Moving to Sweden From the UK

Moving to Sweden From the UK | Removals and relocation to Sweden

Moving to Sweden From the UK

Over the past few decades, many people have decided to move to Sweden from the UK to enjoy this beautiful country

Sweden is well-known for its beautiful environment, friendly people and idyllic way of life. It’s a wealthy modern democracy with a strong egalitarian tradition, strong justice system and a robust social welfare system. It is one of the safest places to live in the EU with very low crime rates.

Sweden is a country of 9.8 million people located in Scandinavia, nestled between Norway, Denmark and Finland.   It is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a king named Carl XVI Gustaf. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm, a culturally rich city with a population of approximately 1.385 million people.

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Here are some useful websites to help you plan your move to Sweden from the UK:

Moving to Sweden from the UK for the High Quality Healthcare System

The Swedish health care system is one of the best in the world and a very attractive proposition for people who want the best possible medical services for their family. The Swedish health care system is taxpayer funded, however there are some fees attached to medical services. For example, there are fees for doctors visits, but the amount is capped to a maximum of SEK 1,100 (about €117) per year. Medical care for children is always 100% free.

Moving to Sweden from the UK for a High Quality Education System

Many people move to Sweden from the UK to access the Swedish education system. The primary school system and high schools are among the best in the world.

The higher education system in Sweden is also one of the worlds best, ranking #2 in the world according to the U21 ranking system. The best part is — accessing the higher education system is completely free for Swedish citizens. If you are relocating to Sweden without becoming a Swedish citizen, the higher education system is still quite cheap, ranging from about €8,500 to to €14,900 in fees each year. You can learn more about studying in Sweden via the website.

Moving to Sweden from the UK for Better Working Conditions

Sweden has the best working conditions in the Western world. Workers get 5 weeks paid vacation each year and there is a very generous paid parental leave scheme. While Swedes do pay a lot of tax, the taxation system is very egalitarian and fair to the poorest people in the country.

Childcare is also heavily subsidised by the government, so you can send your children to day care without spending significant amounts of money. Many families struggle with the cost of childcare in other countries so are willing to relocate to Sweden for their financial well being and to improve their quality of life.

What is The Easiest Way to Move to Sweden from the UK?

It can be difficult to relocate to Sweden from the UK if you are moving your possessions yourself. Lifting heavy objects, packing your delicate items properly and then getting it all into a vehicle can be tricky. If an accident happens on the way, you won’t be insured and it can become a very expensive trip

That is why so many people relocating to Sweden from the UK use a professional international removals company like Schepens.

A few reasons why you should use Schepens to help you relocate to Sweden:

  • Schepens is fully insured during the move and offers extended liability insurance
  • They are a 4th-generation family owned business that has decades of experience helping people move to Sweden from the UK
  • Modern removals trucks that have specially fitted air ride suspension to reduce the risk of breakage
  • Experience dealing with the customs requirements for entry to Sweden


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