Relocating to Stockholm

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Relocating to Stockholm

Your Guide to Sweden’s Island City

For most UK professionals relocating to Stockholm is about taking advantage of the career opportunities it offers. Once there, however, what they discover is a city of extraordinary charm. Sweden’s capital is a blend of historic grandeur and modern design, gracefully spread across 14 islands interconnected by a network of bridges. If you’re considering a move to Stockholm, you’re about to embark on an adventure in a city consistently ranked among one of the world’s most beautiful.

Schepens Removals is a UK-based Scandinavian relocation specialist with over a century of experience in removals to Sweden. We understand the unique aspects of relocating to Stockholm. We’ve been navigating the intricate beauty of this island city for generations, and we’re here to help.

From its commitment to sustainability (Stockholm is one of the the world’s greenest cities) to its metro that is also an art gallery you’ll find a different attitude to urban living and a work culture that places employees at its centre. With medieval architecture, accessible natural wonders, and world-class transport, you’ll soon understand why Stockholm holds such allure for young professionals and students alike.

The Voices of Stockholm – What Residents Love About Their City

Relocating to a new city is always a leap into the unknown. That’s why we asked a few happy relocators, moved with the help of Schepens, to share their Stockholm experiences:

1. “Stockholm’s Culture Surprised Me”

“Coming from bustling Manchester, I expected to miss out on the vibrant arts scene. Stockholm proved me wrong! Beyond incredible galleries like Fotografiska, the city has a deep appreciation for theatre, music, and design. And yes, while I’d never admit it to my Swedish friends, the ABBA Museum is always a blast.”

– Sarah Thompson, Art Curator

2. “Work-Life Balance? Stockholm Nails It”

“The UK work culture nearly broke me. Here, there’s a genuine focus on employee well-being. Flexible schedules, generous leave – it’s not just lip service. The result? I’m more productive and have time to truly enjoy this amazing city.”

– Alistair Bell, Tech Startup Founder

3. “Fika Changed my Life”

“Coffee’s always been my fuel, but in Sweden, it’s a way to connect. The mandatory ‘fika’ breaks with colleagues and classmates aren’t about slacking off – they’re about building relationships and recharging. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

– Maya Larsson, Barista & Student

4. “Winter is My Happy Place”

“As a kid in Cornwall, a proper snowy Christmas was a fantasy. Stockholm delivers! Whether it’s a few heavy snowfalls or a full-on winter wonderland, the city transforms. Ice skating on frozen lakes, cafes lit with candles – it’s pure magic.”

– Ben Richards, Outdoor Enthusiast

Cost of Living: Stockholm vs. London

The rumours about Sweden’s high prices aren’t entirely wrong, but they paint an incomplete picture. The good news is, overall, Stockholm is more affordable than London. Things like rent, eating out, and general expenses are noticeably cheaper. This matters, as Swedish salaries tend to be higher than UK rates in many sectors.

Let’s break it down:

  • The Win. Rent in Stockholm is, on average, 51% less than in London. This makes a huge difference in your monthly budget!
  • The Trade-off. Groceries are slightly more expensive in Stockholm. However, smart shopping (using local markets, discount chains) and focusing on Swedish staples helps control costs.
  • Smart Budgeting. With lower restaurant and entertainment costs, there’s room for enjoying the city without breaking the bank. Stockholm offers endless free activities, from parks and museums to stunning walks along the waterfront.

Comparative prices supplied by Numbeo

Finding Your Home in Stockholm

Finding a place to live in a foreign city can feel daunting. Luckily, Stockholm’s rental market, while competitive, offers both flexibility and high living standards:

  • Rentals Rule: Renting is the norm for newcomers, offering freedom without long-term commitment. Plus, thanks to Sweden’s strong rent control, you won’t face the wild price swings of cities like London.
  • Quality Counts: Expect well-maintained apartments with modern kitchens, and fast internet – essentials for settling in quickly. Central heating is standard, so no worries about the famously chilly winters!

Popular Neighbourhoods:

  • Södermalm. Hipster heaven filled with cafes, vintage shops, and a lively atmosphere.
  • Östermalm. Upscale and central, perfect for walkable commutes and proximity to beautiful parks.
  • Vasastan. Leafy and relaxed, with charming streets and easy access to the city center.

Start your housing search early! Popular Stockholm rentals go quickly. Websites like Bostad Direkt and The Local are good starting points.

Work to Live, Not Live to Work – The Swedish Approach

If you’re used to the often-relentless pace of UK work culture, Sweden offers a refreshing change. Here, the idea isn’t to spend endless hours at the office as a sign of dedication, but to work efficiently and sustainably. This translates to several key differences:

Work to Live, Not Live to Work - The Swedish Approach
  • Generous Leave – Expect at least 25 days of paid vacation by law, plus plentiful public holidays. Companies often offer even more time off, and taking your leave is actively encouraged.
  • Flexibility First – Flexible hours and remote work options are widespread, allowing you to structure your day to fit your life – not the other way around.
  • Fika Culture – Those mandatory coffee breaks make sense; they’re about connecting with colleagues, recharging mentally, and returning to work refreshed.
  • Wellbeing Matters – Swedish workplaces often emphasise employee health. Think subsidised gym memberships, mental health resources, and a genuine understanding that a happy worker is a productive worker.

In Sweden, work is an important part of life, but it’s not meant to be your whole life. This balance empowers you to spend time with the people you love, explore the beautiful surroundings, and build a full life outside of your job.

Important Note: UK citizens need to secure a work or study visa before moving to Stockholm. For the latest information and application processes, please visit the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Relocating to Stockholm With Schepens – Stress-Free Moves, Tailored to You

When embarking on an international move, experience and expertise make all the difference. Schepens, a family-run company with over a century of European removals under our belt, is your trusted partner for relocating to Stockholm, stress-free.

Scandinavian Specialists. We know the ins and outs of relocating to Stockholm – from customs regulations to navigating Sweden’s roads summer and winter. Our weekly runs mean competitive rates and scheduling that works for you.

Personalised Approach. No two moves are alike. That’s why your dedicated move coordinator crafts a customised plan, addressing your unique needs and timeline.

Comprehensive Services. From professional packing and insurance options to specialised transport for delicate items, we’ve got you covered. Need storage solutions? We offer those too!

The Schepens Difference. Our commitment to excellent service and our deep knowledge of Swedish moves ensures your belongings arrive safely, allowing you to focus on settling into your exciting new life in Stockholm.

“Thank you very much. My husband and I really felt like we could trust your service when we moved from the UK to Sweden. Thank you for the quick communication and updates and for handling our stuff with care!”


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