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The Norwegian Lifestyle in 4 Household Items

If you’re visiting a foreign country, you’ll return with tales of stunning landscapes, exotic food, and historic architecture. If you’re living in a foreign country, however, you’re more likely to tell friends back home about the ways in which the minutiae of daily life differs from your own.

As Scandinavian removals specialists, Schepens is intrigued by the differences between the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian lifestyle, and that of the UK. We’re based in the south west of England, but we asked 4 of our movers – now resident in Norway – to nominate a household object that sums up the difference.

1. Trolls

In the UK we have pixies and goblins, whilst the Norwegians have trolls. In Norwegian folk tales, trolls are either dangerous ogres, or small and troublesome beings. You’ll find wooden figurines of the latter in most homes. They come in every size and shape, and part of the fun is choosing the one that’s just right for you.

Norwegian trolls
Brunost cheese

2. The Cheese Slice

This item is becoming more popular in the UK, but it’s central to the Norwegian lifestyle and can be found in every single home in Norway. It’s called an ostehøvel and was invented by a Norwegian carpenter in the 1920s. He based it on the design of his woodworking plane, and it certainly produces beautifully crafted slices of cheese. It’s an excellent way to slice Norway’s brown cheese – brunost – which isn’t cheese at all!

3. Two Duvets for Sleeping

Scandinavians have created a simple but ingenious solution to the pains of duvet sharing. Use two duvets! Each sleeper gets to choose their perfect duvet and two singles are placed, overlapping, on the bed. Gone are the horrors of duvet hogging and snatching, so you’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep.

Double duvet

4. Norwegian Chocolate

Take a sneak peak in a Norwegian’s food cupboard and you’ll probably find Freia chocolate. It’s the chocolate everyone grew up with, so when they become parents it’s what they buy for their kids. The Kvikk Lunsj has a retro style wrapper and translates as the ‘quick lunch’; it’s the sugary heart of the Norwegian lifestyle and a must for when you’re hiking or having a picnic

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At Schepens we can’t remember a time when we didn’t offer removals to Norway. Despite being a 4th generation UK-based removals company, Scandinavia has been our prime destination for over a century. As a result, our movers enjoy stress-free organisation and moving, expert help with customs, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices.

Tailored Removals to Norway

Whether you’re moving to Norway for work, as a student, or in order to join family, Schepens will tailor your move accordingly. All movers are given a personal move co-ordinator who knows the country well and can offer specialist help and guidance. They’ll create your personalised removals plan and be available to support you at every stage.

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“I have moved 8 times in the last 16 years and used all sorts of companies – Schepens are the best bar none. All of the team that we dealt with were professional and caring for our belongings. Would definitely use them again.”


Are you going to be experiencing the Norwegian lifestyle anytime soon? If so, call Schepens and find out about the range of ways we can support your move – 01794 323558