worked so hard carrying, sometimes as the rain was pouring down and it was warm and sticky. Both very young men, polite and professional and great advertisers for Schepens. Everyone we’ve been in contact with from Schepens has been very helpful. Best regards from Mona – London to Sweden

Why use Schepens for removals Stockholm?

Schepens is the leading removal company for UK to Stockholm moves. Our team will make your move to Stockholm simple! Other reasons to choose Schepens for furniture removals to Stockholm include:

Affordable home removals to Stockholm

Schepens ships thousands of tons of cargo around the world each year. The large scale of our operation helps us streamline our shipping processes and reduce costs. The size of our company also helps us obtain discounts from suppliers. These savings allow us to perform removals to Sweden at a cheaper price compared to our competitors.

All European removals to Stockholm are managed by move coordinators

We use highly experienced move coordinators to manage house removals to Stockholm. They are talented removers who have helped countless clients move to Sweden. Your move coordinator will help you understand the removals process and will prepare your quote. During the removal, they will be constantly available to answer any questions that you may have. They can also provide you with advice on everything from what to pack through to what living in Stockholm is like.

We often perform home removals to Stockholm

Our team visits Stockholm regularly. The frequency of our visits to this lovely city has given us incredible local knowledge, which improves the efficiency of our removals. It also means we can offer clients part load removals to Stockholm — a more affordable option that is ideal for people with less cargo.

All European removals to Sweden use our modern fleet

We own a modern fleet of specialised removals vehicles. They have been designed to safely carry cargo for long distances. Each vehicle has air ride suspension, an adjustable barring system, and security alarms to keep your cargo safe during the journey.

Removal Lorry removal company for UK to Stockholm

Schepens are currently shipping to all the major towns in Sweden, including:

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, UppsalaVasteras, Orebro, Linkoping, Helsingborg, Jonkoping, Norrkoping, Lund, Umeå, Gavle, Boras, Skara and Sodertalje.


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