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corporate moving

Schepens Takes the Stress Out of Corporate Moving

Whatever your location, or size of business, an office move is always a logistical challenge requiring a high quality commercial removals partner. For our clients the key concern is always minimum disruption to clients, systems and employees. Schepens provides a range of corporate moving services which have been designed to streamline your office move, and keep stress at a minimum!

As an experienced office removal company, we are well-equipped to manage office relocations, refurbishments or expansions. Every single corporate move brings unique challenges, but we have a proactive professional team who will support you with the aim of achieving a seamless transition. From initial planning and packing, right through to your first day in your new office, we will be at your side working on your behalf.

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Professional Packing Service

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Professional Packing Service

Why Use a Professional Packing Service for Moving House?

Anyone who’s gone through the process of moving house will know exactly why it’s consistently featured in the Top 5 Stressful Situations life is likely to throw at us. Why so? Well, a quick look a a few Mumsnet removals threads shows that it’s the packing that gets people down. However early you start, however carefully you plan, as moving day looms the endless nature of packing can get you down. 

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Removals to Sweden Made Easy

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Removals to Sweden Made Easy

Removals to Sweden Made Easy – Thanks to Schepens

Scandanavian countries regularly rank highly in the World Happiness Report published annually by the United Nations. Sweden is currently one the top ten happiest countries in the world and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful country is very aware of the needs of its citizens, and works hard to balance wellbeing, efficiency and a high performing economy.

At Schepens we’re aware of a spike in interest around moving to Sweden. Our clients tell us that they’re attracted by the country’s reputation for being environmentally conscious, and the vast opportunities for outdoor activities in unspoilt landscapes. The job prospects are good, too. The government has invested heavily in tech and major cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are successfully incubating innovative new businesses.

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Corporate Moving to Sweden

Corporate Moving to Sweden | Removals to Sweden | UK to Sweden Removals | European Removals to Sweden

Corporate Moving to Sweden

Schepens For Corporate Moving to Sweden

Moving your business abroad is always risk, but moving to Sweden offers a range of advantages that UK corporates are willing to take that risk for. The country is currently a world leader when it comes to innovative business ideas. The phenomenally successful Spotify is located in Stockholm but the success story doesn’t end there. The city is home to more startups worth more than $1 billion, per person, than any other city on the planet.

Thanks to the success of innovative startups in Stockholm and the government invested heavily in tech. Now the boom is now spreading fast to Gothenburg and Malmo. Business leaders in Sweden shout about the fact that the country isn’t just good for business, it’s also good for raising families, improving your wellbeing and embracing egalitarian principles. Is it any wonder that British companies are turning their attention to Scandanavia?

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Fine Art Shipping

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Fine Art Shipping

Let Schepens Take the Very Best Care of Your Fine Art Shipping

When it comes to the removal of fine art, the stakes couldn’t be higher for our clients. It’s not only the value of the art work, it’s also the uniqueness of the piece and the relationship owners have to the the art that they buy. That’s why we have invested in training, specialist staff and a second-to-none shipping process for fine art.

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Moving to Portugal

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moving to portugal

Why Moving to Portugal Makes Sense

Portugal currently holds the title of ‘The Best Destination in the World’ awarded by the World Travel Awards in December 2017. Responding to the accolade, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godhino, said “ We are an authentic, innovative, reinvented country that combines a wide variety of experiences and landscapes, a country that combines cosmopolitanism, history, tradition, sun, nature and gastronomy. A country that knows and enjoys to welcome everyone.

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House Removals Somerset

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House Removals Somerset

Schepens Lead the Way for House Removals Somerset

Somerset is a county of diverse riches to suit every taste. It’s home to Wells and Bath, two of the most beautiful cities in the UK, as well as a host of market towns, not to mention the numerous rural villages. To the West it attracts visitors to the traditional seaside towns of Minehead and Weston-Super-Mare, and for lovers of the outdoors there are the Somerset Levels, situated between the Mendip Hills and the Quantocks.

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Relocating to Dubai

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Relocating to Dubai

Relocating to Dubai With Schepens International Removals

Not so long ado, Dubai was known for its oil industry and nothing else. Now it has exploded onto the world scene as a spectacular city attracting visitors and expats from around the world. The Emirate has invested their oil revenue heavily in Dubai, and worked hard to make it a global tourist location. If you like shopping, then Dubai is a ‘must’; it’s known as the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East’ and boasts 70 shopping centres, one of which is the largest in the world.

Beyond shopping, the city also has numerous beautiful beaches and Dubai Creek sits at the heart of the city. It’s home to an array of tourist attractions from exotic bird shows to camel rides. Dominating the skyscraper skyline is the Burj Khalifa. At 829.8 metres, it’s the highest building in the world and offers a cool observatory deck, allowing visitors to take in the city and surrounding desert.

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Move to Canada from UK

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Move to Canada from UK

Thinking of Moving to Canada From UK?

If you’re thinking about making the move to Canada from the UK you’re part of a growing trend. Ever since the referendum in 2016 Google Trends has shown a steadily increasing number of people searching for information on moving to this beautiful country. Apart from Brexit there are plenty of reasons for this; Canada’s breathtaking scenery, Canadians’ welcoming attitude to immigrants, and of course, so much of the Canadian culture feels familiar.

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Moving to Alicante

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Moving to Alicante

Thinking of Moving to Alicante?

This ancient Mediterranean port sparks the imagination of history buffs, would-be pirates, romantics and pleasure seekers. Less a city than a time travelling odyssey, Alicante speaks its history through ancient fortifications, castles, monasteries and basilicas. Long before the tourists moved in, the Barbary Pirates were besieging the city, and the world’s goods passed through its harbour.

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