Relocating to Southampton

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Relocating to Southampton

Relocation to Southampton: A Guide to Stress-Free Removals

Are you considering relocating to Southampton? Whether it’s for work, education, or just to get out of the city and breathe in the sea air, moving to a new city is an exciting – though potentially stressful – life change.

Southampton, with its rich maritime history, vibrant cultural scene, and stunning coastal landscapes, is a great choice for your new home. Schepens is a local removals company that’s been providing stress-free removals to Hampshire for over a century. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide to relocating to Southampton, covering best places to live, local attractions, and what to do in this vibrant southern city by the sea.

Relocating to Southampton

1. Researching Your Move

  • A Snapshot of Southampton
  • Best Places To Live in Southampton
  • Housing Options

2. Making the Move to Southampton

  • Hiring Professional Movers
  • Pre-Removals Assessment
  • Professional Packing Team
  • Self Storage in Southampton
  • Insurance and removals Transport

3. Exploring Southampton

4. Embracing the Diverse Culinary Scene

5. Relocating to Southampton?

1. Researching Your Move

Lets start with a quick snapshot of this unique Hampshire city, poised between Portsmouth and Bournemouth on the South Coast.

  • Population. Home to a quarter of a million people, this town annually welcomes students to study at one of the town’s two universities as well as enjoying an influx of thousands of tourists across the year.
  • Shopping. The city is the location of the West Quay Shopping Centre, which is one of the biggest concentration of shops in the South. All the High Street brands are here, as well as great places to eat, drink and enjoy afternoon tea.
  • Air Quality. Relocating to Southampton is good for you! Southampton has the lowest CO2 emissions in England, thanks to the local Geothermal Power Station; the only one in the UK. So, enjoy the fresh air, and take every opportunity to fill your lungs on coastal walks.
  • Maritime History. The rich maritime history of Southampton is well known; less known is the fact that it was the port from which the doomed Titanic left England in 1912, never to return.
  • Commuting to London. Regular trains run between Southampton station and Waterloo. The train journey takes, on average, 1h 20 mins. By car the journey takes a little longer, just under 2 hours.

Best Areas to Live in Southampton

We have four suggestions to make, based on the recommendations of Schepens movers to Southampton. These areas are considered particularly desirable because of the amenities they offer, their proximity to local attractions, local transportation, and overall quality of life.

Best Areas to Live in Southampton

1. Ocean Village

A waterfront development is known for its modern apartments, marina views, and easy access to bars, restaurants, and cultural attractions. It offers a vibrant lifestyle with a mix of residential and leisure facilities.

  • Average price of properties £259,599 over the previous year.
  • Flats sell for an average price of £227,284.
  • Terraced properties sell for an average price of £568,389.

2. Bassett

Bassett is a leafy suburban area with a mix of housing options, including family homes and student accommodations. It’s close to the University of Southampton and the city centre, making it popular among both students and professionals.

  • Average price of properties £352,264 over the previous year.
  • Detached properties sell for an average price of £545,415.
  • Flats sell for an average price of £192,177.
  • Semi-detached properties sell for an average price of £335,190.

3. Highfield

Situated near the University of Southampton, Highfield is another area that’s well-frequented by students and academics. It offers a mix of housing options, and its proximity to the university and city amenities is a major draw.

  • Average price of properties £284,177 over the previous year.
  • Flats sell for an average price of £194,687.
  • Semi-detached properties sell for an average of £328,233.
  • Terraced properties sell for an average of £350,690.

4. Portswood

Portswood is a bustling area with a diverse community and a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants. It’s popular among students and young professionals, thanks to its lively atmosphere and convenient location.

  • Average price of properties £263,500 over the previous year.
  • Flats sell for an average price £188,233.
  • Terraced properties sell for an average of £297,980.
  • Semi-detached properties sell for an average of £324,908.

Making the Move to Southampton 1

2. Making the Move to Southampton

If you don’t know the local area, it’s a good idea to work with a local removals company. Schepens is a fourth generation moving company, with a great reputation for delivering removals minus the stress. Which we achieve by using staff who are trained to industry standards, placing the mover at the heart of everything we do, and always being prepared to go the extra mile on their behalf.

Our goal is to ensure that your new life in Southampton begins with a smile.

Whether you’re relocating to Southampton from overseas, across the UK, or locally, we will create a tailored moving experience for you. We assign a professional move co-ordinator to each mover. These are our experts who know the city and have assisted hundreds of people moving to Southampton. They’ll work with you to create a bespoke removals plan based on your specific requirements.

Pre-Removal Assessment

Schepens offers a free pre-removal assessment either online or in-person, whichever is most convenient. This gives us an opportunity to understand the size of your move, and any specialist items included. We can offer guidance and tips on relocating to Southampton and managing the move as a whole. Once we have a better understanding of your requirements, we provide a free, no obligation quote to help with your budgeting.

