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Piano Movers for London

Moving a piano from one property to another, or even from one floor to another, is a difficult and unwieldy task. Quite apart from the damage that can be inflicted by the instrument itself, we’ve seen plenty of collateral damage to walls, staircases, and furniture often leading to extensive redecoration or replacement.

As an established piano moving company for London, we would always advise clients to seek professional help for piano removals; even the most modest-looking upright becomes a beast to be tamed when negotiating a curved stairway, or a tight corner!

Piano Movers for London with Decades of Experience

Ask any of our skilled movers and they will have a story to tell about the piano that almost defeated them. Over the decades, we have moved grand pianos, antique pianos, organs and uprights into the smallest of upstairs apartments, and the roomiest mansion buildings. We have never yet had to give up on a piano move, nor have we ever damaged either the piano or its surrounding property in the process. As professional piano movers, we know the problems and the pitfalls in advance, and we always take care to plan the move with military precision. In addition to our planning process, we have the right equipment and state-of-the-art transport to ensure secure piano moving for London & Greater London, and subsequent unloading and delivery.


Dear Paul, I’m sorry this has taken me so long. I wanted to thank you and your team for such a successful removal back in September. The move went as smoothly as it possibly could do and the boys involved worked really hard and stayed cheerful throughout. The packing went very smoothly and nothing was damaged or broken. They remained happy and positive throughout the whole process which wasn’t made easy for them by difficult sites at both ends.

The piano was delivered safely too up in Kenilworth with no problems and our grandson is very excited at being able to play on a real piano instead of a keyboard.

Thank you again, we would certainly recommend your company. Best wishes, Margaret and Mike Scrivener.

A Trusted Piano Moving Company for London

Piano Movers for London

We are always delighted when clients feedback to us that they wouldn’t trust any other professional piano movers with the work. This means that we get to know individual pianos well and develop experience in managing their removal expertly. Not only do we offer the transport of pianos, we can also offer piano storage; clients often avail themselves of this service if they move abroad for a period, or are in the process of finding a property. We’ve even had clients who have found the piano of their dreams and then had to move in order to accommodate it. Get a piano quote today or see our price list for our piano moving service!

If you require piano movers for London, contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 for a 100% obligation-free quote!