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Relocation To Canada

Relocation to Canada

Canada is now the second most popular destination for UK expats, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a bilingual country, but English remains the dominant language. The culture looks and feels similar to western Europe, and the choice of major cities is mouthwatering, from Vancouver on the west coast to Montreal in the east. This is a country that remains largely uninhabited, so a relocation to Canada is perfect for seekers of wild, open spaces.

Schepens has been a leading provider of removals to Canada for over 100 years now. We travel regularly to this extraordinarily diverse country, and know it major cities well. We asked some of our movers, who are now settled in Canada, what advice they would give to anyone planning to make their home there.

1. Canada is one of the Best Countries to Live In

Canada makes a regular appearance in ‘Best Place to Live’ or ‘World’s Best Countries to Move to’ lists. Prior to moving here I tended to take this with a pinch of salt, but now – as a resident – I support the claims made on its behalf. It’s a welcoming, diverse and prosperous country that offers a great quality of life. I’d certainly recommend Ottawa or Vancouver to young people looking for the perfect environment to raise a family.

2. Don’t Downplay the Distance

A relocation to Canada has one major downside; its distance from the UK. I would certainly advise any families considering a move to Vancouver, for instance, to think long and hard about both the air miles they’re likely to consume, and the coast associated with seeing friends and family. Living in Europe means living 2 or 3 hours from home. Living in Canada means a long haul flight of 10-15 hours back to the UK.

3. Canadians Welcome Newcomers

Canada actively welcomes people from around the world, and for this reason the cities tend to be diverse, culturally dynamic and friendly. As newcomers ourselves, we were touched by the small acts of welcome, support and friendliness we received in our early days in the country. There’s a real sense that communities support and encourage people – whatever their country of origin – to make the most of their life in Canada.

4. Choose Your City to Match Your Budget

The cost of living in Canada differs significantly according to the city you choose to make your home. Vancouver is far and away the most expensive city to live in, because of its stunning location and environment. Ontario is significantly cheaper, although food prices tend to be high across Canada because we rely on imports. Wherever your work is located, it’s worth looking to live a few miles outside the city where you’ll find cheaper prices, and a greater choice of property to rent.

Schepens Provides Removals to Canada

We’re a family-run UK based moving company with over a century of experience in international removals. From our earliest days our aim has been to provide competitively priced, stress-free shipping and removals to our clients. We travel regularly to the major cities across Canada, which means we’re able to offer flexible scheduling, and full or part load shipping.

Tailored International Removals

International Removals to Canada tend to be once in a lifetimes events and, as such, they offer a range of unique challenges to families. For this reason, Schepens allocates a professional Move Co-ordinator to every client. They will help you to create a tailored removals plan, placed on your specific requirements. Once complete, this plan will become the basis of your FREE no obligation quote.

Schepens removals services include:

  • Professional Packing Services.Packing up your home can be overwhelming. Schepens industry trained removers can do the job for you, in hours. They’ll use high grade packaging materials, label all your boxes, and create a detailed inventory for shipping.
  • Insurance.We insure all your goods during transit. If you require additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability insurance, your Move Co-ordinator can arrange cover for you.
  • Specialist Removals. In our time we’ve moved pianos, art works and antiques to Canada. Our specialist team will manage the process for you, providing bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.
  • Self Storage.Should you find that you require somewhere safe and dry to store furniture or goods in the UK, Schepens has a number of local self storage facilities. We provide door-to0door service, and a secure environment for your goods.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

First Class Customer Service

We regularly receive feedback telling us that from first contact through to moving day, our customers feel their in safe hands with Schepens. Second-to-none service is extremely important to us, and we ensure that all Schepens employees receive industry training in order to be able to guarantee it at every stage. We want to deliver a stress-free experience for removals to Canada, and we’re ready to go the extra mile to achieve it.

“Your help and support has been outstanding. We have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people like yourselves who have gone that extra mile to help us. Your help and support has been outstanding and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciated it.”

Planning a relocation to Canada? Schepens is a leading UK provider of international removals to Canada for over a century. Call our friendly team on 01794 323558