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Piano Movers Southampton

Piano Movers Southampton

There’s nothing simple about moving a piano – as anyone who’s tried to do so will testify. Not only are they massive, they’re also very heavy, and they’re unevenly weighted. Moving a piano is ridiculously hard, whilst damaging a piano is ridiculously easy. All of which serves as a prelude to our suggestion that moving a piano is best left to professional piano movers.

Schepens has been providing tailored removals services in Southampton for over a century. It became clear to us, early on, that removals for a port city, with numerous theatres, schools, colleges and music venues, would also require us to be specialist piano movers in Southampton. We now take pride in our piano experts who have, in their time, moved pianos onto cruise ships, into concert halls, up impossible flights of stairs and through first floor windows.


How Do You Define Specialist Piano Movers

Suppose you had a C. Bechstein Grand Piano which you needed moving as part of a house move. This would not only be a hugely expensive item that you were entrusting to a third party; it would also – most probably – be one of your most treasured possessions. You would be unlikely, therefore, to hand it over to a removals company that insisted their regular removals team would be able to handle it.

By contrast, Schepens specialist piano movers invest a good deal of time, energy and careful thought in the planning for each piano move. We would normally visit the client, and take stock of both the piano, and its current environment. There would then be a recce of its destination and both visits would be carefully documented as part of the planning process.

Piano Removals in Southampton

We offer free quotations on our specialist piano removals. These will take into account the kind of piano we’re moving, its size, and its age/condition. We’ll also factor in the specialist removals equipment we’ll need to use in order to ensure the safe passage of the instrument. Finally, we assess whether we can use a standard moving shoe, for transport, or will need to create a bespoke version.

Our piano removals in Southampton are planned to the last detail; we leave absolutely nothing to chance. Clients receive a schedule prior to the removal, and this will include everything from parking, to setting up specialist equipment, to the route chosen between the starting point and the destination. A move co-ordinator will oversee every stage, proactively respond to any challenges that occurs, and keep an eye on timings.

Schepens – a 4th Generation Family Business

We’ve been providing high quality removals since early in the 20th century. Our goal has always been to provide stress-free removals for families, professionals and businesses. We strive to achieve this by offering second-to-none BAR training to all our removals staff, who consider themselves highly qualified professionals.

We take the same approach with our specialist piano movers; they consider themselves highly trained professionals, offering a highly regarded service.

Looking for piano movers in Southampton? Schepens offers second-to-none care, professionalism and customer service. Call our piano moving experts on 01794 323558