Moving to France Checklist

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Moving to France Checklist

A Moving to France Checklist From Schepens

It’s just 31 miles between Dover and Calais, hardly anything at all. Yet we find that for clients preparing to move from the UK to France it can feel more like a million miles. Transporting your life from one country to another is a major undertaking, especially if your French is a bit rusty.

At Schepens we allocate dedicated Move Co-ordinators to all our clients making a European move. One of the many services they offer is the creation of a tailored checklist in preparation for moving abroad. Its aim is to turn anxieties into easy steps that can be dealt with methodically, and ticked off one by one.

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Moving to Sydney from UK

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Moving to Sydney from UK

Schepens Can Help if You’re Moving to Sydney From the UK

Sydney is one of the 15 most visited cities in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It simply has it all. An incredible climate, beautiful beaches, a vibrant international city culture, and amazing buildings and events. It’s hard to find anyone who, after their first day in Sydney, didn’t secretly start making plans to move to this beautiful spot.

At Schepens, we regularly move clients to Sydney from the UK, and many of them are relocating for work. The jobs market is very good for skilled graduates at the moment, making Australia a viable option for young families. The city is expensive, but wages are better than in much of Europe, making it an attractive destination economically.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Brits tend to stay in Sydney, once they’ve moved there:

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Movers Winchester

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Movers Winchester

Schepens are Movers in Winchester

Another year, another ‘Happiness Index’ under its belt! This year, Winchester came top in the Royal Mail Happiness Index. It’s topped the Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Live’ index a number of times and it’s easy to see why. Winchester is one of those cities you fall in love with at first sight. It’s easy to walk from end to end, the streets still follow the Saxon layout, giving it a pleasingly higgledy-piggledy structure, and everywhere you look there’s signs of a prospering community.

But what’s it like to live in Winchester? Schepens is a Winchester removals company, and we’ve been moving clients there for over 100 years now! We often get to hear how families are getting on, a few months down the line. We thought we’d share the comments that come up most regularly.

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Guide to Moving to Spain

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Guide to Moving to Spain

Schepens Offers a Guide to Moving to Spain

The Brits first fell in love with Spain back in 1972. That’s the date when the package holiday revealed the excitement of replacing the uncertain British summer with sun-drenched Spanish beaches. We’ve been holidaying, exploring, working in and planning for retirement to Spain ever since. Five years ago the numbers of British expats in Spain hit its height at 397,892.

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Relocating to Portsmouth

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Relocating to Portsmouth is Stress-Free with Schepens

We’ve been relocating clients to Portsmouth for over 100 years now. Over the past century we must have moved thousands of families to this beautiful part of the world. We’re a local Portsmouth moving service located in Hampshire and, even when the move is completed, we’re always fascinated always like to hear from movers how they’re getting on in their new home. Many of them have moved from London, and are eager to pass on information to others thinking about taking the leap.

Here’s some useful advice we’ve heard from clients we’ve moved to Portsmouth over the last couple of years.

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Wiltshire Removals and Storage

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Wiltshire Removals and Storage

Schepens Provides Wiltshire Removals and Storage

A story we hear a good deal from our movers is about moving out of London to seek a simpler, and more expansive way of life. Whilst choosing London for their home made sense to them in the early stages of their career, a decade or so on they feel the need to connect with a slower pace of life. Often this decision is aided by being able to work more from home, and/or the desire to start a family.

Knowing you want to leave London is one thing. Knowing where you want to move to is quite another. There are all kinds of unique criteria determining this choice, but the desire to retain efficient transport links with the capital is important for most people. This makes Wiltshire one of the prime locations that London professionals consider when moving from London.

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Retiring to Norway

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Retiring to Norway

Retiring to Norway? Schepens Can Help.

Norway remains a popular location for retirees from the UK, despite the fact that it’s one of the most expensive European countries to live in. So, given the fact that it can’t offer sun-drenched beaches, or cheaper property prices, why is it that Brits still make the decision to head north to enjoy their retirement in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen or Alesund?

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Moving to Ottawa from UK

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Moving to Ottawa from UK

Ottawa is the capital of Canada in southern Ontario on the banks of the Ottawa River. The name of the city is derived, appropriately, from the Algonquin word odawa meaning ‘to trade’. For over 150 years now it’s been the political centre of Canada. It’s also known for consistently low unemployment, and some of the county’s highest levels of education.

Ottawa is far more than an administrative centre, though. It’s relatively high standard of living means that it’s developed a great range of cultural institutions throughout the city. And it’s located just minutes from the magnificent Gatineau Park.

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Moving From UK to Sweden

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Moving From UK to Sweden

Moving From the UK to Sweden? Give Schepens a Call

Supporting professionals, students and families moving to Sweden keeps us busy all year round. The country’s world class universities attract growing numbers of undergraduates and researchers each year. The healthy economy attracts growing numbers of entrepreneurs, start-ups and employees. And the extraordinary landscape, and outdoor lifestyle consistently attracts families seeking a new start, with a better work/life balance.

We always love to hear from our movers once they’ve settled in. Their perspective helps us to prepare new movers – particularly in terms of the cultural differences they can expect in Sweden. What we hear most often is that the Swedes seek balance and moderation in everything. This finds its way into public spaces, where there are clear – largely unspoken – rules about how to behave.

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Move to Bournemouth

Move to Bournemouth

5 Reasons to Move to Bournemouth With Schepens

The south west coast is one of the UK’s major success stories. Every year we support increasing numbers of families who are moving to this beautiful part of the country. We hear from movers that they choose Bournemouth because there’s great career opportunities, in an area that offers an excellent quality of life.

Many people move to Bournemouth from London because they want more living space for their growing family. And they love the idea that the glorious south coast beaches are on their doorstep! Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury are close by, and the journey to Waterloo takes just under 2 hours.

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