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Relocating to Finland

Thinking of Relocating to Finland?

The 2022 World Happiness Report ranks Finland as the happiest country in the world. Which may explain the growing numbers of people who are relocating to Finland for work or to study. The top reasons for moving to Finland are:

  • High Quality of Life. Finland comes second on this score in the global rankings.
  • Happiness Score. Currently top in the global rankings.
  • Great for Entrepreneurs. Finland hosts the biggest start-up events in the world.
  • Air Quality. Finland has the cleanest air in the world.

Schepens has been relocating movers to Finland from the UK for over a century now. Many of the professionals who we moved there for work now live there permanently, so we asked them what it was about Finland that made them want to stay.

1. There’s an Honesty That I Love

If you say ‘How are you?’ to a Finn they will take time to tell you – and that sums up so much of what I enjoy about living in Finland. People are OK about not talking if they don’t want to – and no-one has a problem with it. You can stand with someone in absolute silence and still feel you’re communicating. People trust and respect each other, rather than judging each other.

2. Breakfast and Rye Bread

Having been brought up on sweet and sticky breakfast treats, I’ve learned to enjoy the savoury version of breakfast in Finland. No jams or sugar-coated cereals; instead, I now have tasty rye bread topped with cheese, porridge with fresh berries, or the Finnish version of scrambled egg – Karelian pie.

3. Insulated Houses

I can’t believe that we don’t have more insulated houses in the UK! Believe me, if you lived in Finland for a while, you’d settle for nothing less. Here, all the houses are insulated, and triple glazed. Underfloor heating is the normal way to heat your home and it’s so much cosier than radiators. I keep the thermostat lower and still remain warm through the winter.

4. Night School

Sounds dull but it really isn’t. In Finland every town offers very inexpensive adult education courses. You can learn a language, cooking skills, art, or crafting, and meet local people who are doing the same thing. Most of my friends have come via this route, plus I’ve improved my Finnish and learnt loads of new cooking and crafting skills to get me through the dark winter nights.

Schepens Offers Stress-Free Removals to Finland

Schepens is a UK-based, family-run removals company. We’re over 100 years’ old now, as a company, and for most of that time we’ve been providing removals to Finland. The Schepens removals team makes weekly runs to Helsinki and locations across country, which is why we can offer our movers flexible scheduling, affordable prices and full or part load shipping.

Tailored Nordic Removals

With our experience, it’s no wonder that we’re considered specialist movers for the Nordic countries. Our aim is to use our knowledge of Finland to remove the stress of moving overseas. So, each mover is allocated a move co-ordinator who knows their destination well and will work with them to develop a bespoke removals plan, based on their specific requirements.

Schepens offers a range of removals services, including:

  • Free No Obligation Removals Quote. Once we know the extent of your move, we’ll provide a detailed, accurate quote to help with your budgeting.
  • Insurance Cover. Your goods will be covered whilst they’re in transit. If you need additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability cover, we can arrange it.
  • Customs Regulations. Schepens is very familiar with Finnish customs regulations. We can advise movers on the most efficient way to relocate to Finland and deal with the necessary paperwork.
  • Professional Packing Service. Our BAR trained professional packers can pack up your home in hours, using sturdy and sustainable packing materials.
  • Specialist Removals. No matter what’s included in you move to Finland, we can help with it. Our specialist team are experienced movers of pianos, art, and antiques.
  • Self Storage. If you need storage in the UK whilst working in Finland, Schepens has a number of local storage facilities offering a well-managed, secure environment for your goods.
  • Transport. Your goods are transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

A Removals Team That Goes the Extra Mile

“Excellent team of removal men who were polite, hardworking, and helpful. Competitive and detailed quote. Made move less stressful and would definitely use again.”

Caroline Tyson

Are you relocating to Finland? If so, call Schepens to find out about the range of ways we can support your move – 01794 323558