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Piano Removals Hampshire

Over the years the Schepens specialist removals team has moved quite a variety of pianos within the beautiful county of Hampshire. From historic harpsichords to grand pianos, we’ve negotiated narrow stairways and hoisted them through second floor windows. The transportation of a piano from one location to another always has the potential for challenges, which is why we have specialists on the case.


Why are Piano Removals so Specialist?

First and foremost, pianos – whether an upright, baby grand or grand or concert grand – are large and heavy piece of furniture. They can cause real physical damage to people who decide to try and move them without being trained. Second, a poorly moved piano can suffer damage which is costly to repair. For the Schepens team, pianos are the racehorses of the removals spectrum. They need respect, care and investment to get them over the removals finishing line.

Schepens Provides Clear and Accurate Piano Removals Quotes

First we’ll quote you accurately for your piano removals in Hampshire. To do so, we’ll need to know:

  • What kind of piano you wish to move
  • Where your piano is currently located (postcode and floor – ground, 1st etc.)
  • The location you’re moving your piano to (postcode and floor)
  • Number of steps involved in the move – including staircases and external steps
  • Width of the doorways or stairways it will need to get throughout

Once we have the precise details, we’ll be able to work out how big the removals team needs to be and what specialist equipment they require. This information provides us with the key details that allow us to arrive at an accurate quotation.

Tailored Piano Removals in Hampshire

Whilst we always say that no two moves are the same, and this is especially true when it comes to moving pianos. Our team will take every care to ensure that when they arrive at your property they’ll be fully prepared for efficiently moving your piano. Whether this means moving it from a ground floor room, or using stair climbers to get it from one floor to another, we approach the job with clear-headed efficiency.

Transport for Piano Removals

Your removals team package your piano for transport. We use breathable materials for this, and our removals vehicles feature hydraulic tailgates, air ride suspension and an adjustable barring system. All Schepens vehicles have security alarms and GPS tracking.

If You’re Moving to Hampshire With a Piano

Schepens has been moving families to Hampshire for over 100 years now. We pride ourselves on minimising the anxieties associated with removals, and our specialist piano removals is a part of that. Each client is allocated a dedicated Move Co-ordinator who will create a tailored removals package for you, including any specialist items such as a piano. And should you need to place your piano in storage, we can also provide specialist local storage facilities.

We’re known for ‘going the extra mile’ and this is nowhere more evident than with our specialist piano removals. We’ve tackled some pretty difficult challenges over the years, but we’ve never yet been beaten. Crucially, we guarantee the safe transport of your piano, through the use of skilled removers and appropriate specialist equipment.

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