Moving to Munich from UK

Moving to Munich from UK

Are you Considering Moving to Munich?

Located South of Germany, Munich is the capital and most populous city of Bavaria (1.5 million) and lies on the River Isar.  The city attracts many expats each year, who are drawn by its powerful economy, world-class infrastructure, and a high standard of living. Munich is currently of the fastest-growing destinations in the country; low unemployment rates means the city is a great location if you’re looking for job opportunities.

We’ve moved numerous clients to Munich over the years – here are 4 aspects of the city they advise newcomers to  embrace.

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Moving to Melbourne From UK

Removals To Melbourne From UK | International Removals Australia

Moving to Melbourne from UK

Planning a Move to Melbourne From UK?

For 7 years running, from 2010-2017, Melbourne enjoyed the title of the ‘most liveable city in the world’! There are countless reasons why moving to Melbourne is rated so highly. Australia’s second largest city is a hub for stunning architecture, wondrous art and delicious food. All over Melbourne you’ll explore many hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. If you want to move to a vibrant city – with a rich culture and friendly people — Melbourne is the ideal destination!

Considering moving to Melbourne from the UK?

Our guide should give you an idea of what its like to live in this incredible city.

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Moving to Berlin from UK

Moving to Berlin | Cost of Living Berlin vs London | European Removals | UK Removals Company

Moving to Berlin From UK

Thinking of Moving to Berlin From the UK?

Ever since the Berlin wall came down in 1991, the city it divided has been repairing the wounds, growing its new identity, and transforming into an iconic destination. Whether you’re a student, a tourist, or you’re looking to work in Germany, Berlin will be on your radar. As a leading European removals company,  we’ve witnessed the development of contemporary Berlin first-hand, and we’re delighted to have such close connections with this amazing city.

We’ve helped numerous families move to Berlin over the past three decades, and we always enjoy hearing how they’ve settled in. Here’s a selection of their observations about living in Germany’s capital city.

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Removals Salisbury

Salisbury Removals | Best Places to Live in Wiltshire | UK Removals Company


Friendly and Experienced Removals to Salisbury

2018 was a testing time for the ancient city of Salisbury. It will always be remembered for being the year of the Novichok poisoning attack which claimed a life, and closed down the town centre twice. A less community-focused city might have crumpled in the face of such adverse circumstances. But Salisbury weathered both the traumatic events, and the global press attention, admirably and is now virtually back to normal as one of the leading UK tourist centres.

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Moving Company Southampton

Moving to Southampton | Southampton Removals | Relocating to Southampton

Moving Company Southampton

Looking for a Second-to-None Moving Company in Southampton?

Schepens is a local moving company in Southampton. For over a century, we’ve moved students, retirees, young professionals and families escaping the city to this lively and endlessly diverse city. All port cities have a whiff of adventure about them, and Southampton more than most. It’s probably best known for being the port from which the doomed Titanic sailed, but it’s maritime history goes back to Roman times, and it remains one of the UK’s busiest ports in the 21st century.

Whatever your reason for moving to Southampton, it’s a city with a huge amount to offer. Here’s 4 reasons why Southampton should be top of your moving list:

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Cost of Living in Norway

Moving from UK to Norway | European Removals | Norway Moving Company


Wondering About the Cost of Living in Norway? 

Norway is one of of the destinations that Schepens ships goods to most regularly. And, for as long as we can remember, Oslo has had the reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. It came as a surprise, therefore, to read in Mercer’s 25th Annual Cost of Living Survey that the city now ranks 61, well below London at 23, or New York at 9.

The Mercer index ranks cities for expatriate workers, and the cost of living is a key determinant to the ranking. Businesses looking at cities across the world, with an eye to relocation, will consider the kind of compensatory pay they’ll need to offer their employees. Cities are being challenged, therefore, to offer an attractive environment for foreign investors.

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How to Move to France from UK

Removals to France from UK | Moving to France | UK to France Removal Company


Wondering How to Move to France From the UK?

Schepens has moved countless families to beautiful locations across France. We love the fact that however many clients we work with, every single move we manage is unique. One common factor, however, is the moment when the sheer volume of preparation for moving threatens to become overwhelming. We’ve learnt to recognise the onset of this moment, and we’ve created a checklist – based on our experience – to help out.

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Living in Belgium Pros and Cons

Belgium Removals | International Moves to Belgium

Belgium Pros and Cons

Living in Belgium Pros and Cons

Schepens European Removals has over a century of experience moving families from the UK to Belgium, and vice versa.  Over the past 25 years we’ve mostly been moving professionals to one of the major cities for work, or supporting businesses relocating to Belgium. We’re always interested in our clients’ experience of living or working in a European country, so we asked them for their top tips when it comes to living in Belgium pros and cons.

Here are the 5 pros and cons that came up most regularly.

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Moving to Australia From UK

Moving to Australia | Removals to Australia | International Removals to Australia


Schepens Can Help if You’re Moving to Australia From UK

Around 1 in 10 UK citizens live abroad. That’s 5 million Brits scattered across the globe. A proportion of those will be posted to another country for work. But the majority move for a better climate, now opportunities, or greater well-being. Australia is currently the most popular expat destination, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). And if you’re thinking of retiring to Australia, you’ll be joining the quarter of a million British retirees already living there.

It’s easy to see why Australia is favoured so highly by the Brits. English is the first language, and we have a shared history. The cities are vibrant, globally competitive and diverse. Beautiful beaches are plentiful, and the Aussies are world-renowned for their ability to kick back and enjoy life. Add to that the fact that Australia is now one of the healthiest countries to live in, and it’s clear why so many Brits want to live there.

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Moving to New Zealand from UK

Moving to New Zealand | International Movers | UK to New Zealand Removals

Moving to New Zealand from UK

Moving to New Zealand with Schepens

Made up of a North and South Island, New Zealand is truly one of the most picturesque and photogenic places in the world. With a small population of 4.5 million, it’s an adventure playground for thrill seekers and explorers. The country is made up of some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes – from dramatic mountain ranges, steaming volcanoes to sweeping coastlines. A burning passion for the outdoors, sport and art make New Zealanders, and their culture, unique in the world.

Expats travel to New Zealand for an all-round high quality lifestyle. The country was rated 2nd in the world for work-life balance in HSBC’s 2018 Expat Explorer Survey.

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