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relocating to america from uk

There are any number of good reasons for relocating to America from the UK, which is why thousands of Brits make the move every year. We share a common language and we’re familiar with the US culture and landscape from our love of American films, music and TV. The rich diversity across the 50 states means that there’s something for everyone. And – of course – the lure of the American Dream is still potent in our imaginations.

We’re long-standing trading partners, which makes the US one of the most attractive relocation destinations for UK businesses. America is the top foreign employer of UK citizens in the world, and it works the other way around too. We’re also research collaborators, particularly in the areas of science and innovation. There’s no wonder why relocation to America from the UK is a popular choice.

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Choose Schepens for Your Relocation to America

Whether you’re relocating to America from the UK for your retirement, as part of a business opportunity, or to start a new life, you’ll be looking for an experienced international removals company as your relocation partner. Schepens knows the process of moving from the UK to the US well. We started our family-run removals business in the early 1900s, which means we’ve been helping people to move abroad for over a century.

Reducing the stress of moving is what we’re all about at Schepens. Every client works with a dedicated Move Co-ordinator throughout their relocation. These are experienced members of staff who know your destination well, who will guide and support you through the process. Together you’ll draw up a ‘Removals Plan’ plotting the critical deadlines, and detailing the specific services you require.

Schepens for USA Removals and Storage

It can be stressful, try to synchronise the arrival of your goods with moving day in the US. Schepens ships freight to the US every day of the week, so we can be flexible with our scheduling. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that everything arrives when you need it.

Deciding what to take and what to leave behind can be a headache. It’s a conversation your Moving Co-ordinator will have with you early on. They will advise on what to buy new when you get there, and discuss the bespoke removals any non-standard items. We can also arrange for furniture you wish to leave behind to be placed in one of our secure managed storage facilities across the UK.

Obtaining a US Visa

If you’re relocating to America from the UK for work, your visa will probably be quite straightforward. Otherwise, finding and applying for the correct US visa is a complicated procedure. The application process can take up to a year, so factor this in to your planning. It’s a good idea to find an immigration lawyer to work with on your application. They will be able to navigate you to the correct option for your circumstances.

Health Insurance in the USA

Heath insurance is a ‘must have’ in the US, as healthcare is an individual responsibility. Emergency treatment is provided free for US citizens but any other medical procedures come with a hefty bill. Expat insurance providers are able to help by offering expert advice on the cover you will need.

Education in the USA

The US has a good reputation for education so, if you’re moving there with your kids, you’ll find some excellent free state schools available to them. Do your research before you move, though. Acceptance at a highly ranked state school will come down to your postcode. The US curriculum is comparable to the UK, but the exam system is different, so it will take some getting used to.

A Range of Schepens Services

Relocating to America from the UK is likely to be one of the biggest moves you’ll ever make. Your Schepens Move Co-ordinator will have experienced a number of similar moves and so will be able to advise and help when the inevitable challenges occur. We aim to make your USA removals as streamlined as possible, so we invite clients to create a bespoke package from our range of services:

  • Packing – having a professional team of packers supporting you can make all the difference to your stress levels! Our BAR trained removals specialists will be available to pack goods for shipping, create an inventory, and provide labelling on all your boxes that will mean easier unpacking at the other end. Should you wish to manage your own packing, we will provide the professional materials for you.
  • Non-Standard Items – Your Move Co-ordinator will ask about any fragile or valuable items you wish to ship. Our team will create a bespoke removals schedule for them, ensuring their safe arrival in the US.
  • Insurance – all your goods are fully insured whilst in transit to your new location in America. We offer additional insurance for extra peace of mind. We can arrange accidental damage and extended liability cover should you require it.
  • Storage – if you are planning to leave furniture or goods behind in the UK, Schepens can arrange for a comprehensive storage service. We deliver an appropriately sized container to your door on the date you require it. The items you wish to store are loaded and transported to one of our local storage facilities. Your goods will be subject to 24 hr security , and you will have individual, secure access to them.
  • Removals Fleet – Your goods will be shipped in our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity. They run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring minimal movement of content.

Schepens is an international removals company with an excellent track record. We cannot promise that there won’t be challenges along the way, but we can guarantee that our professional removals team will be more than capable of solving them proactively and creatively.

We have helped people to move to all areas in America, including: New York CityWashington DCLos AngelesMiamiSan FranciscoDenverTexasPhiladelphiaAtlanta and Chicago.

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