Piano Removals Wiltshire

Piano Removals Wiltshire

Piano Removals Wiltshire

For decades now, the Schepens specialist removals team have moved a whole range of pianos for clients living in Salisbury, and across the county of Wiltshire. We’ve hoisted grand pianos through second floor windows, and negotiated narrow hallways with historic harpsichords. Moving a piano always has the potential to present unique challenges, which is why we always use specialists to manage the process.

Why are Piano Removals Challenging?

A great number of the pianos we move at Schepens are large, heavy and extremely valuable, both financially and emotionally. Unless they’re moved by specialists who know what they’re doing, a piano removal can inflict physical damage on people, paintwork and the piano itself. We treat piano removals with the utmost respect, care and investment to ensure that both instrument and movers come out unscathed.

FREE No Obligation Quotes for Piano Removals in Wiltshire

We’ll provide you with an accurate quotation for your piano removal. In order to do so, we’ll assess your piano and its location in order to find out:

  • The kind of piano you’re moving
  • The age and condition of your piano
  • The location it’s being moved from
  • Any staircases or steps involved in the move
  • The width and height of doorways it will pass through
  • Any damage we’ll need to take into account

Once we know this, we’ll be able to determine how big our specialist team will need to be, and whether they’ll need specialist moving equipment. This allows us to arrive at a transparent and accurate quotation for your move.


Bespoke Piano Removals in Wiltshire

As an experienced removals company we know that every move is different, and that’s even more the case when it comes to moving pianos. We take care in planning your piano removal so that every eventuality is considered. This means that when our team arrive they have absolutely everything they need to carry out the move efficiently. Whether we’re taking your piano down a staircase, through a window or across a gravelled driveway – we’ll have the appropriate equipment to tackle the job.

Secure Transport for Piano Removals

Your piano will be carefully packaged for its removal. Breathable materials are used for transport, and our removals vehicles feature hydraulic tailgates, air ride suspension and an adjustable baring system. Schepens vehicles are fully alarmed and are fitted with GPS tracking.

If You’re Moving to Wiltshire With Your Piano

Schepens is a local Wiltshire removals company that’s been moving families – and their pianos – for over 100 years. Every client is allocated a professional Move Co-ordinator who’ll create a tailored removals plan, including any non-standard items such as a piano. Should you need storage for your piano, we can also provide local Schepens facilities that are CCTV secure.

All employees at Schepens know that ‘going the extra mile’ is part of the standard we set ourselves. This is nowhere more evident that when we’re moving a piano. We’re always ready for challenges that come out of the blue, and we’re used to managing them calmly and proactively. We’ve never been beaten yet, which is why we considered ‘a safe pair of hands’ when it comes to pianos.

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