Relocating to Sweden From UK

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Relocating to Sweden From UK

Moving to Sweden to Work and Live

Sweden is one of our Scandinavian neighbours, located in the north of Europe between Finland and Denmark. It has recently claimed the title of the most innovative country in the European Union, boasting an impressive 10.5% higher rate of innovation compared to the EU average. Furthermore, Sweden boasts a thriving startup culture and serves as a prominent hub for global brands, rendering it an enticing prospect for professionals considering opportunities abroad.

In Sweden, you’ll find an exceptional quality of life marked by workplace gender equality, extensive parental leave, and subsidised public servicesNotably, English is widely taught in schools from an early age, ensuring that language need not be a barrier for newcomers. However, prospective employers will often seek candidates with a proactive approach to learning Swedish, an essential skill for thriving in the local work environment.

Beyond its professional allure, Sweden is a beautiful place to live, offering amazing opportunities to explore the northern hemisphere. In this blog, we aim to provide you with a guide to the process of relocating to Sweden from the UK, offering you valuable insights for a successful transition.

About Schepens Removals

For more than a hundred years now, Schepens has provided removals to Sweden for professionals, families, and students. As a result, we’re the UK’s leading Scandinavian specialists, and first choice for people relocating to Sweden from the UK.

We have created a comprehensive moving to Sweden guide designed to help movers prepare for their move, and then to adjust to their new home in Sweden. It includes all the practical tips and guidance you need, but it also deals with the personal impact of moving overseas and finding yourself in a new country.

About Schepens Removals

Navigating the Swedish Job Market

If the thought of relocating to Sweden has caught your interest, one of your first and foremost priorities will naturally be finding the right job. For UK citizens, landing a job offer from a Swedish company is key to their relocation.

A good place to kickstart your job hunt, is Sweden’s official job shortage list. Applying for positions listed here streamlines your application for a Work and Residency Permit, helping you navigate the complexities of immigration seamlessly. The list is updated twice a year.

Sweden is renowned for its support for startups. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking a residence permit, you’ll typically commit to a minimum 12-month stay in the country. Detailed information regarding self-employment and residence permits can be found in this comprehensive guide: Self-Employment and Residence Permits in Sweden.

Applying for a Work Permit in Sweden

UK citizens are required to apply for a Work Permit in order to live and work in Sweden. Finding a job is the first step. In order to apply, you need an employment contract. Your employer will need to have advertised the job in Sweden, prior to offering it to you, for a minimum of 10 days.

Once the contract is secured, your employer is required to initiate the application process, and you will receive email confirmation once this has been done. If your application is successful, you will be granted a work and residence permit, as long as your contract exceeds 3 months.

For a more detailed description of the steps involved in applying for a work permit, click here.

Finding a Place to Live in Sweden

Finding a Place to Live in Sweden

Most professionals working in Sweden on a year’s contract, tend to rent, rather than buy. The two major advantages of renting in Sweden are that rentals are regulated, which means that prices are competitive compared with other EU countries. Second, the standard of properties is very high; most rented properties have a well-equipped kitchen, efficient broadband and effective central heating.

Popular sources for rental properties are: HemnetBlocket, and Airbnb.

Renting a property in Sweden is fairly straightforward. There are two options to choose from:

  • Short-Term Rentals. Arranging a short-term rental is very simple. You will need a copy of your passport and proof of income. The rental costs for these properties are normally much the same as for long-term rentals, making them a convenient choice for temporary stays.
  • Long-Term Rentals. The ideal scenario, in Sweden, is to find a long-term rental managed directly by the landlord. These, however, are hard to come by. Sublets are far more common, and are often more expensive. If you do find a first-hand contract, you will need a Swedish Identity Number, an employment contract, and proof of income.

Is Healthcare Free in Sweden?

The Swedish healthcare system is funded by the government, through the tax system. However, around 3% of the cost is funded by patients in the form of a fee paid for visits to the doctor. This varies between 100 and 300 kronor. Should you need to visit an emergency room, you will be charged 300 kronor. Hospital stays cost 120 kronor per day for the first ten days, and 60 kronor thereafter.

The amount you pay in the course of a year is capped at 1,100 kronor. Young people under the age of 16 pay nothing.

Prescription drugs are not free, but they are capped at 2,200 kronor a year.

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Sweden is relatively straightforward, and having an account is a real benefit for managing your finances and day-to-day transactions. Compare different banks to find the one that suits your needs best. Sweden is a largely cashless society, so you’ll be expected to use your phone or card in preference to cash in most shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The Schepens Removals Team

Schepens removals teams are integral to the excellent service we aspire to for our movers. They’re BAR trained, enjoy the challenge of working in Scandinavia, and are passionate about providing a stress-free experience for provide movers. They’re capable professionals, proactive decision makers, and they’ll always go the extra mile.

Our drivers have an excellent knowledge of Swedish roads and provide reliable transport whatever the time of year. Your goods are transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

1st Class Customer Service

“We moved out of our house in Surrey and had two different destinations for our furniture and belongings – one to our house in Sweden and one for storage that is going to London when we’re ready to move in there. Nothing was ever a problem for Schepens, they did a survey via FaceTime with us to see what was going where and quickly came back with a quote for everything. They advised us on the various forms we needed and handled all the complexity of insurance and EU/Sweden customs. The teams moving our things were professional, friendly, and efficient. They kept all timings as promised and the quote held all the way. We are very happy with Schepens and would use them again.”

Johan and Melanie

If you’re relocating to Sweden from the UK, talk to the Schepens team today to find about the range of support we can offer you – 01794 323558