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Piano Removals Surrey

The Professional Choice for Piano Removals Surrey

The beautiful county of Surrey has the distinction of being the most wooded county in England with almost 25% coverage. The glorious countryside provided by locations such as Box Hill, Windsor Great Park and Bushy Park, combined with easy access to London, makes this a highly desirable area of the country to live.

The density of larger properties across the Surrey means that we receive a high proportion of enquiries related to piano removals and storage. Schepens is highly regarded for the expertise our dedicated removals team demonstrates when managing piano removals in Surrey. We have successfully extricated pianos from seemingly impossible locations, by employing skills, specialist equipment, and creative problem-solving.


Trust Your Piano Removals Surrey to the Professionals

Take it from us; moving a piano requires a professional. Anyone who’s attempted to take on the job themselves will know how easy it is to gouge plasterwork, scratch paintwork, or damage the piano itself in transit. We have helped a number of clients out, mid-move, who have come to grief with their upright pianos and, having seen the fallout, we would always recommend professional piano removals.

The Schepens team has decades of experience when it comes to piano removals in Surrey and our aim is always to provide a stress-free experience for our clients. Every move is carefully planned in advance by our removals experts. Detailed pre-planning ensures that we arrive on the removals day, with all the equipment we need, the right size team, and a manageable deadline.

Preparing Piano Removals in Surrey

There are 4 steps to a successful piano removal process:

  1. The Schepens removals team will assess the point of departure and the point of arrival for your piano. With an eye for detail, they will access whether or not they will need to remove door frames, window frames, or utilise a crane to shift the piano.
  2. Once we know the schedule, we can provide a detailed ‘no surprises’ quotation. We will then schedule the time of departure and arrival, and ensure ease of access at both properties.
  3. On the moving day, our removals team will prepare by laying carpet protection and taping door frame protectors. Our goal is always to leave the property in exactly the state we found it.
  4. Having successfully positioned the piano in your new home we will remove all our equipments, and protective materials. Our removals team will then compare ‘before and after’ images of the piano to ensure that no exterior damage has been incurred in transit.

Piano Storage in Surrey

In some cases, our client has deemed it impractical to move their piano to their new home, and has asked for it to be moved to a secure storage location. Schepens has storage facilities at a range of locations across the UK. We provide the ideal conditions for your piano; temperature and humidity is constantly maintained, and all containers are subject to 24 hour security and controlled access.

Schepens for Reliable, Stress-Free Piano Removals Surrey

Whatever type of piano you have, Schepens has the experience and expertise to move it for you. Call us today to talk about your piano removals in Surrey.