Removals from Belgium to UK

Moving From Belgium to UK | Belgium to UK Removals Service | European removals

removals from belgium to UK

Why You Should Choose Schepens for Removals From Belgium to the UK

It’s always a particular privilege for the Schepens removals team to support families moving from Belgium to the UK. Why? Because the Schepens family originates in Belgium. We left in the early 1900s and have built our removals business in the UK through four generations. Schepens is now an international removals company working across the globe, but we still have a special place in our heart for Belgium.

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Removals from Sweden to UK

Flytta till Storbritannien | Moving From the Sweden to UK | Sweden to UK Removals Service | European removals

Removals from Sweden to UK

Schepens Offer Customer-Centred Removals From Sweden to UK

Over the last 50 years we’ve liberated ourselves from being bound by the country in which we were born. And at Schepens we have regular evidence of this. Students move abroad to study, and then to another country to start their first job. Young professionals are relocated, and then find a taste for working and living abroad. Older couples dream of retiring to the country they’ve been visiting for years.

This changing view of where we live, and how we work is facilitated by a whole raft of new technologies and services. For the past few decades, flights have been cheap, and airbnb rentals make weekends abroad a realisable goal. Maintaining contact with loved ones, wherever you are in the world, is now much easier thanks to smart phones. And businesses now have the tech and the perspective to think globally as well as locally, or nationally.

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International Removals UK to Canada

International Removals | International Removals to Canada

International Removals UK to Canada


Back in 2013 Canada was the third most popular destination for British Expats, pipped to the post by Australia and the USA. Following on from the UK Referendum in 2016, Canada’s popularity as a destination made headlines once again. Six weeks after the result, applications for Canadian visas spiked as did requests for permanent residency.

Canada is currently home to over 700,000 expats. Some of them have relocated there for work, but many are seeking a new life on a new continent. The ongoing allure of this country is its familiarity – it seems quite like home, and the dominant language for most of the population is English. Plus, it’s a country enjoying financial prosperity, which makes it easier for Brits to migrate there.

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Home Removals Portsmouth

Removals to Portsmouth | Moving Company for Portsmouth

Home Removals Portsmouth

Schepens Can Help With Home Removals Portsmouth

Known as Pompey to the locals, Portsmouth is a perfect a slice of British trading history. Henry VIII first recognised its importance by founding the British Royal Navy here in 1527. Roll on to the 21st century and Portsmouth is still one of the UK’s busiest ports. Only now its most regular visitors are cruise liners and passenger ferries, rather than trading vessels and war ships.

If you’re moving to Portsmouth you’ve every reason to be excited about the potential it provides. The university city brings a new influx of students into the city each year, and the newish Gunwharf Quays makes it a paradise for shoppers.

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International Removals to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland | Removals to Switzerland| Schepens

International Removals to Switzerland

Provides International Removals to Switzerland

There’s a few things we all know about Switzerland. The Alps for a start. We know Swiss chocolate is the best in the world. And we know the Swiss love skiing. Oh, and it’s really expensive to live there. But beyond these bits and scraps of knowledge, there’s a complex country with a highly successful business economy, and one of the most efficient and effective healthcare systems in the world.

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Removals to Wimborne, Bournemouth


Schepens Provides Removals to Wimborne, Bournemouth

If you’ve fallen in love with the Dorset landscape, but you want to be close to the services a city can offer, Wimborne Minster is the ideal location. It sits just 10 miles north of Bournemouth where the rivers Stour and Allen become one.

Wimborne’s a traditional market town, largely untouched by the 21st century, with a glorious muddle of 16th, 17th and 18th century houses dominating the central market square. What makes the town special, though, is the local community ensuring there’s always plenty going on…

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Moving from the UK to America

International Removals | International Removals UK to USA

Moving from the UK to America

Moving From the UK to America?

America is one of those extraordinary places that is pretty much impossible to encapsulate in a few words or images. Every one of its 50 states is unique in numerous ways, from the regional accent, to the landscape, even down to the weather system! We thought we’d celebrate the amazing diversity of the US, by featuring 5 of the lesser known wonders that you’ll definitely want to visit once you’re settled.

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Removal Company Farnham

Surrey Moving Company | Removal Company Farnham

Removal Company Farnham

Looking for a Removal Company in Farnham?

Farnham lies just 35 miles south west of London, but on a sunny day, with the Farmers’ Market in full swing, it can feel worlds apart from the city. This quintessential English market town, nestled in the Surrey Hills, is a hidden gem, which residents like to to keep under the radar.

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Relocating to Southampton

Relocation Services Southampton | Hampshire Removals


Relocation to Southampton

If You’re Relocating to Southampton, or Across Hampshire, Schepens Can Help

If you’re looking for a city to relocate to, Southampton should definitely be on your radar. In 2018 it was ranked third in PWC’s Good Growth for Cities Index, with only Oxford and Reading beating it to the top spot. The Index measures the sustained growth and opportunities provided by the city in terms of lifestyle, work and well-being.

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Moving to Beijing

Removals to Beijing | International Removals to Beijing


moving to beijing

If You’re Moving to Beijing, Schepens Can Help

Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world. For three millenium it has been the centre of political power in China and is the site of no less than 7 UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Visitors still flock to the city to see The Summer Palace, The Great Wall and The Forbidden City but Beijing has plenty of 21st century attractions too. It has the fastest internet on the planet, is currently defining technology’s cutting edge and is virtually a cashless city.

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