How to Move to Sweden

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How to Move to Sweden

How to Move to Sweden

The idea of moving to Sweden is a dream for many Brits. It boasts stunning landscapes; complimented with a simple, efficient lifestyle with an accent on well-being. The working culture across the country favours a balance of hard work and generous down time. Which is why you’ll find plenty of cultural distractions in the form of art galleries, theatres, and music venues across the country. The capital city, Stockholm, is the largest Nordic city, home to the Swedish parliament and a great place to live and work. If you’re thinking about moving to Sweden; the Schepens removals team, can help you thoroughly prepare.

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Surrey Moving Company

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Surrey moving company

Schepens, The Surrey Moving Company You Can Trust

If you work in London and you’re looking for the ideal commute, Surrey has to be pretty high on your list. This south eastern county is not only one of the easiest and best resourced commutes to the capital, it’s also a beautiful place to live in its own right. Surrey is home to Hampton Court Palace, the Surrey Hills and a range of lively market towns such as Farnham, Guildford or Epsom.

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Moving to Norway Checklist

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moving to norway checklist

Moving to Norway Checklist

Relocating to Norway is a dream for many Brits; lured by breathtaking scenery, diverse culture and a passion for the outdoors. Nonetheless, moving abroad to Norway entails many challenges. Becoming accustomed to a new home, job, language, and culture can take time. The Schepens removals team, can help you thoroughly prepare for your move, making the transition period feel as effortless as possible.

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International Removals from UK to Australia

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International Removals from UK to Australia

International Removals from UK to Australia

For decades now the dream of starting a new life in Australia has burned bright for Brits. Why? Historically we’ve always had a close relationship, and our current sporting rivalry maintains our close-knit bond. Expats travel to Australia for the sunshine, and to enjoy a culture close to our own but more ‘unbuttoned’, expansive and laid back.

Australia’s still seen as a ‘new’ country which is firmly in its growing phase. As such it’s an environment brim full of potential and possibilities. With an average age of 37, the population is much younger than their European counterparts. Plus, air is less polluted and there’s a rich multicultural mix across the major cities of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sidney

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Removal Company Winchester

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Looking for a Removal Company in Winchester?

Ever since Winchester was named ‘TheBest Place to Live in Britain’ by the Sunday Times in 2016, Schepens has seen increased interest in moving to this beautiful city. So who’s thinking of moving to Winchester?

There are always families in London who are looking for somewhere to bring up their family, whilst retaining their links to the capital. But there’s also retirees who have long promised themselves a home in Hampshire, and students who are moving to study at Winchester University.

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Moving from UK to Norway

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Moving From UK to Norway

Moving From UK to Norway With Schepens

Journeying up the western coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes in the Arctic Circle is currently one of the world’s most popular cruises. The headline attraction is – of course – the magnificent Northern Lights, but along the way there’s so much else. Norway’s towering mountains are on show of course, and the narrow fjords. But there’s also an art deco city of Alesund, an arctic cathedral, the mighty northern maelstrom, and an international film festival in Tromso.

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Moving from UK to Germany

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moving from uk to germany

Schepens Can Help With Removals from UK to Germany

Over the past two years a record number of Brits have moved to Germany, with applications for citizenship leaping by over 300%. We’re not alone in opting to make the move; Germany is the second only to the USA as the most popular place to live globally. It’s home to 9 million foreigners and is admired for having a strong social infrastructure to support such a multicultural society.

Call us on 01794 323558 and discover how our removals to Germany from UK service can support you

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Moving to Netherlands from UK

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Moving to Netherlands from UK

Need Help Moving to the Netherlands from the UK

The Netherlands is the ideal location for Brits wanting to move to Europe, whilst maintaining close ties with the UK. Amsterdam is just 4 hours from London by train, or 1 hour by plane, which makes it almost ‘commutable’. Add to that an easy going culture, and  an attractively low cost of living, in comparison with London, and it’s little wonder that 86K of Brits have made the Netherlands their home.

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Removals from Sweden to UK

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Removals from Sweden to UK

Moving From Sweden to UK? Schepens Can Help

For over a century now Schepens has been supporting families, professionals and businesses who are moving from Sweden to UK. We’re based in the South West of Britain but we also have a depot in Jönköping. We ship regularly between Sweden and the UK which means we’re perfectly placed to be your European removals partner. We’re able to offer flexible scheduling, part loads or dedicated removals.

Figures released by Svenskar i världen back in 2016 showed that the UK was the second most popular global destination for Swedes leaving their homeland. London Swedes estimates that there are around 100, 000 expats currently living and working in the capital. This is the site to visit if you want info on getting to know your way around the UK. It also offers crayfish parties if you need a touch of home.

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Moving to Ottawa

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Moving to Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa

Ask anyone who lives in Ottawa about their home city and they’ll probably tell you: “Ottawa’s a Government city”. What you’re hearing is the accepted shorthand for saying that Ottawa consistently delivers on quality of life. It may not be the party capital like Montreal, or an international coastal city like Vancouver, but it’s a good looking, family- oriented capital city that provides a host of small town benefits.

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