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Moving to Sweden

Schepens has earned itself a reputation for being a UK specialist provider when it comes to removals to Sweden. That’s because we’ve been moving solo professionals and families to towns and cities across this stunning country for over a century now, always with the aim of providing stress-free moves for our clients. We know first-hand how overwhelming a European move can feel, so our Move Co-ordinators have prepared this ‘Moving to Sweden’ guide to help with the process.

1. What Needs to Happen When?

Know the date you need to be settled in Sweden? Excellent. That’s the deadline to put at the top of your schedule. Once you have that deadline you can start to work backwards in order to see what needs to happen, and when, in order to achieve it. Key sub-deadlines will include finding a house or flat to rent, shipping furniture and goods, arranging utilities, and packing up your UK home.

As a specialist UK provider, Schepens makes the journey to Sweden several times a week. This means that we’re are to offer movers a flexible shipping schedule to fit in with your deadlines. Dependent on the size of your move, we can offer part or full load. We’ll help you to work out when you need to ship by, and we can also manage customs paperwork for you.

2. To Pack or Not to Pack?

Many movers tie themselves in knots over this question. We prefer to keep it simple. If you heart sinks and your stomach churns at the thought of packing up your home, engage Schepens professional packing services to do it for you. It costs less than you think, and our industry trained movers can get you packed up in hours, with all boxes labelled and a full shipping inventory completed.

If you’re planning to move a non-standard item such as a piano, an artwork, or an antique, Schepens’ specialist team can help. We’ll carry out a full assessment, and plan operations step-by-step, including any specialist equipment required, to ensure safe passage. We’ll provide bespoke packaging, handling and shipping to guarantee a trouble-free delivery to your new home in Sweden.

3. Planning Your Budget

Clients tend to find working out a budget for their move stressful because there’s always the fear of hidden costs, or expenses you hadn’t foreseen. Schepens tries to relieve these anxieties by providing a FREE no obligation quote that’s both transparent and accurate. Our Move Coo-ordinators work with each individual clients to create a tailored removal plan, and it’s this we base the quote on – so there won’t be surprises along the way.

Other costs to take into account when planning your removals to Sweden budget are:

  • Rent. The standard of housing in Sweden is very high, and the rents are competitive, although they’re more expensive in large cities. Expect to pay a month’s rent in advance.
  • Cost of Living. There’s no way round it, Sweden is an expensive country to live in, especially if you’re moving to Stockholm. Budget realistically for your first month’s food, utilities, and transport before your salary is paid.
  • Storage. If you’re working in Sweden, you may want to store furniture and goods in the UK. Schepens has a number of local self storage depot and can advise on costings.

4. The Advantages of a Specialist Removals Company

Moving to Sweden is easier when supported by a professional team who know the country, the towns and cities, and the roads in both summer and winter. Schepens has been providing removals to Sweden from the UK for over a century, and we now feel confident that we know how to move to Sweden, whatever the conditions or location, and are able to help our customers every step of the way.

All Schepens employees are trained in preparation for providing first-class customer service to our movers. Every team member considers themselves a professional, and is a confident problem solver on their client’s behalf. Most important, they all share a desire to make your move stress-free, and are prepared to go the extra mile in order to achieve this.

Schepens Provides Bespoke Removals to Sweden

One of the many things our experience has taught is is that there is no such thing as a ‘standard move’. Which is why we don’t offer ‘standard packages’. Instead, we treat every customer as unique, determine their specific requirements, and create a bespoke removals plan tailored to those needs. Schepens prides itself on offering second-to-none customer service on all European removals.

“Your moving company was the best I ever experienced and I’m going on your website leaving fantastic reviews. The personal, amazing and professional help I had was outstanding. Please let me know if you and your family will be in Sweden so I can look after you all.”

Camilla M

If you’re moving to Sweden, Schepens can help. We’re a leading UK provider of removals to Sweden. Call us on 01794 323558