Professional Packing Service

If you are planning to pack up your home, we help by providing sturdy and sustainably sourced packing boxes and materials. If, however, you would like help with your packing, Schepens’ BAR trained packing team will complete the task in hours. Our professional packing service guarantees your goods will be carefully packed, and your boxes labelled accurately.

Professional Packing Service

Self Storage in Southampton

There are a number of reasons why movers include self storage in Southampton as part of their removals requirements. It could be that they need to store goods as the result of delays to the moving date. Alternatively, they may need somewhere to store overflow goods that their new home is unable to accommodate. Schepens provides local storage facilities with 24 hour security.

Removals Insurance and Transport

Your goods will be covered by insurance whilst in transit. They will be transported in our state-of-the-art removals vehicles, equipped with air ride suspension and an adjustable bearing system. This ensures minimal movement of the vehicle’s contents.

3. Exploring Southampton

3. Exploring Southampton

In a city with such a fascinating history, there’s loads to explore, experience, and enjoy in Southampton. As a new resident in Southampton, there are plenty of exciting places to check out. Here are some highlights to get you started:

  • Historic Old Town. The port of Southampton dates back to Roman times. Take a stroll through the historic Old Town to admire medieval architecture, Tudor buildings, and charming streets. Don’t miss the Tudor House and Garden, a beautifully preserved 15th-century house offering a glimpse into the city’s past.
  • Seaside Attractions. There’s loads of seaside attractions to enjoy. Visit the SeaCity Museum to learn about the Titanic’s connection to the city and its maritime history. Take a leisurely walk along Southampton’s waterfront, which offers stunning views over to the Isle of Wight and the chance to see luxury cruise ships up close.
  • Parks and Green Spaces. Southampton is rich in green spaces, with several beautiful parks where you can relax and unwind. Southampton Common is a vast parkland area perfect for picnics, sports, or leisurely walks. It’s also home to the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre.
  • Southampton City Art Gallery. This gallery houses an impressive collection of artwork, spanning from the Renaissance to contemporary pieces. The gallery features works from the collection, national touring exhibitions and work by local artists.
  • Nightlife and Entertainment. Southampton offers a vibrant nightlife with a variety of pubs, bars, and clubs. Oxford Street and Bedford Place are known for their lively atmosphere and entertainment options. For theatre lovers, the Mayflower Theatre is home to a variety of performances.
  • Sporting Events. If you’re a sports enthusiast, catch a football match at St. Mary’s Stadium, home to Southampton Football Club, or take in some cricket at the Ageas Bowl.
  • Outdoor Adventures. Explore the unique New Forest National Park which is just a short drive from Southampton, where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, and spotting local wildlife.
  • Boat Trips. Take advantage of Southampton’s coastal location by embarking on boat trips or cruises from the port. You can explore the Solent and even visit the Isle of Wight.

4. Embracing the Diverse Culinary Scene

Southampton offers an extraordinarily diverse culinary scene with a range of restaurants catering to various tastes and preferences. Here’s a selection of recommendations for different types of restaurants:

British Cuisine:

  • The Pig in the Wall. Offering classic British dishes with a modern twist, often featuring locally sourced ingredients.
  • The Rockstone. A gastropub known for its hearty British pub fare and a wide selection of craft beers.

Seafood and Waterfront Dining:

  • The Jetty. Enjoy fresh seafood and stunning waterfront views at this upscale restaurant located on Southampton’s harbour.
  • Oxford Brasserie. A riverside restaurant known for its seafood offerings and elegant dining experience.

International Flavors:

  • Mango Thai Tapas. Experience the flavours of Thailand with a creative twist on traditional Thai cuisine in a stylish setting.
  • La Regata. A Spanish tapas restaurant where you can indulge in a variety of authentic Spanish dishes and flavours.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options:

  • Cafe Thrive. A vegan café offering a diverse menu of plant-based comfort foods, from burgers to wraps and smoothies.
  • Lakaz Maman. A Mauritian restaurant with a focus on vegetarian and vegan options, serving delicious and unique dishes.

Asian Cuisine:

  • Kuti’s Brasserie. A contemporary Indian restaurant known for its diverse menu and modern ambiance.
  • Kohinoor of Kerala. Enjoy authentic South Indian cuisine with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Relocating to Southampton Needn’t Be Stressful

The team at Schepens is ready to help you with relocating to Southampton whenever you say the word. No matter the challenges along the way, you’ll have specialists who know the city and understand the removals process supporting you at every stage.

“Great service from start to finish. We compared a few companies before deciding who to book, but found Schepens to be the friendliest, most professional, competitively priced and they just knew what they were talking about. We had no issues whatsoever and they responded quickly to all our queries. Our house was packed up quickly and carefully and the same level of care and attention was given on delivery. Everyone we dealt with were friendly and professional. We would definitely use them again and highly recommend. Thanks!”

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If you’re relocating to Southampton, why not let Schepens help you with the removals process? Call our friendly removals team today to find out how we can support your move.