Piano Storage for London

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Piano Storage for London

In our many years of experience moving families, their heirlooms, their pets and their artworks, we have learnt that the removal of a piano from one location to another is often accorded more thought, concern, and anxiety than all the rest put together.

We understand why this should be so; the relationship with a piano is always about far more than its financial worth. Just as we are careful to find the right home for our pets if we have to entrust them to the care of others for a while, so we need to be sure that the piano transport, delivery and storage solution we choose will treat our cherished object with the respect and specialist knowledge it deserves.

Professional Piano Storage for London

Whatever the reasons for your piano storage for London requirements, Schepens piano transport team are trained to develop a detailed specification for each component of the journey from your location to the storage facility. We always visit the premises in advance to talk through any specific requirements; we take care to understand the age, condition, and vulnerabilities of your piano, and we plan the optimal move based on this initial fact-finding phase. As professional piano movers for London we bring to each job a wealth of experience, and we’re well aware of the pitfalls in advance – which means that we are able to avoid them!

Your guys were amazing. Never seen such strong lads. I came home 30 mins after they arrived and the piano was already assembled and standing in its corner. I am grateful for that fact that I chose your company to move my piano. Best regards”

Piano Storage for London You Can Trust

Removal Lorry Piano Storage for LondonSchepens have a reputation as specialist piano movers for London and we have state-of-the-art equipment for your piano transport and delivery. Our Schepens team will accompany your piano from one location to another and will ensure the storage is tailored to your specified needs. Whether you’re taking advantage of Schepens piano storage for London as a short-term solution, or you expect to be requiring storage for months, or even years, you will receive attentive, experienced and sustained professional service throughout.

If you require piano storage in London, contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 for a 100% obligation-free quote!